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Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk February 21st 2017

"You know it's cold outside when you go outside and it's cold" A seven hour overnight flight and a six hour time difference from Moscow is the Far Eastern city of Yakutsk, in Russia’s Sakha Republic. Yakutsk (Якyтcк) is a city of quarter of a million people, and is the coldest city in the world, regularly dipping below minus 50ºC in the winter (occasionally below minus 60ºC). It was, however, a relatively mild minus 37ºC or so for most of the time we were there. The cold felt very comfortable actually, due to the fact that we were prepared for it and there was no wind (unlike a brutal arctic northwesterly back home in Churchill). We were bundled up in many layers of down and fleece, we donned mighty mittens, clumsy boots and thick woolly hats. ... read more
The Lena Pillars
Walking the Lena
The Mighty Lena

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk June 8th 2015

הגענו ליקוטסק בערך ב-5 לפנות בוקר. שעתיים קודם לכן הגענו לניז'ני בסטיאח, שהיא העיירה שמול יקוטסק ונהר לנה מפריד בניהן. השמש כבר זרחה. כמה דקות לפני כן הודיעו השלטים: ישר ליקוטסק, עוד 12 ק"מ ליקוטסק וכו'. אבל אחרי שחצינו את העיירה נעלמו השלטים והתחלנו לשאול את עצמינו איפה הפנייה ליקוטסק. הסתובבנו בחזרה לעיירה כדי לנסות לשאול מישהו. לא הייתה נפש חיה בחוץ. לקחנו בהימור פנייה ימינה שנראתה קצת ראשית וירדה לכיוון הנהר וכעבור דקה או שתיים נגלה לענינו נמל מנומנם. הנמל הזה הוא הדרך היחידה להגיע ליקוטסק במה... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk July 8th 2011

This was the celebration of the "Victory Day" here in the coldest citiy of the world, Yakutsk , in the republic of SAJA-YAKUTIA in the Russian Far East. Actually i enjoyed a lot this day, was a fantastic Parade, with a lot of people, and the integration of the Russian and Yakutian Cultures, it was simply AMAZING. The parade took place in the City's Victory Square with a small Military demonstration, Victory Music, and Veterans of the WWII everywhere. Then i walked around and found a very interesting, Typical Yakutian Round "Dance"; they were singing about union, and peace, they were very kind, and let me taking place in the dance. At Night there was a "Salute" with Fireworks and the day ended very calmed for me.... read more
Panoramic Of The City Port
Dia de la victoria 9 d emayo 008
Dia de la victoria 9 d emayo 015

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk July 8th 2011

Views of The City's River Port. The Port works allowing the commerce and the touristic trips by the Lena River. The Lena River is the Biggest and most important River in Russia, and one of the longest Rivers in the world. It starts in the Baikal Mountains and flow into the Artic sea, its 4,400 km (2,800 mi) Long. On winter the City's temperature its around -50 ^C , that means that the Lena River can only be enjoyed in Summer (right now the temperature its around +30^c). On winter it works like a 6 lanes Highway. I love running everyday by the Port's way, its just 200ms from my house. ... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk July 7th 2011

Actually im Living in the coldest citiy in the world, Its called Yakutsk and i've been here for Around 4 Months, i came here on February 28th, and im leaving back to Colombia on November 28th.... read more
Photo 3
Photo 5

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk April 18th 2011

Hi, I am looking for a Travel Buddy with plenty of time on your hands. Want to do the Train Trip from London to Saigon stopping at numerous still to be decided locations. Expect to take at least 6 weeks minimum to do the trip. It would be great if you could speak Russian or Chinese and English. I am 64 years young and can still mix it with the best of them. Hope to go late 2011 or early 2012. If you are at all interested please contact me and chat. I am open to changes in my plan. I usually travel and stay in mid-level accommodation and have lots of experience staying in Hostels and Backpackers. Regards, Peter... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk January 8th 2010

2010 sera l'année de la Russie en France et de la France en Russie. beaucoup de manifestations se dérouleront dans les deux pays. Cet événement a comme objectif : -Favoriser et enrichir la connaissance des deux pays -Encourager dans tous les domaines d'intérêt commun les échanges tels que les échanges scolaires par le biais de notre projet "fresque sur le thème du réchauffement climatique" Cette fresque est déjà commencée en Yakoutie par les élèves de l'école Sakha Française de Khamagatta et de l'école Canadienne de Yakoutsk. Les premiers dessins ont été exposés en avril dernier à yakoutsk. Depuis la rentrée scolaire de septembre 2009, les élèves du collège Gabriel Goussault de Vibraye (72) et de l'ile de la Réunion ont commencé à réfléchir sur ce thème, des écoles des villes de Chinon, de Blois,(pays de la ... read more

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