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Europe » Serbia » South » Kopaonik May 14th 2016

Our time in Serbia has continued our European History 101 many interesting places to visit, and so much to learn. Being immersed in a culture that has been shaped by so many different variables; religion, politics, etc, over thousands of years is not only fascinating but also a massive learning curve for two relatively naive Kiwis. We are learning so much more than we ever imagined possible before leaving our far flung shores. If I had my time again as a parent of young children, I would choose education out side the classroom and travel with them.......... Not only does Rozle have a passion for motorbikes and riding, he is also a great historian. His knowledge and love for this region knows no bounds, and his stories are always captivating. In Belgrade, we visited the ... read more
Magical Mosaaics...
No cameras allowed...Ooops!
Charcoal smoking.

Europe » Serbia » South May 12th 2016

From Planina Vlasic, we travelled to Sarajevo, the city which has rebuilt itself after the horrors of the Serbian aggression in 1992-1995. On our way to our hotel, we stopped off at a cafe, where Rozle showed us how to drink coffee, in the traditional Bosnian way. He is an hilarious raconteur, and had us all in hysterics. Poignantly, a Muslim cemetery beside the cafe reminded us we were in a region only recently ravaged by war. We also stopped to visit a tunnel museum, created, to show how the residents of Sarajevo survived the Serbian attacks, by building a tunnel underneath the airport. Sarajevo is surrounded by mountains on all but one boundary. The airport, a strip of land between the city and 'free' Bosnia, the relatively flat land area of the region, was under ... read more
A 'City under Siege' map.
Sarajevo old city centre.
Plaque outside the rebuilt library.

Europe » Serbia September 20th 2015

Some photos from Murray's work trip to the Serbia where borders started to close.... read more
Refugees start to arrive
The border is closed, refugees protest the close

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad September 10th 2015

So… what’s on today. Travel to the border town of Szeged and cross into the province of Vojvodina in Serbia. Enjoy a stop in Novi Sad, the capital of the province, set on the River Danube and famed for its Petrovaradin Fortress Wake up call… 6.30am Bags out and Breakfast… 7.15am Departure… 8am Woke up and had a shower, packed and put our bags outside the room before heading down for breakfast. I love the concierge service, just put your bag out and it will arrive in your next hotel room… Unless you were Steph and Art who’s bags went missing. Steph got hers back when we arrived in Serbia, Tedon the other had did not get his back until Bucharest!!! What a stress… that’s a story for later. Breakfast was good, the usual holiday hotel ... read more
Serbian McDonalds
Mum Dancing in the Rain

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade September 10th 2015

Itinerary part 2 - Continue to Belgrade (Beograd), the capital of Serbia, for one night where Dinner is included at a restaurant by the river. After we all dried ourselves off from the pouring rain we headed off to Belgrade where we were give some free time to walk about. The problem was it was still so wet; no one wanted to get of the coach, except for my coach buddy Mary. She ran to the nearest shop to find an umbrella while the rest of us travelled back to the hotel. Once we settled down dad and I thought we could get a taxi back into the centre of town but it was just a little bit too far away from our hotel to be worth the time. It was a shame as this was ... read more
Ruins in Serbia
Television Bombing Ruins
Bottle Tree

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade August 12th 2015

Serbia and Revisiting Bulgaria Bulgaria for all its faults seemed like an old friend after Turkey. In three weeks in Turkey we got good sleep only at 3 camp sites. Barking dogs, noisy men lurking around, and the blaring loudspeakers blurting out the message that Imans can not sing, ensured we did not rest well. Our first night back in Bulgaria was pure bliss- peaceful and quite a bit cooler. Then we headed for Plovdiv. Why Plovdiv?. Because we know where the Kaufland store is there and its on the way. We became like kids in a lolly shop. Starved of good choices for 3 weeks the first stack of goodies were the fruit and vegies aisles. Suddenly faced with mush wider choices and far superior produce we saw a better side of Bulgaria. Their meat ... read more
Serbia nr NIS  (2)
Serbia near NIS
Serbia Danube at Belgrade (2)

Europe » Serbia » North August 12th 2015

Today we enter the Iron Gates (a gorge on the river Danube that has a fortress guarding this gorge). Problem is that they pass the fort at around 0600, so early start. Quite a few people on deck for this view. The fort comes into view and it is built on top of the rocks at the entrance to the Iron Gates gorge. Impressive sight and the Captain spins the ship on it's axis so both sides can see it. Chris is watching from the bedroom and gets a good view as well. The wind is blowing quite hard due to the gorge effect. It is also quite cool in comparison from the past few days. Then we enter the gorge. The cliffs are very steep and there are caves in the limestone everywhere. Go back ... read more

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade August 11th 2015

The capital of Serbia, Belgrade today. Off on another city tour. Mostly by bus but we also got off and did a few walks. First was to the St Sava Cathedral. This is still being built following the Nazi occupation and NATO bombings. The place is huge and the guide told us that the cupola alone weighed over 400 tonnes and a special crane had to be built to lift it into place. There is no money coming from the government so they are relying on donations to try and complete it........ Back to the bus, then into the main central pedestrian plaza for free time. We wander down to the markets and walk amongst the fruit, vegies and bric a brac. Nearly every stall had cartons of cigarettes on display, and a lot had all ... read more

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad August 10th 2015

Another day, another country. Border control is on board this morning but we don't have to front then this time, however, we have been told that we need to carry our passports while on shore. As we walk off, the Hotel Manager reads my t shirt (the perfect man one - has a giggle) and then says he is happy that I didn't have my Croatia t shirt on today - might not be politically correct - or good for my safety either.......... Our tour this morning takes in the local town of Novi Sad. Our local guide is a cracker (Jelena). She is about 40, has a 2 and a half year old, is a single mother and we nearly also found out lots of other info as well. She certainly didn't conform to the ... read more

Europe » Serbia » West July 30th 2015

After our 1 and only night visit Bulgaria we carried on to Serbia, as we had met a young lady from there in Montenegro the winter before and had befriended her. Looking forward to visiting her in her hometown of Cacak. We had a never ending wait at the boarder to Serbia, in the never ending heat, for no reason that we could see. 1 lone man in a small booth waving people through. When we entered into Serbia( another new country for us by the way), it was beautiful!! Lush green rolling hills. Found a great Hostal in Cacak, hotels are few in the area and this was the only one that accepted dogs, but it was a wonderful place, new, clean and oh ya cheap. Paid the extra 5 euro to get the suite ... read more
One man job
On our way
First view of Serbia

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