Day 17,18, 10th-11th October, 2014: Fromista to Carrion De La Condes, 20.5 kms.......or so we thought!

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October 11th 2014
Published: October 11th 2014
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We left at daybreak today hoping to get to Carrion by 1pm. A quick cafe con leche and a shared pastry set us up for the walk and before long we had crossed two freeways and were setting a good pace along a good track next to the main road to Carrion.

As we entered the village of Poblacion de Campos we decided to have a break as feet problems were potentially going to slow us up and maybe cause bigger issues down the track. As much as we really wanted to walk every stage, after Carrion we need to have a break and let injuries ( which now include raw blisters, sorry if you're eating) heal and get some better shoes for Sue. The shoes she has were fine at first, were well broken in, but just seem to be too tight in the toe area so we will buy more carefully in Leon.
Leon is about 3 days away and it's pointless to wait that long so we are staying in Sahagun for a look around and then on to Leon for 2 nights. Tim is still in the sandals and this seems to be helping his feet. No one you meet anticipated these problems but they are what they are. Me, I'm fine except sore shoulders from carrying these other poor souls. We'll do Carrion and then move onto Sahagun. The missed sections are potentially hazardous for injured feet as much of it follows rocky well worn roman roads. It always leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, missing the walking, but many people push on with detrimental results. We were talking to a middle aged Canadian woman who taped her leg, took pain killers and pushed on, and her Camino was over. She had disguised an injury that required treatment and now she had no choice. We will get over this and regroup.

The upside is there is a large market in the square our hotel overlooks today so we wandered around, drank coffee, ate pastries and went exploring, before making our own lunch under the shade of the ruins of a huge 10th century monastery. These markets are where locals can buy clothes, fruit and vegetables, shoes, meat, in fact anything that we all go to shopping malls for. It must add quite some excitement in an otherwise quiet (read: dull) lifestyle.

The village square we overlook is a hub of community gatherings and a place where children can run wild under the watchful eyes of their parents while they in turn, socialise at the local bars with family and friends. It's a sense of community absent in most parts of Australia, and our consumer driven lifestyle is certainly overshadowed by the noise of children playing and the adults below our window; it's great. I will next post from Leon with something more positive to say. Buenos nochas!

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12th October 2014

You aren't the only ones to skip portions....
especially the meseta in order to heal then continue to the end. DeadFred, who was a couple days behind you, had to withdraw once he arrived in Logrono due to knee and leg issues and will resume where he left off in 2016.
12th October 2014

Steve, with that ominous name of the town being Carrion it would be most advisable to rest up! This is like the middle part of a marathon, so much more to do and so much energy already expended!! You all can do it, Australia is behind you!
13th October 2014

Hey guys. Tough decisions but sounds very much like the right decisions. Rest up, enjoy a break and enjoy the local community!
13th October 2014

Look how much you have achieved already
Being foot-sore aka injured is no joke, so celebrate how well you have done so far and see this part of the adventure as a little down-time to rest and recoup before getting back on your feet. In other words, smell the nachos on the way! Love to you all. Liz
29th November 2014

Hi guys how are you all? I happened upon this blog which made me very happy! Well done Sue!!! I often wondered how you all got on keep in touch love Ros
29th November 2014

Hi Ros!
We are back Ros and you are at someone we often talk about and we will ring as soon as the dust settles. You don't know how good it is to hear from you. Will catch up very soon, stay well, Steve and Sue.

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