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Europe » Sweden » Örebro County » Örebro July 15th 2017

Quand on fait de la route, il est conseillé de s'arrêter de temps en temps... Nous sommes sages et curieux, donc nous nous arrêtons à Västeras, où nous sommes déjà venus...mais n'avions pas vraiment été en ville lors de notre voyage au Cap Nord ! Nous voici bien garés et bien renseignés pour nous rendre dans le vieux quartier ainsi que la cathédrale... mais un bel et gros orage gronde juste quand nous arrivons à la cathédrale !!!! Nous serons donc à l'abri durant celui-ci et on nous dit bien en sortant que nous pouvons y rester tant que la pluie tombe... Comme la cathédrale est grande... nous ne perdrons pas de temps. Par contre le vieux quartier on l'oubliera car faut tout de même pas rentrer comme des canards au camping-car... La Domkyrkan est donc ... read more
la cathedrale de Vasteras

Europe » Sweden » Örebro County » Örebro August 12th 2011

Friday, august 12, 2011 I rode from Filipstad to Orebro. Only 100 km. My legs are sore. I guess the lack of sleep, mountains, & equipment are catching up w/me. The drunken fisherman, Tomas, was up bright & early annoying me & everyone else. He was a horrible time-suck. I began the day by taking the advice of one of the campground guys & went to Cafe Luis. Re lately cheap, but not good. Big portions, & a small roll to go. That with tunfish as they say here & I not only had a mid morning snack, but a video of life on the road eating lunch. I took the main roads which at first weren't so bad. After Nora-tourist trap w/ junk shops- it really picked up! I finally took one of those unmarked ... read more
Orebro Castle

Europe » Sweden » Örebro County » Örebro January 7th 2011

We thought it is about time that we wrote about this as between us we have stayed in cities/towns for well over a year of nights and not paid anything.. Sounds pretty good hey! For the backpacker and traveller this is great but we will stress this is not for everyone. We are sure most of you have heard of Couchsurfing but here we will write our thoughts on this magical site which has changed our lives completely. So what is Couchsurfing? A website that allows people to exchange a place to sleep for one to as many nights as they arrange. Couchsurfing is not only about getting a free nights’ accommodation though.. Whilst this is good it is by far not the best part of this concept. Oh and it has over 2.4 million members ... read more
A place we were hosted in the Alps
Couchsurfing meeting
A hosts place in Germany

Europe » Sweden » Örebro County » Örebro July 22nd 2010

To experience Sweden in summer is amazing, long and sunny nights, green and calm landscape which can turn to gray and stormy days. People mood changes with the weather and big crowds of people to the parks on a sunny day. The summer in Scandinavia is really short. This summer was extremely long and warm for Swedish people (2 months with sun and +25-30 degrees every day) and everyone is really happy about it. Usually, a summer here used to be just few weeks. For some people this summer is really hard because they are not used to this wonderful weather. They are complaining on warm summer and on cold winters. However, we loved this amazing summer weather. Chris stayed in Sweden while Diana was working in Oslo. Well, Chris loved to experience his new country ... read more
 Angry one

Europe » Sweden » Örebro County » Örebro July 10th 2009

This the only day we did not have a reservation. Well after driving through Norway we crossed back into Sweden and we ended up at a hostel in Orebro. It was a nice hostel and we played a board game in the room. The next day we visited a castle. It was really cool looking with water in front. I am not sure why there was a hand in the water. We then took off for the short drive to Stockholm.... read more
Our Last Minute Hostel
What is the hand doing there???
A lion and a castle

Europe » Sweden » Örebro County » Örebro January 4th 2009

On returning to college as a very mature student I was immediately offered a free holiday in Orebro Sweden not being one to look a gift horse in the mouth I took My first ever holiday to study disability in tourism this is an account of that holiday and a desire to visit every country in the world... read more
an asthmatics nightmare
My first trip
The bus

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