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Europe » Slovenia » Styria » Maribor August 31st 2017

Advertised as the prettiest town in Slovenia, Ptuj (p-too-ee) is another town with a castle on the hill and pretty, old, red-roofed buildings around a few cobbled squares. It’s very quiet and was a pleasant place to wander around and have an easy and relaxing day.... read more
Ptuj from the bridge looking up to the castle

Europe » Slovenia » Styria » Maribor September 9th 2013

Aamulla satoi. Paikallislehden ennusteen mukaan lahipaivien saa onkin sateista ja paljon aiempaa viileampaa. Piti siis kaivaa esiin sateenvarjo ja takki. Junassa oli hyvin tilaa. Mulle tuli juttelemaan itavaltalaismies, joka oli matkalla Rijekaan asti. Mariborin asemalta sai hyvin Ljubljanan junien aikataulut ja Mariborin kartan. Junia menisi joka tunti, joten ei ollut tarvetta ostaa lippua. Poikkesin menomatkalla turistineuvonnassa. Siita ei ollut suuresti hyotya. Hostellin ovella oli numero, johon piti soittaa. Sielta vastasi mies, joka kehotti minua hakemaan avaimen lahibaarista. No sielta tultiin vain avaamaan ulko-ovi, ja huoneessa odotti avaimet. Hostellin muut huoneet olivat tyhjia. Mies tuli myohemmin rahastamaan huoneen hinnan, joka piti siis maksaa kateisella. Rapussa oli tietokone, josta paasi nettiin. Kysyin miehelta myos neuvoja siita, missa kannattaisi kayda kaupassa ja ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Styria » Maribor August 30th 2013

Hello my fellow travellers! Wow, just wow! Today was one of the best days of this travel, one to rival the day in Canakkale! This morning the time had finally come for my last stop of the trip, Maribor in Slovenia. I had to get up quite early this morning so I'm quite tired now but this day has been wonderful. Well, in Maribor I had arranged to meet Saso and Anna at 2pm at the main square. I arrived at 10 am and took a leisure walk around the river by myself before meeting up with them and I really fell in love with this city. I haven't felt this relaxed for a very long time and today I really felt like I was on vacation. The area around river Drava is absolutely gorgeous, the ... read more
Worlds Oldest Vine
On Top of Piramida Hill
Water Tower

Europe » Slovenia » Styria » Maribor September 13th 2012

On my first Monday in Europe, after two days of settling into Klagenfurt, the team and I loaded on to a bus and drove to Maribor, the second largest city in Slovenia and European's 2012 Capital of Culture. We stayed at the Dras Center, a very comfortable hotel that had a volleyball court and training facility inside. We trained twice a day for four days and ate amazing meals. Eat, sleep, play volleyball... that is what our life consisted of. Unfortunately I have no photos that prove that we trained. Instead, I will share with you some pictures of our excusion up the moutain on the ski lift and down the mountain in tabaggons. Enjoy!... read more
Our hotel
Lisa and Kathi on the lift
The view

Europe » Slovenia » Styria » Maribor August 1st 2012

I always loved to explore and eventually get lost. At my early age of around six years it all began with running away from my parents to explore “the world” on my own, which meant more or less that my parents were in constant search for me while on vacation, in hotels, camps, on ferries and so on….I actually couldn’t stand still and I assume I was a really annoying kid, always asking where we’re going next and now I believe that after a long working day this is the last thing you want to hear from your hyperactive child, when all you really wanna do is to chill and have some peace. So, I bothered my parents for as long as I could, and then eventually I was able to escape on my own…well, kind ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Styria » Maribor June 3rd 2009

We arrived in Slovenia via train from Graz. While there is no border crossing as both Austria and Slovenia are members of the EU, there was one thing we noticed immediately - the change of language! Suddenly we noticed that we had no idea of what people were saying or what the simplest of signs meant. When we arrived at Maribor railway station I had to give in to a call of nature and found myself standing at two doors, one labeled "Zenski" and the other "Moski" - luckily I could understand the pictures below the names! From that moment on Lorenza and I suddenly invented a whole new language between us, with every word ending in "ski" - for example "do you want a drinkski?" or "do you want to take a walkski" and to ... read more
Church in the mountains
view from aprtment at Limbus
Oldest living vine - Maribor

Europe » Slovenia » Styria » Maribor September 21st 2008

Die heutige Fahrt hab ich mir mit Step geteilt, wobei ich den Anfang gemacht hab. Nach wie vor müssen wir uns ja an die StVO halten, weshalb wir dann doch weitestgehend sehr gesittet gefahren sind. Denn schließlich will man(n), nicht kurz vor Schluss aus dem Verkehr gezogen und dann auch noch mit Touristengebühren abgezockt werden. Aber wir wären nicht die fantastischen 3, wenn wir nicht auch dafür ne Lösung hätten. Die ist nun mittlerweile auch schon zum Patent angemeldet, also nicht einfach nach machen!!! So nun zur Lösung, wir haben einfach die Ösis vorfahren lassen. Einfach und genial! Solang man selbst die Wagenkolonne anführt fährt man immer schön artig nach StVO und irgendwann, wird schon einer die Nerven verlieren und vorbei ziehen, das so genannte Opfer! In unserem Fall waren es zwei mal Ösis in ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Styria » Maribor May 27th 2007

Yesterday I took a little drive with Reini to the border of Croatia. We had planned to drive at least 3 hours, and weren't very excited about that. The weather was really hot and humid, and Reini's air conditioner decided to poop out on us a week ago. Oh well, we said, for we needed to take the trip in order for me to be allowed to stay in Europe for another 3 months. The stamp in my passport from Croatia would be proof that I would be there for touristic reasons. I don't know if you'd call me a tourist of Austria, but if that's the way things must work here, well, then I guess I am, legally speaking. We packed a bag full of sandwiches and brought a bottle of sparkling water with ... read more
Reini looking really excited about everything
Schau! I hob a Stemperl kriag!

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