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Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León » Sahagun October 7th 2018

I entered the room and there was an Italian, an American, and a Norwegian woman talking on a bed. I know it sounds like the start of one of those corny jokes but this was my bedroom and these were my room mates. The Italian was having relationship problems, was borderline depressed, and had sought counseling from the others. Then I joined in. This man was pining for a woman he had been seeing for 8 months and appeared to be having a ‘ pause’ from him. The reality I learnt was, the woman was married with 2 children and a husband, and Mr Upset was in a long term relationship of 14 years; that is until she learnt of his new love. His long term partner was boring and had become like a mother and ... read more
Clever Advertising
 The First Bar.
Bell Tower At San Nicholas

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León » Sahagun October 8th 2016

We passed through Sahagun today, but again the village we are in is to remote to rate on this site; pop.200. Las Last night I had Hamburger de la Casa for dinner and , served with chips, it was a nice change from the 'pilgrims menu' and probably just as nutritious . We chatted with a Canadian woman who was a cleric with the Canadian United Churches and a young man from Oregon who was a music teacher but had just graduated as a conductor and baritone. It's amazing the diverse range of people who cross our paths each day and it helps shift you out of the small world view that we often hold; there's a lot to see out there! We started walking at about 6.40am this morning, it was pitch black but the ... read more
Entry to Sahagun
The railway station

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León » Sahagun September 14th 2015

14 September 2015, Monday. stage 20. From Sahagun to El Burgos Ranero. GPS 11.60 miles covered in 4 hours walking and 5 hours 30 minutes total time on the road. Fitbit: 11.17 miles, 25,576 steps, 40 floor/stairs Leave at 0751 after breakfast at Hostal La Codorniz of bread and coffee and orange juice. Room, pilgrim dinner last night and breakfast came to 86.5 euros total. Today is typical of last several days walking beside roads and stubble or disc farm fields of grains. We note the Singing Bridge from Roman days over the River Cea. This is the first bridge with rapidly flowing water that looks like a candidate for where the backpack went over in the movie, THE WAY. It is about 2.5 miles to the point of choosing which route to take: the Camino ... read more
Here is Karen at the pilgrim staff memorial
Harlan at the same pilgrim memorial
Cross near the bridge across the Rio Cea

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León » Sahagun September 13th 2015

13 September 2015, Sunday. stage 19. Caladilla de la Cueza to Sahagun GPS 14 + miles about 5 hours walking time and 7 hours and 10 minutes overall time to complete days walk. Fitbit: 13.55 miles, 30,955 steps, 50 floors/stairs We are now following parts of two different stages in the Brierley guide book. We had gone the partial distance yesterday from Carrion de los Condes to Caldadilla de la Cueza which is about 3/4 of stage 17. So today we complete this section and half of the next stage, 18, on to Sahagun. Our Hostel and Restaurante Camino Real was right on the camino but farther through town from the albergue. The town is said to have a population of 60 and our Hostel sleeps 80 plus all the beds in the other places in ... read more
Wet but warm from walking
Margie at the tree and memorial
The Pilip Wren memorial

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León » Sahagun October 11th 2014

We left at daybreak today hoping to get to Carrion by 1pm. A quick cafe con leche and a shared pastry set us up for the walk and before long we had crossed two freeways and were setting a good pace along a good track next to the main road to Carrion. As we entered the village of Poblacion de Campos we decided to have a break as feet problems were potentially going to slow us up and maybe cause bigger issues down the track. As much as we really wanted to walk every stage, after Carrion we need to have a break and let injuries ( which now include raw blisters, sorry if you're eating) heal and get some better shoes for Sue. The shoes she has were fine at first, were well broken in, ... read more
St James in Carrion
Pilgrim marker.
Lighting candles for good luck!

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » León » Sahagun September 27th 2014

Well I am now over half way. John andI are aee now in Saragun, a city of 130,ooo. We walked over 40 kilometers today but wanted to stop in a larger city. May last serveral days have been very memorable. First, I feel like a woman as I am on my fourth pair of shoes.I am now hiking in sandals, and they finally feel great. I was in this small town of Castrojeriz, and and old gentleman took one look at my feet and said wear these, and he was right. That town had a castle from the 9thcentury. Had a great dinner there overlooking the plain, the viewwasawesome.Then hiked to Fromista, where the highlight wasthat the priest called all of the pilgrims up and personally blessed each one of us. Then from there went to ... read more

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