Nina Heric


Nina Heric

Crazy, independent, creative, love to travel, dance, drive with all means of transport possible, help animals, eat on the street and learn about cultural differences

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Lake Naivasha April 30th 2014

Traveling always helps you to see the world with different eyes. Since you're born you live in a certain culture, certain rules are followed by the society and that appears as the only valid reality, you expect that the whole world is like this. But when going abroad, you soon discover that the obvious truth for you is something that doesn't exist in other cultures. People think differently, they have others morals, their habits are completely opposite to the yours. These differences range from simple everyday things that we do, up to life patterns and society standards. Once I remember I ordered coffee with milk and a coke in Colombia and the waiter asked for whom the coke would be, since I was alone. I said, well, it's for me. He then looked at me completely ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Rift Valley Province » Masai Mara NP April 18th 2014

Since I arrived to Kenya with no plans whatsoever, I had to take what was offered. After an amazing visit to neighbouring Tansania and a great safari trip through some of the best national parks I decided to visit the famous Masai Mara National Park in Kenya. These trips are always exciting if you're a single traveler, because you never know what kind of people will join you on it. In Tansania I had great company, a young German veterinarian Jessica and a Polish adventurous explorer Joseph. We ha dan amazing time, although we didn't expect anything from the safari trip, we just went to see. It was introduced to us that we would be sleeping in tents, which is awesome, because I love camping, and this is what we actually did. We had simple tents ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi April 17th 2014

Everybody always asks me, why I travel alone. If I'm not afraid, or if I don't miss company. Truth is...I don't miss anything, because in this way, you create your own journey, you don't actually plan that much and best of all, you don't need to adjust your plans to other people. If it happens that you share a part of the path with someone, it's more coincidence and a much bigger pleasure than it would be otherwise. So, in this way I end up doing all kinds of stuff, with all kinds of people that I meet on the way. And honestly, I get to know so much more people if I'm alone than when I travel with somebody. Today, I enjoyed the company of a very nice girl, which turned out to be only ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi April 12th 2014

A day for doing nothing…except of a bit shopping and writing of course :) And that’s the good thing about having time when traveling, you don’t need to hurry, you just live in the day and let our plans rest for a while. Since I was sitting on a bus or safari truck for a while in the last past week, I decided to move a bit and took a walk to one of the malls around here. It’s bizarre, how you see small wooden huts along the main road, and then suddenly there’s a huge modern shopping mall, where all of the fancy people meet and shop, guarded by employees who most probably live in those small huts and will never be shopping in the place themselves. But I needed a bit pampering, so I ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi April 5th 2014

I hardly can describe the feeling when I arrive at the airport, I love airports…don’t know why, but I get all excited about it. I’d love to ask every single person about his or her plans, the story behind the journey, where are they going, what for…you meet so many interesting people on airports, it’s like a meeting point for all freaks (positive meaning) of this world. Hoping to get someone interesting onto the seat next to me on the plane…aaaaand there we are…a big family, with a big lady sitting next to me, talking to me in a language I don’t even remotely understand (and she didn’t give up even after I was shaking my head like “sorry maam, but I really don’t speak your language”, all the time hitting me with elbows, starring at ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi April 1st 2014

Spending 3 months at home on vacation? Rather spend some of the time traveling! Of course everybody asked me why I would travel again, since I do that basically for work, but truth is, it’s not the same thing. I missed my backpack, the wonderful feeling of arriving to a hostel late at night after an exhausting day exploring, noisy and smelly streets (yeah, you can actually miss that!), super crowded public buses and notorious drivers, tasting different food and the good old fear that is always a bit present. So I’ve been sitting in my room and thinking about where to go…and then I saw one of my Lonely Planet books on the shelf, that was a gift from my friends for my birthday. I never opened it. I’ve never thought about it….wait…what if…of course! ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Styria » Maribor August 1st 2012

I always loved to explore and eventually get lost. At my early age of around six years it all began with running away from my parents to explore “the world” on my own, which meant more or less that my parents were in constant search for me while on vacation, in hotels, camps, on ferries and so on….I actually couldn’t stand still and I assume I was a really annoying kid, always asking where we’re going next and now I believe that after a long working day this is the last thing you want to hear from your hyperactive child, when all you really wanna do is to chill and have some peace. So, I bothered my parents for as long as I could, and then eventually I was able to escape on my own…well, kind ... read more

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