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Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran May 5th 2013

Tänä viikonloppuna päädyin bussilla rannikolle. Niemen nokassa oleva Piranin vanhakaupunki osoittautui muodostelmaksi keskiaikaista arkkitehtuuria ja kapeita venetsialaistyylisiä kujia. Kaupungissa on useampi historiallisesti merkittävä nähtävyys, kaupunki on myös säveltäjä Giuseppe Tartinin syntymäpaikka. Tältä viikonlopulta en halunnut juuri mitään sen suurempaa, kuin vaihtaa maisemaa, kävellä rauhassa ja vähän kuvailla. Mielikuva siitä, että olin paremminkin Italiassa kuin Sloveniassa, vahvistui viimeistään, kun ruokailuani sävytti yhtäkkiä terassin täydeltä ahtaneet italialaiset. Kaikkea sitä eläytyvän puheen sorinaa ihastuneen huvittuneena seuratessani, tunsin olevani kuin päähenkilö yhdestä puhkikatsotusta elokuvasta (terveisiä vaan Sintulle!). Hostellissa neljän hengen dormissa nukuin maagiset yhdentoista tunnin yöunet. En edes mui... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran October 18th 2011

Welcome to the tenth edition of our journal documenting the first fifteen months of challenges and adventures while living in --and in this case, traveling out of--Antalya, Turkey. We've just returned to our dusty flat in Turkey after almost ten weeks in Hungary, Austria, and Slovenia. The trip ended in the U.S. for some sweet reunions with friends and family and for a wonderful family wedding in the mountains above the Pacific. Instead of a chronological record of the trip, we'd like to write a bit about some broad observations we had about the countries and cultures we visited. We begin with this blog's theme "Carpe Diem" (or Seize the Day), chosen to capture the mood of our late summer travels in eastern and central Europe. As Americans, we are used to having an agenda for ... read more
Carpe Diem
Bus Stop Lovers
The Church in Maria Alm, Austria

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran September 3rd 2011

I was surprisingly perky the next day. I could even eat. Walking through Ljubljana to the train station, I noticed that the city was awash with school kids who all had their faces and arms smothered in graffiti. Dule had told us last night that yesterday was the last day of the holidays so perhaps this is some kind of Slovenian freshers ritual. Anyway, we caught a train to the small town of Divaca, the closest town to the Skocjan Caves. We were a bit lucky on arrival - there was a free bus waiting to take us to the caves. It didn't get us to the caves fast enough for the 2pm tour though unfortunately, so we had about an hour to kill. To kill it, we started walking up a path that circumnavigated the ... read more
Piran Marina
Underground Canyon

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran June 20th 2011

The heading above is of course appropriate for all the right/wrong reasons. This is all about seeing as much as you can, but there comes a point where you cannot – let alone write about it! This is written on the 4 ½ hr bus trip on 23 June to Zadar – so some days on, and in a way this is better as I will not be able to babble on! Cos I can only just remember. Anyway the 10am bus to Piran from Ljub seemed about right when bought form the machine (finally – touch screens can be jumpy) – but I was panicked about getting there in time as walking 10-15mins so got the hotel to call a cab. They said 10 mins which was about the time I had! – but he ... read more
Izola - a house
Izola - Lasko beer
Izola rudie and nudie

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran November 12th 2010

Piran The trip from Pula to Piran was a bit compliated and included two trains, a stop at the Croatian-Slovenian border where we got told off by a police man for wandering off over the invisible border, an hours wait in a dead-end town for a train that turned out to be a minibus and we were the only people on, a drive to Koper in a thunderstorm, an hours journey on a public bus to Piran, which we reached at a beautiful moment- the receding storm clouds over the sea with the rays of the setting sun peeping through. Piran was love at first sight. Second challenge was finding our way to the hostel, at night, no map, but again Matt's uncanny sense of direction won out and we found it no problem! No one ... read more
clock tower
main square
view of Piran

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran June 15th 2010

Motorhome News from Europe 39 3rd - 13th June 2010 Off to pastures new - Eastern Europe - To Slovenia via Bavaria and Austria .........and a brush with the law in Austria Dover - Dunkerque, Luxembourg, Neuschwanstein Castle, Berchtesgaden, Oberammagau (above panorama), Grossglockner Pass, Zell am See, Julian Alps, Lake Bohinj, Lake Bled, Ljubljana and Portoroz Things were a little different back in 2004 when our epic 18 month motorhome journey through Europe started. But Eastern Europe now beckons the tourist; the strife of war has passed into peace and harmony with any luck and adventurous motorhomers like us can now venture into calmer waters with happy hearts. There are now five of us on board our Burstner motrohome, Bertie. There's Janice the navigator, Todd, our well-travelled bear, Suzie, (Todd's blonde floosie), me, David, the driver ... read more
St Coloman's Church

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran May 29th 2009

Today we headed off for a look at what is apparently Slovenia most popular tourist attraction, the Postojna Caves. These caves are about an hours drive southish from Ljubljana (a little longer when you factor in the road works and traffic time). The caves themselves are massive and are apparently the largest in Slovenia, at 20km long, although not the largest in the world which are located in the USA and are over 500km long. The tourist section of the Posotjna Caves are only 5.7kms long. The only problem with visiting these caves is the fact that they are sooooo popular and that you can only get into the caves if you can take a guided tour, and the tours only leave every hour. We got there at 9:08am which meant that we had to wait ... read more
Beautiful caves
More beautiful caves
More caves

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran February 18th 2008

The day began with breakfast at the hotel. Then, we headed on a 3 hour bus ride for the Slovenia Coast. We met our tour guide for the week, Jon. We headed south for Piran, a beautiful fishing village and vacation destination. The small village hosts 20 Catholic churches, dedicated to various saints. Piran was home to the composer, Guiseppe Tartini, whose statues welcomed us in Piran Square. We walked up small winding alleys, past hanging houses to see the view from the prominent Church of St. George. The original church building was constructed in the 3rd century. In the 14th century, the building was dedicated to St. George for saving a ship from a storm. The current church building was constructed in the 17th century. The church was renovated recently and the interior restored to ... read more
Piran Square
Piran Square with Church
Hanging Houses

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran June 27th 2007

Hola, Last bloggotime, we were on round two of a trip to Barcelona from Paris. Bidding farewell to Paris in the Springtime is tough, but one must sally forth. We caught another night train to Barcelona, this time in recliner chairs. Now, last time I bashed overnight trains as loud, hot and uncomfortable. They are not ALL like that, and can be a delightfully cheap option to coughing up cash for a hostel or hotel. However, the constant stopping and going of the train and snoring Slovenian guy next to you may contribute to a less than peaceful nappy time. Julie and I were zonked by 7 am when we rolled in Espana the next morning and crossed the border at Port Bou. 2 hours later, we were in Barcelona town, tired but happy to be ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Piran June 1st 2007

We left Pula feeling a little down so we were very exicited when we found ourselves in the beautiful towns of Potoroz and Piran, both are on the Slovenian coastline which is only 43kms long. These towns are very different. Potoroz is the Slovenian version of the French Riveria, a series of hotels along an esplanade. We decided we would stay in Potoroz and then drive the short distance to Piran for dinner. We spent the morning looking around and the afternoon laying by the pool area of our hotel, which was very nice. We travelled into Piran for dinner, but not before dowing a few cocktails at the local Irish Pub overlooking the Adriatic Sea. It really doesn't get much better!! Tim's team also travelled to Piran for dinner so it was nice to ... read more
The Team in Piran
Sunset in Piran by Tim

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