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Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade July 9th 2015

It was a most exciting adventure, going on a train from Budapest to Novi Sad. I do not remember why, but I bought a train ticket (from the website of Hungarian Railways) to Novi Sad from Budapest’s Ferencvarosz Station. It was a difficult task to find it; I of course went the right way, but somehow overlooked the station. I expected it to be large and tourists all over, but instead I had to ask two persons for directions. One woman sent me in a wrong direction, and a man explained to me the correct way. I even managed to drive a couple of tram stations for free. Nobody checked my tickets. Ferencvarosz Station is very small; next time I will be cleverer and book tickets from Keleti Station, which is central, and from which my ... read more

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade June 30th 2015

Budicek 4/30, dobalenie a smer bus zastavka. Bus do Galanty bol poloprazdny, vlak smer Nove Zamky taktiez nie moc plny. Tesil som sa na novy vozen ale bohuzial poslali staru supravu kde bolo uplne minimum miesta na nohy, este,ze na mojej stvorsedacke nik iny nesedel. Sprievodca mal problem nacitat moj etiket v mobile, to sa mi uz stalo druhy krat, budem musiet vymenit za novsi typ s nepopraskanym displejom. Dakych 5.min sa to snazil nacitat ale ani bohovy, tak nakoniec len mavol rukou a islo sa dalej. Stanicu v Novych Zamkoch zacali rekonstruovat, resp jedno nastupiste. Ked to dokoncia hned to tam bude krajsie. Vlak smer Budapest mal meskanie 10.min, cestou do budapesti sme nabrali dalsie minuty,takze nakoniec sme dorazili s cca 25.min meskanim. To mi trochu skomlikovali plany v budapesti. Mal som v plane odlovit ... read more

Europe » Serbia » West » Zlatibor June 9th 2015

If we ignore the washed out roads, the fallen rocks strewn about the road and the rocks that were currently falling onto the road, threatening our well-being as well as the cars, the drive from Belgrade to Tara National Park was uneventful. And also ignore the monsoon-like rain. It was like standard US highway driving up in the mountains of Serbia, a country that evidently doesn’t have much money dedicated to road maintenance. Our destination was a chalet in Tara National Park in western Serbia, part of the Vlach mountains that border Bosnia and the Drina River. We successfully avoided any rock collisions and made it to our perfect chalet in the middle of nowhere. It was the best transition from sweaty, humid chaotic Thailand (and our massive journey to Europe). The boys got to cooking ... read more
Zaovine Lake behind us
The house on the Drina River. Originally built in 1968, but needs repairs when the river floods
Dinner in the chalet - dinner outside was rained out

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade June 7th 2015

Airline ticket prices are decided by a group of monkeys throwing chunks of smooshed up banana at a wall full of numbers. If any of those chunks stick to the ceiling, the price also includes an hourly variation of plus or minus $300. That’s the only explanation I can give for this situation - A one-way ticket from Bangkok to Belgrade is more expensive than: a one-way ticket from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, a one-way ticket from Bangkok to Tokyo and a roundtrip ticket from Tokyo to Belgrade. Yes, all of that combined is cheaper than the one-way from Bangkok to Belgrade. Without hesitation, we booked ourselves into that 45-hour journey that spanned five airports and zigzagged over Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Tokyo to Abu Dhabi to Belgrade. Since ... read more
On top of the Citadel in Belgrade
Welcome to Belgrade! Meat is on the menu!
Citadel in Belgrade

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade May 10th 2015

Hotel Moskva, my hotel in Belgrade, is pretty central in the Old Town, so I took the day to explore some of the more renowned sites in Belgrade. I don't really know if there are any "renowned" sites in this city, except maybe the cathedral (which I see on every postcard or online entry about Belgrade). The cathedral was my first stop, but it's pretty remote from all the other places I wanted to go. So I made a morning of walking to the cathedral and back to the hotel. Since this is my last day in Eastern Europe, I took advantage of the price differences. If you've been following my blog, you know how cheap the past couple of weeks have been - not that I haven't tried to do all kinds of things. It's ... read more
Serbian Capitol
Cyrillic Coca-Cola!
French monument at the Belgrade Fortress

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade May 9th 2015

This day just got worse and worse, and then it got better. My hotel is to thank, in large measure, for the improvement of my mood. I will cop to waking up with a heavy heart - the first thing I did was look at the pictures from graduation last night at UGA, and it made me sad that I couldn't be there. And there were a TON of pictures posted. I don't know why, but I couldn't get back to sleep after that. My alarm was set for 6:45, but I woke up around 4:50. Maybe anticipation and sadness mixed together. Whatever it was, I took a cab from my hotel around 7 AM, and I was on a train around 7:30. My hotel concierge fellow wouldn't mail my post cards, telling me that there ... read more
Interior of the Vrsac train station
View from my hotel window
My hotel room

Europe » Serbia April 20th 2015

So the one night we don't have insomnia is the one night we cruise by the super cool Golubac Castle; around 4:30am unfortunately; but honestly if I had remembered we were doing that I would have set an alarm as it's quite impressive! Morning excursion to the archeological Mesolithic (I don't know what's more fun, googling it or saying it - Me-so-lithic LOL) of Lepinski Vir. ( Let's face it, Wiki will explain it far better than I will, but suffice to say the highlight was seeing 3 complete skeletons that were in 3 different positions; one laying flat out, one in a sitting position and one who had fallen asleep beside a fire (they guess). SUPER cool! We had a nice walk down a hill, and as the group were meandering to the site I ... read more
Beautiful home in Serbia
Mr. Pickles making friends!

Europe » Serbia » North » Novi Sad April 19th 2015

I'm so enjoying this holiday; not only is Hippie a wonderful traveling companion, but it's been educational and relaxing and just plain fun. I really wanted to experience a river cruise to better sell it moving forward, and being able to explore destinations I've not yet traveled to made this itinerary that more appealing to me. I also enjoyed exploring Hungary even more; my father is Hungarian and I feel that my roots are here; despite being born and raised Canadian. Being in Hungary reminds me of my grandmother, and her cooking, the decorations in her house and just the sights and smells; I'm sure it's more of an emotional response but it just makes me happy (if that makes sense.) We have now crossed over into Serbia, a country that I have much to learn ... read more
The 'hairy' flower
Novi Sad street scene
Novi Sad

Europe » Serbia » West » Belgrade April 8th 2015

Many cities in the world have gone through difficult times in various periods of time, but very few still bear visible scars like Belgrade. There are also not that many places where historical layers interact with the landscape in such a beautiful way. Built on a strategic location it has served as a border town between two confronted cultures: Ottoman and Habsburg (Austro-Hungarian) for more than three centuries. Some would argue that this duality is still present in the mentality of its inhabitants. Urbanism Topography conditions the form and urban grid of Belgrade. In the middle of the city two large rivers, Danube and Sava, meet each other and divide it in three parts. The largest portion of the city is located on the southeastern bank, where Old Belgrade lies. The other parts include the southwestern ... read more
Princess Ljubica's house
The cathedral
Kalemegdan park

Europe » Serbia August 29th 2014

We were then in Novi Sad - a city in northern Serbia. As part of the intrepid itinerary, we visited a honey bee museum and (another) winery. We preferred this winery to the last - smaller, more intimate and more tastings! We also got to sample the local honey and a local honey-infused rakija (spirit). I bought a bottle to take home as a gift, and like the last winery, most people bought a bottle to share along the trip. The next day, after a big walk to the old fortress, we were off to the capital Belgrade by train. I don't know what it is, maybe flashbacks of news reports coming back to me, but this city name had stuck in my mind so I really didn't know what to expect. It was a tired, ... read more
Serbian train
Bohemian quarter Belgrade
Me and Bill soaking up our first day in Belgrade

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