Day 23 - Another Day, Another Experience.

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October 18th 2012
Published: October 18th 2012
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Another day an other experience.

For the first time during this trip it really rained this morning, but in the end it lasted only a couple of hours and the skies clearedagain.

When I am writing this, I have arrived at my destination for today and am now less than 200 kms from Santiago.

Today was a short day just to see how the shoes and the buttock wereholding up. Both fine, thank you. After a great night sleep withoutpain, I took the road somewhat later than usual. Probably because of the time I almost walked the whole day on my own. I covered slightly over 24 kms in about 5 hours.

The group that I have been walking with in the last couple of days seems to have moved further on than where I am. There seem to be nonew groups, at least not that I have encountered.

I just had lunch here in Cacabelos and it is clear that we are in new territory. Food is much more diversiified and of much better quality. "Viva los gallegos".

Last night I had a taste what could be the new wave of "pelegrinos".

At the hotel where I stayed I met 4 women from the States, all motivated by the movie about the Camino, The Way. Their pastor had done the Camino and these 4 women have taken it upon theme to replicate the experience of the pastor. The age of the ladies variedfrom (guess) 55 to 76. The 76 I am certain of because the lady, of Dutch/Friese decent, told me so. She and another lady in group seemed best prepared for their trip. The other 2 where very enthusistic, but lacked any physical preparation for te trip. They start out today on the Cruz de Ferro, where the difficult decent starts that I commented yesterday. They are taken to the cross by taxi.

It is intereesting to hear how little these americans are prepared for Europe. To this effect, a point of discussion was how to tip a taxi driver. I explained that tipping in Europe is totally different from the US. Just leaving 1 Euro after a meal is seen a appropiate, whereas the US restaurants "demand 15%".

Tomorrow I will leave my old boots at the hotel and try to start carrying my own backpack again. Hopefully, with some iboprofins things will work out fine.

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19th October 2012

Om nou te zeggen dat je er erg intelligent uit ziet met o'n regen outfit??

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