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Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Minorca April 12th 2009

For the long Easter weekend a friend and I traveled to the least trumpeted of the Balearic Islands off the west coast of Spain, Menorca. Menorca is Ibiza and Mallorca's small, unassuming neighbor to the north. For a couple of friends looking to de-stress and unwind, it was the perfect island getaway. We rented a car and spent four days crisscrossing the tiny isle familiarizing ourselves with its cute beach hamlets and its two biggest towns, Port Mao and Ciutadella. There is enough of interest to keep you occupied for a long weekend but not so much that you feel pressured to hit one more museum at the expense of that all-important afternoon siesta. This is an island where soaking up the local, unique take on Spanish culture is as simple as finding a table at ... read more
Yachts in the port
Good Friday procession of confraternities
Church at dusk

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Minorca May 8th 2008

Well since the last update, I’ve managed trips to two continents, flying across the Atlantic to Los Angeles for a week, and just recently, a long weekend in Menorca, a gorgeous island off the coast of Spain. First things first though and it was off on my 10 hour flight across the pond to be quizzed by a thoroughly intelligent individual obviously doing customs work as a night job from his regular job at MENSA........ Apparently because I am entering the country, therefore I must be a terrorist. I have met many American’s who give their country a good name, but people like that….. Honestly. After getting out of LAX(barely), I headed to my hotel. When I booked it, I found one that looked close to the airport and relatively cheap. Little did I know that ... read more
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Chuck Norris
Beverly Hills

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Minorca May 2nd 2008

I didn’t have to wait long for my next holiday in Europe - this time we were off to the sunny Spanish Island of Menorca. Not to be confused with its big sister, Mallorca. And by we, I mean a whole sports team worth of 14 of us. Our only goal on this trip was to do nothing on as many beaches as possible :) Katie had organised two Spanish villas on the north coast through a work colleague. However the first mission was actually getting there. Being one of the oldies, and therefore a pre-nominated driver, I had to drive on the left side of the road!! - all a bit confusing at first, especially at round-a-bouts, but soo much fun!! Both villas were gorgeous, and even had their own large swimming pools and BBQ ... read more
This is the Life
Team Photo
Crazy Cam

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Minorca October 20th 2006

A pretty quiet morning getting ready for the big final. The selection committee decided on keeping the same team as the semi final. We once again had a hit around in the nets, while the plate final was being played. We lost the toss and got put into bat. Brooky and I got an alright start, but we lost a few too many wickets and it was left up to AB to smash 33 at the end to get us up to a competitive total of 93. We knew if we bowled like we had in the last two matches we would win, but we bowled a few too many wides and bad balls. We picked up 3 wickets near the end but it was too little too late. Everyone was a bit dejected until we ... read more
Menorca Cricket Ground
Brookey Chugging

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Minorca October 19th 2006

One of the highlights of the trip was Brookey and Fizzer playing practical jokes on all the old folks in the hotel. Every morning they would get our mascot Georgina the tiger and put it in the elevator. They would then send it down to the ground floor and sprint down the stairs. Most days they would get down to the foyer and see some old hens with their mouths gaping open looking at what they thought was a real tiger. Priceless. A few of us spent the late morning watching West Indies beat Australia in cricket while the others went out shopping. In the afternoon we went down and saw the four teams that weren’t in the final play off for the plate final. One of the teams had some pretty funny rules, they were ... read more
View From The Dinky Bar
Georgina our mascot

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Minorca October 18th 2006

Another morning of lounging around, with people playing table tennis, pool and foosball. (I don’t think Brookey was happy with the 9-0 thrashing I dished him out in foosball). The selection committee of Wilco, Jacko & Longy had an easier task of picking the side for the semi final because both Jacko & Spraggy had injuries. We had a knock around in the nets whilst the other semi was being played. Our side batted first again, and changed the order around a bit with AB and I opening. We got off to a good start because they bowled plenty of wides. AB got a tough LBW decision, which bought Wilco in. We managed to both retire, and the lower order all chipped in leaving us with 122, the highest total of the tournament. This total proved ... read more
Longy Bowling To Brooky
Brookey & Beers

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Minorca October 17th 2006

Another morning spent lazing by the pool, sunbathing and watching the Pakistan v Sri Lanka cricket match. We arrived at the cricket ground knowing that if we lost our game we would have no chance of making the semi finals, and if we didn’t get a good run rate we might miss out as well. We won the toss and batted first and scored a decent total of 103 thanks to Jacko smashing 35 and them bowling plenty of wides. We wanted to keep the opposition’s run rate as low as possible and did so by not bowling any wides and eventually getting them all out for 30. Our performance ensured that we made it through to the semi finals and we were to play Stretton CC. Fortunately we had organized a friendly with them for ... read more
Longy's Appartment Block
Bombs Away

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Minorca October 16th 2006

Everyone was a little jaded so we decided the best plan of attack was to hit the beach. We drove to es Grau up the coast and found a really nice spot. AB and I found some energy and threw a tennis ball around in the sea for about an hour. Miser made a sand castle which Banjo trampled and Spraggy got bitten on the arse by a jelly fish. Later on that evening a few of us went fishing at the dock. There were some big fish circling around but we were unsuccessful - Longy caught a boat, Spraggy a plastic bag and Brookey a tiny fish. We had dinner and a few beers at a restaurant overlooking the bay before heading back to the hotel.... read more
Fishing Spot
Es Grau Beach

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Minorca October 15th 2006

I woke Jacko up in the morning for breakfast and the jet lag had obviously taken it’s toll because for a second there he had no idea where he was or who I was. With the hotel booking we got breakfast and dinner included so we stocked up, had a swim and then headed down to the cricket ground. Originally the format was for five over games, but two teams had withdrawn bringing the amount of teams down to six. Five of the teams were from various parts of England and the sixth a local Menorca side. It was decided that the teams would be split into two pools of three teams, and that we would play against these two teams in a ten over match, to decide on semi finalists. Our first game was against ... read more
Menorca Cricket Ground
Mahon Main Street
View From Hotel

Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Minorca October 14th 2006

I woke up on Friday feeling a little rough after a big night celebrating Diane’s (Paul’s Mum) 50th birthday. The team met at our local pub The Clarke’s Arms and set off for Leeds Bradford airport. I met Greg Jackson (Jacko) whose place I am staying at for the first time. He is an engineer on a cruise ship and had just flown back from New York. I also met Paul Spragg (Spraggy) who lives in Barrow but has spent 3 years living in Wellington, so was good to talk to someone about the mighty Hurricanes. The other members going were some of my close friends here - brothers Chris Moore (Fizzer) and Stephen Moore (Miser), Stephen’s girlfriend Steph, Chris Brookshaw (Brookey), Paul (Wilco) and I (Cheese - a nickname I still don’t know why I ... read more
San Luis Hotel
The Dinky Bar

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