Day 22 - A Long Day

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October 17th 2012
Published: October 18th 2012
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Route: Rabanal del Camino - Molinaseca

A long day. 27 km in about 6.30 hours.

Starting out in the rain and mist. You have not heard me talk about rain until now. The rain was announced, but turned out to be lighter than predicted ( thank God).

The day took us to the highest point of our journey. Leaving at 1.150m going up to 1.495m and after going down some 150 m, up to 1508 m and than straight down to 585 m over the most horrible stone paths. Going up was the best part and caused me little discomfort in my sensitive area. Going down nevertheless was a different story. I will post a picture on the blog of a part of the stone path.

I give thanks to the Lord that he made me buy new shoes in Astorga. With the old ones, that I have been carrying around until now just in case, the day would have really been absolutely miserable. The gentleman that sold me the shoes deserves a medal for professionalism. The shoes were expensive, but are absolutely great. I need to send him a thank-you message. (Note: Done)

The next couple of days will be relatively "easy". Although I feel somewhat out of place and awkward walking around with a small backpack, I will be sending my bigger backpack by transportation until I feel better. Better finish and feeling somewhat awkward instead of having to give up or causing more lasting damage.

Today again saw something that would probably not work anywhere else. In the middle of long lone stretch there is this stand where you can take away, water in bottles and fruits. Nobody there to charge you, just a sign saying "contribution" and a little box to put the money in. I have seen this now several times. I have no clue who runs this. What I know is that anyone who takes something will leave the appropriate sum of money. There is still good in the human being and the Camino brings it out.

Everyday I dedicate my walk to a particular person or persons. Today was another day for our children and their families. May they all remain united.

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Cold and rainyCold and rainy
Cold and rainy

Not one of my better photos...

Going back to the Roman days

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