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Europe » Serbia » South » Nis January 4th 2018

We departed Sarajevo before sunrise on a very cold morning (-7) as we made our way through the beautiful snow covered mountains toward the Serbian border, it was so beautiful that we had to stop and take a few photographs of the moon illuminating the snow covered mountain pastures and throw a snowball or two. As was wound our way through the mountains we followed the pretty River Drin gorge to the city of Visegrad before crossing the Serb border near the Tara National Park. Here we had something of a dilemma I wanted to head south through Kosovo to the bear sanctuary near Pristina but this would lengthen the journey and there was no guarantee we would get there before it closed, so we continued on towards Nis. The journey through southern Serbia was often ... read more
Farm in
Farming in the mountains
Icey morning roads

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade August 25th 2017

Back to Belgrade. I was here last year, but I was a bit under the weather, and I decided I wanted to come back to experience more of the Serbian culture. I had a very nice stay at a particular hostel (Hostel Bongo), and I wanted to personally come back and thank the Bongo girls for taking such good care of me. I had given each a fun little name that they just thought was something else. They were Dashing Daniella, Terrific Tamara, Irresistible Irena, and Sassy Sadja. I was not sure which ones would still be here, but they had emailed me a few times within the year just to say hello. Upon arrival I felt they were excited to see me as well, as my name was remembered (they called me Gorgeous Gary (go ... read more
Europe - 2017 598
Europe - 2017 605
Europe - 2017 613

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade July 10th 2017

July 10 Monday Tossed and turned all night due to the warmth of my room. My little USB port fan it's just not working. I called at 5:30 in the morning down to front desk to see if someone could come up and take a look at it. And that's just what he did, he looked at it and said it's normal. And they wouldn't change my room either. So I have got to find a fan. Breakfast was buffet with a huge amount of selections. But then again I'm so used of my American meals so I didn't eat too much again. They did have some sort of flaky pastry cheese cake that I liked a lot. We went past a few former homes of wealthy people from before Communist rule. Now they are office ... read more
Crowne Plaza Belgrade (2)
Crowne Plaza Belgrade (3)
Crowne Plaza Belgrade (4)

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade July 9th 2017

July 9 Sunday Woke up at 5 AM so I decided to get some work done before heading down to breakfast. We left the hotel at 8 o'clock in the morning. The tour director talked about the Hungarian language and alphabet, which originally was not using Latin script. He passed around a copy of the original Hungarian script which I thought was similar to ancient script of other countries. He even stated that the ancient Hungarian script was found in some places in North America. As we drove through the Austrian countryside heading toward the Bulgarian border, how many farms growing crops of wheat, corn, and sunflower. The wheat crop was in the process of being harvested. About an hour and a half along the highway we passed a military caravan of vehicles. The last one ... read more
Novotel Danube Budapest (2)
Novotel Danube Budapest (3)
Novotel Danube Budapest (4)

Europe » Serbia June 25th 2017

I decided to go on an organized tour. I really wanted to visit Mostar and I found a trip that had a tour through some of Serbia’s beautiful parks and with 3 days in Bosnia. Seemed to be perfect. No driving on bad roads and getting lost, everything arranged ahead of time, no looking for hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, being delivered to all the main sites without hassle, what could go wrong? Nothing apparently. It was all as advertised. The group of 33 people were very nice. There was no arguing, no bad behavior, no shouting, no complaining. The scenery was beautiful, the Bosnians and Serbs were very nice, everything was very cheap. And yet … I very much doubt I will ever go on an organized tour again. My photos of the hundreds of little ... read more
Somewhere in Serbia
The Royal Crypt in Oplenac
Detail of the crypt

Europe » Serbia » South » Nis May 26th 2017

Pred odchodom davam este prat a vymienam rybam vodu. Balenie, sprcha a moze sa ist. Miriam s mami ma vyzdvihuju o 11/30, povodne som chcel startovat o hodinu neskor ale po zisteni, ze v rovnakom case odlietaju az 4 lety menim plan. V aute na dialnici fasujem rizek v chlebe, obed teda vybaveny. Na dialnici ziadne zapchy, takze pohodickova cca polhodinkova cesta. Na letisku sa to hemzi uz kopou ludi. Security tentoraz v pohode, ziadna buzeracia. Avsak jednemu cechackovy zabavuju maly noz. No nezabavuju, bo ho bere a odnasa ho niekam do letiskovej haly, neskor sa vracia bez neho. Colnica tiez ziadny problem iba otazka kam letim ked ukazujem len obcanku s cipom a nie pas. Cez gate prechadzam medzi poslednymi. Ako to uz byva zasa demencia ludi, za branou miesta na sedenie ale nie, jebovci ... read more

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade October 6th 2016

Right. I've got about ten minutes until we're back in session, might as well shuffle another one of these out the door. Let's see. Post South Africa I had to make my way north for the International Whaling Commission's meeting in Portoroz, Slovenia. Exactly what IWC is, and why on earth a whale related event was being showcased in a country with a coastline of about 40 kilometers is something we'll get to later. Or in the case of the latter issue, never. It still makes no sense to me. As a consequence of the frankly bizarre six hundred dollar ticket I had gotten, the trip meant landing in Belgrade by way of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, and then re-routeing through the Balkans. Originally the idea had been to hang around Serbia the entire ... read more
Kalemegdan to scale.
"John Williams Music"
The Battle of Kosovo, AR edition.

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade » Vranic September 8th 2016

Day 229 Saturday 3rd September 2016 – Budapest to Belgrade No great rush today as we didn’t need to leave the hotel till 10.30, and we were able to have breakfast, pack and even watch some TV before leaving. As we were getting ready there was this sudden crescendo of classical music and we suddenly thought that our life had a sound track till we realised there was an orchestra in the park putting on a free concert. As we were leaving the hotel the music had stopped but there was a Punch and Judy show going on for the kids, a nice way to leave Budapest with a bit of puppetry violence. Taking the Budapest Metro out to the train station was not a problem at all, even changing trains wasn’t a hassle. ... read more

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade August 26th 2016

I arrive after taking an overnight train from Budapest. I must say the ride was an experience. I was in a sleeper cabin, and one of my roommates was Serbian. He was a nice guy full of Serbian pride. We had a fun time trying to communicate, as he could not speak much English, and I could speak no Serbian. The train was a bit run down, but this was okay. I could tell when we were getting close to Belgrade, for this area was war torn. You could just see some of the devastation and the lasting effects of war. We arrive in Belgrade and exit the train. I now have to find out where to go. My directions were a little sketchy. One of my other roommates was a Japanese young lady, and she ... read more
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Europe  - 2016 344
Europe  - 2016 353

Europe » Serbia June 28th 2016

Beste iedereen, Het laatste dagje in Plovdiv gebruik Ik om de conditie weer een beetje op peil te krijgen. Ik bezoek de achtertuin van een hotel met twee zwembaden en een hele hoop bezoekers. Luidsprekers zorgen voor comfortabele muziek op de achtergrond. Na een beetje gezwommen en, eerlijk is eerlijk, ook wat gezonnebaad te hebben vertrek ik terug naar het hostel. Ik heb veel leuke mensen ontmoet in Plovdiv en breng de middag door in het paleis waar wij slapen. Geïnspireerd door het succes van de dag ervoor besluit ik weer een grote maaltijd op tafel te zetten. Het plan: Pannenkoeken. Ik weet niet hoeveel mensen ermee eten en besluit daarom heel onverstandig om vier keer het normale recept te doen. Na wat boodschapjes duik ik de buitenkeuken in. Er ontbreekt een mixer en er is ... read more

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