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Exit Festival flat accomodation

Engineer from Novi Sad, would let visitor to exit festival, and take care of in his vacant flat in cosy surroundings. No rip offs.
15 years ago, July 3rd 2008 No: 1 Msg: #40795  
N Posts: 1
For six persons max, girls or boys, irrelevant, Two rooms,kitchen, bathroom, balcony, furnished, in good condition,5.th storey, near the railway station. Shaded side, in a parked area, transport by car can be arranged to and from the festival by the owner day and night.
Good behaviour, and silence is necessary during the stay. 4-5 nights per person minimum, can be extended. Price 40 Euros a day, for each person. Guests can be welcomed at the belgrade airport, by car,on demand, for 20 Euros gas fare, or at arrival in Novi Sad railway and bus station. Speaking English and Hungarian. Friendly attitude, no rip offs. Communication via e-mail, or SMS, phone.
Guest can buy a domestic cell phone GSM card in their exixting GSM phones, for ease of communication. Free of any registration for 5 Euros.
Let me know if someone is interested.

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