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Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia July 21st 2022

It’s our last full day with access to a washing machine for at least a week so we decide to make use of it while we still can. As I think I might have mentioned previously the washing machine is in a cupboard on the very much smaller of our two balconies, as is the fold out contraption that we need to hang them on to dry. We quickly discover that if we try to fold out the contraption before we do the washing, we can’t get past it to get to the cupboard where the washing machine is …. unless we only half fold out the contraption….. and also bring the fold out ironing board inside so that it doesn’t get in the way too…. And then there’s the pegs issue. We’ve noticed that the ... read more
Valencia Town Hall
La Lonja de la Seda
Opera House, City of Arts and Sciences

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia July 20th 2022

This morning we’ve booked a tour to, well we don’t really know. We’d originally booked a tour to some Moorish Caves, but not enough people wanted to do that one, so they offered us something else instead. I’m now thinking maybe we should have asked a few more questions. Issy’s not feeling all that great so I head off on my own. Our guide introduces himself as Amir and our bus heads north along the coast and then inland along a windy road to the village of Montanejos. We’re apparently here to visit some hot springs, which we’re told are the local version of the fountain of youth. I think “hot” might be overstating the case just a tad; I think it was warmer in the sea a couple of days ago, but it’s extremely pleasant ... read more
Arenos Dam outlet
El Salto de la Novia
El Salto de la Novia

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia July 19th 2022

This morning we’ve booked a half day tour to the Cuevas de San Jose which are about forty kilometres north of Valencia. Our guide introduces himself as Joaquin, and one of the first things he tells us is that we shouldn’t drink the water that comes out of the taps here. He doesn’t explain why. We’ve been here for five days now, and we’ve been drinking tap water constantly. We both feel fine for now, so we assume we’re probably going to die a slow lingering death. If so we decide it might be better to live in ignorance for whatever time we’ve got left and opt against asking too many more questions. We hope the day will improve from here. The bus takes us past Valencia’s iconic City of Arts and Sciences, which Joaquin tells ... read more
Shopfront, Valencia
Palau de la Generalitat Valenciana
Church of Saint Nicholas and Saint Peter

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia July 18th 2022

Today we’ve decided to treat ourselves to a day relaxing on Playa de las Arenas, one of Valencia’s city beaches, so off we head on the bus. I think the name roughly translates to Beach of the Sands, and they weren’t kidding, there’s masses of the stuff. We think we can see the water in the distance, but it feels like it could take us a couple of days to get there from the promenade. Perhaps not surprisingly the first 800 metres or so of the sandy crossing doesn’t have any people on it; they’re all in the last two hundred or so metres nearest the water. We do however notice one exception, a bikini clad maiden lying out in the middle of the otherwise empty expanse, all by herself, half a kilometre or so from ... read more
It’s a long way to the water
Playa de las Arenas
Playa de las Arenas

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia July 17th 2022

It was a long day yesterday, so we spend most of today resting and catching up on domestics. It was an even longer day than we let on about in yesterday’s post; the trauma of what happened in the evening was too raw last night to have to relive it in writing. Thanks to our beloved hire company taking the best part of three hours to get us organised and on our way when we picked up our car in the morning, we didn’t get back until after dark. The entrance to the car park then proved very elusive - lots of one way streets and heavy traffic, and poor directions from an unreliable GPS, and if we missed a turn we had to go in long complex loops to get back to where we started, ... read more
Valencian street art
Valencia Street art
Valencian Street art

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia July 15th 2022

Issy decides on a morning of hair washing. That activity’s not really an option for me, or not one that would take any time at least, so I head off exploring. First stop are the Quart Towers which are only a couple of hundred metres from our apartment. I read that they formed part of Valencia’s medieval wall, and are one of only two sets that are still standing. They were built over a twenty year period in the fifteenth century, and formed the city’s western entrance. It looks like some parts of the outer wall have started to deteriorate, but no, the holes are apparently the result of Napoleon and others lobbing cannonballs at them over the centuries. Next stop is the city’s other set of surviving towers, the Torres de Serrano. These were built ... read more
Basílica de la Mare de Deu
Font del Turia
Quart Towers

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia July 14th 2022

Today we head south east to Valencia on Spain’s Mediterranean coast. We’ve loved San Sebastian, and our brains are telling us not to leave. And maybe we still won’t. Issy’s now got a sore foot, and yours truly’s back decided to go out on strike midway through yesterday afternoon. Still let’s look on the bright side, at least one of us can still walk and the other one might still be able to carry things. So I’ll do the walking and Issy can do the carrying, easy. Unfortunately this logic doesn’t seem to be helping too much as we trudge the kilometre or so to the bus station with our overly heavy luggage in tow. The lady in front of us in the queue to board the plane in Bilbao has got her cat with her. ... read more
Plaza del Mercado
Plaza de la Reina
Central Market

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia June 11th 2022

TOUR 2 – Great Iberian Tour – SAT, 11 JUN 2022 – Day 12: Visit Peniscola, a beautiful walled town and its castle by the sea. Sightseeing in Valencia. Evening transfer. We will journey south along the Mediterranean, making a special stop in PENISCOLA, a small walled town on the shores of the sea. After a short introduction by our guide, you can make your own way through town, discovering its fishing port, the castle and beach at your own leisure. We will then travel to VALENCIA, where we will have time to have lunch. A local guide will take you on a tour of the city in the afternoon. Valencia is the third largest city in Spain where the modern blends with the historical. In the tour we will learn about its historic city centre, ... read more
On the Way to Valencia, Spain
Random Photos of Valencia, Spain
Random Photos of Valencia, Spain

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia March 8th 2022

Had to take the hire car back today so decided to drive into the city, hand it in and then do some more city sightseeing before taking the bus back to the campsite. Satnav took us straight to the car hire place. So glad Bob thought to bring the spare Satnav with us. Our old one which we use in the car, as we have a 'big vehicle' version for use in the motorhome to hopefully avoid being taken down an inaccessible rat run. Handed the car keys in and grabbed a taxi from just outside to take us to the Central market. First stop the old Silk market (La Lonja de la Seda) as advised by cousin Gillian to be a place not to be missed. Indeed it was not. Wonderful building and fair oozing ... read more
220308 Valencia (62)
220308 Valencia (59)
220308 Valencia (39)

Europe » Spain » Valencian Community » Valencia March 6th 2022

We had been warned. We had seen it on the weather forecast. Well several actually as, as you do, we checked others having found we didn't like the first one. No use. They were all of one mind, it was going to rain for 48 hours and rain it did. I know there are lots of Spanish people who are saying....oh good, we need rain to fill the reservoirs but I do wish they could have waited until we had enjoyed just a little bit more dry and sunny weather. If I had wanted to see so much rain I could have stayed at home but this trip was for a bit of winter sun. I must not complain. We have had wonderful weather up to now and the fact that the temperature is now down ... read more
220306 Valencia (47)
220306 Valencia (18)
220306 Valencia (63)

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