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Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia March 23rd 2012

Makeout Queens and Kings Valencia is a beautiful city. I must admit after spending four days here, I think I like it better than Barcelona. It has such a wonderful feel to it, with lots of delicious Paella Valenciana, stunning architecture, friendly locals, a lovely beach, and the most amazing park. I would move here in a heartbeat. There are so many people out with their dogs every single day so I really do believe that my dog Bill would be happy here too. Oh and Lee, there is the coolest park ever to go running through :) We arrived in Valencia right after the famous fire festival called Las Fallas. The festival is held in commemoration of St Joseph. Each neighborhood is responsible for creating their own falla which is then burnt out in the ... read more
L Hemisferic
Local Futbol

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia November 8th 2011

30 OCTOBER - MADRID Landed in Madrid from Dublin on Sunday. Glad to see a bit of sunshine. Due to our amount of luggage, had to take a taxi to our hotel. After arriving, discovered that there was no lift (elevator). UGH!! So, up we went, 3 floors. In Europe they consider the ground floor as 0, and we were on the 2nd floor. Checked in and waited for Wolfi to arrive. He was one of the exchange students (from Germany) who lived with us in PA. He had arrived Saturday and was quite energized by the city. I can see why. He was very happy to show us around a bit as we walked around and got our bearings. Went out for tapas and drinks to plan what we would do. The Spanish do love ... read more
Palacio Real
Tourists in Madrid
Madrid at Night

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia November 8th 2011

Yesterday, on my 39th birthday, we woke to a beautiful shimmering Mediterranean morning. The sunlight was playing off of the water in the distance and I felt like it was wishing me a good year. ☺ We got our stuff together, checked out of the hotel, and started to drive toward Valencia. We had a hankering for some food, but didn’t want to guess at a restaurant. So we headed toward the golden arches. The arches led us to a mall. So we went in and bought a couple of things, headed to McDonalds and had a nice burger ‘n’ fries type of meal, followed by my first birthday treat, which was Häagen-Dazs – a scoop of crème brulee and a scoop of chocolate with pralines and caramel. Yum. We got on the road for Valencia. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia November 2nd 2011

Note: All the events mentioned in this entry occurred back in April 17, 2007. For more updated entries and trips, please refer back to this blog at a later date. An updated trip or entry will NOT include a note like this. Thanks and enjoy! Before traveling to Spain, even to the European continent, I knew one of the sites I just had to see was L'Oceanografic at La Ciudad de Artes y Las Ciencias after watching a program about it on the Travel Channel. I have always loved aquariums, even when I was a child because I loved to learn about whales and dolphins. I wanted to become a marine biologist and/or an animal trainer (and I will admit secretly I wouldn't mind becoming one if I had a chance to change careers) therefore I ... read more
Music Hall
Approaching the Ciudad de Artes y Ciencias

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia October 30th 2011

La Tomatina I had a long rough night the night before, but I get back to my hotel and ask for a 6am wake up call, then decide to have a backup wakeup call at 7am (thank god). I get my 6am wakeup call and know I need another hour so I hang up and go back to sleep. Well I did not put the phone back correctly in my 4 hour sleep stupor, so I get a personal wakeup call from the bellhop banging my door and opening it. Thank goodness for him otherwise I would have missed out on the largest food fight in the world. I throw on my bathing suit, some house shoes and a towel for my shirt (I cut a hole in middle and made it a poncho) I proceed ... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia October 28th 2011

Note: All the events in this entry occurred back in April 15-16, 2007. For more updated entries and trips, please refer back to this blog at a later date. An updated entry to trip will NOT include a note like this. Thanks and enjoy! I woke up early the next day to check out of my hostel and then head to my second destination, Valencia. I decided to take the bus, Spain's national line actually. The ride was 8 hours from Granada to Valencia, not what I had planned because now my visit there was now cut down to two instead of three, however this was my best option to get there. While at the bus station, I ran into a young lady who had stayed at my hostel in Granada. We hadn't really talked to ... read more
Plaza 1

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia September 21st 2011

Another night of luxury accommodation in the airport in morocco, the floor was so sore!!! I pulled out all my belongings to lay on but nothing cushioned us. At about 1am the airport decided they were going to close, so we headed outside and found a nice patch of grass to sleep on, taking rotations on who was on lookout :) We arrived into Madrid after our flight to the clapping of europeans- who all clap when the plane lands. Of course we decided to join in! But such a strange custom- almost like they didn't expect us to land. We were catching a bus from madrid to seville, so had a picnic in the park at the madrid bus station with the homeless all of us sitting on cardboard. Alice was still really sick and ... read more
Ready to party it up in bunol!

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia September 3rd 2011

Valencia (one of the most beautiful and historical cities of the world, it is located in the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsulathe on the shores Turia River in the Autonomous Community of Valencia). We can recommend "Campin Park El Saler"... read more

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia September 1st 2011

Today we made our journey east to Valenica from Madrid. After only about 4 hours in the bus, we arrived in the seaside city and began to explore. I decided to break away from the group and do my own touring day. I had a lot I wanted to see. With a plethora of intertwining small streets, Valencia provided quite a busy day! First I made my way to the attraction I wanted to see the most, The City of Arts and Sciences. This 1 and half mile complex is made up of 4 buildings, one dedicated to art, another to history, another to music, and the last to animals. From the entrance to the city I was able to walk there in their large park that runs along much of the main highway. This park ... read more
City of Arts and Sciences
View from the Belltower
Tiny side street in Valencia

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia September 1st 2011

I wake up in Valencia and have little idea where I am going to spend the night. Ibiza? Madrid? Or Toledo? I am not worried about it. I sleep in, check out of my hotel, leave my bag with the bell hop and make my way to the beach, with a 2 hour self guided walking tour of the city with no map in the heat. There is a large green belt around much of the city that was a river, but about 60 years ago the river flooded and the city decided to divert it away. Politicians wanted to make the new dry river bed into a large highway but the people got their way and it is one HUGE park with soccer fields, museums, running and biking trails small ponds all from what had ... read more

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