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Cesar Pezzotti

Cesar Pezzotti Carreno:
Exchange Student in The republic of SAKHA-YAKUTIA in the eastern part of Siberia.
18 years old.

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Krasnoyarsk September 3rd 2011

Krasnoyarsk City. The summer in the Republic of Yakutia was very hot for me, (the said your are Colombian, you are used to that), believe me it was very hot. It was hot and it was weird, because Yakutsk is the coldest city in the world, with and average of -55^c on winter, but this summer was around +40c; that's why this city break all the extremes, and have many many Guinness Records. So I decided to go away from this extreme hot, and the interested thing here in Russia is that Russia is huge, so there were many options, but I also wanted to be comfortable, and go to a place which my program wouldn’t object to (Rotary International). So I received an invitation from one very good friend (also from Rotary) who lives ... read more
Shooting at Dasha

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg August 22nd 2011

During my visit to Saint Peterburg, i went to one of the Suburban Collars around the city, named Peterhof, This place was the favorite residence for Peter I (The Great), that's why this is called Peterhof! Peterhof its a great building complex and parks from XVIII-XIX centuries, adorned by more than 100 sculptures around the gardens, with a surface bigger than a thousand hectares, there are more than thirty buildings. Peter I used to travel a lot to Kronstadt. The trip by the sea was very dangerous and uncomfortable, Catalina I, who was always with her husband, convinced him (that's what the legend say) to build a comfortable house, on the side of the gulf (Baltic sea), The idea made Peter I excited, who decided to build a very extravagant residence. He showed himself the place ... read more
Me and the Gulf of Finland (Baltic sea)
Peterhof Fountain and Sculptures
The Baltic sea

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg July 27th 2011

This Cathedral was made by the Architects, Alfred Parland and Ignacio Malishev between 1883-1907. They used the same shapes and procedures from the Saint Basil's Temple (Moscow), which was the national symbol those times in Russia. The shape of the base of the Cathedral was imagined like the petals of a flower by the Father Ignacio, also he proposed the Name. They got a very hard objective, the place where was assassinated The Tsar Alexander II, should be part of the Cathedral. So they made a small mini temple where is the exactly point of the execution of Alexander II by the terrorist Grinevitski. Its a beautiful place and have the inscription of what exactly happened there in many languages, this mini temple was installed in 1907. When you look up inside the Cathedral, you can ... read more
 Griboedov Canal
Me in the center of The Cathedral
View From  Griboedov Canal

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg July 10th 2011

In front of St Isaac's Square you can fin the phenomenal Cathedral with the same name. The Cathedral is a monumental construction, it was built by Auguste Montferrand (1786–1858) and ordered by Tsar Alexander I. The Temple was built during 40 years, even Montferrand didnt live enough in order to see his construction finished. The Cathedral its dedicated to Saint Isaac of Dalmatia, he was the patron of Peter I (THE GREAT), it was the biggest Temple in the Russian Empire, it have (101,5 m) of height. The Temple amaze you with the luxury of the Golden details everywhere, the different kinds of marbles, the many paintings and the mosaics that makes the temple, a Museum too. In the making of the decoration inside of the Cathedral worked prestigious painters such as: -Fiodor Bruni -Piotr Basin ... read more
ST Isaac's Front view
one of the four towers
Peter the Great

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg July 10th 2011

In one of the City-Tours i made, i had the opportunity to stop in the Saint Isaac's Square. The First impression it gave to me, was WOW, The Horseman in the center (Nicholas I), the St Isaac's Cathedral at one side and the Mariinsky Palace in the other, made a phenomenal atmosphere. The statue of Nicholas I on the Horse its huge and completely amazing, the Square where the monument is, its called The Senate Square. The sculpture was made by Piotr Clodt between 1856-1858, and the architect was Auguste Monferrand. Around the Square can be found lots of Luxury Hotels and Government buildings Some of the interesting places you can fin around are: - The Lobanov-Rostovsky House - The Blue Bridge - The Hotel Astoria - The Hotel Angleterre - The Russian Institute of Plant ... read more
Limo Night Peterburg 069
 Mariinsky Palace
St Isaac's Cathedral

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg July 9th 2011

During My trip to Saint Peters-burg, on the beginning of April, i went to The Hermitage Museum. This was an absolutely Fantastic experience, everything of this place its beautiful, the richness of the History that you can experiment there is lovely. This is one of the largest and oldest Museums in the world, was founded in 1764. It started when a trader from Berlin named Gotzkowski, offered to the Russian Court a collection conformed by 225 Pictures, made by painters from Netherlands and Spain. This new collection worked as the base for Catalina II's new gallery. By order of Nicholas I between 1839-1852 the new Museum was made. The Zar hired Leo Klenze for the project, which saved the crown treasures, nowadays the Museum have more than 3 million art values. In the Hermitage you can ... read more
Mayor State Square
L Hermitage 014

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk July 8th 2011

Views of The City's River Port. The Port works allowing the commerce and the touristic trips by the Lena River. The Lena River is the Biggest and most important River in Russia, and one of the longest Rivers in the world. It starts in the Baikal Mountains and flow into the Artic sea, its 4,400 km (2,800 mi) Long. On winter the City's temperature its around -50 ^C , that means that the Lena River can only be enjoyed in Summer (right now the temperature its around +30^c). On winter it works like a 6 lanes Highway. I love running everyday by the Port's way, its just 200ms from my house. ... read more

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk July 8th 2011

This was the celebration of the "Victory Day" here in the coldest citiy of the world, Yakutsk , in the republic of SAJA-YAKUTIA in the Russian Far East. Actually i enjoyed a lot this day, was a fantastic Parade, with a lot of people, and the integration of the Russian and Yakutian Cultures, it was simply AMAZING. The parade took place in the City's Victory Square with a small Military demonstration, Victory Music, and Veterans of the WWII everywhere. Then i walked around and found a very interesting, Typical Yakutian Round "Dance"; they were singing about union, and peace, they were very kind, and let me taking place in the dance. At Night there was a "Salute" with Fireworks and the day ended very calmed for me.... read more
Panoramic Of The City Port
Dia de la victoria 9 d emayo 008
Dia de la victoria 9 d emayo 015

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg July 7th 2011

I went to Saint Peterburg as a trip for one week, its an AMAZING CITY, everything its beautiful. i arrived on April 1st after 8 hrs flight from Yakutsk and one stop in Novosibirsk and i left on April 8th. The experience was awesome, i upload some Pictures of the city. ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Europe » Russia » Far East » Yakutsk July 7th 2011

Actually im Living in the coldest citiy in the world, Its called Yakutsk and i've been here for Around 4 Months, i came here on February 28th, and im leaving back to Colombia on November 28th.... read more
Photo 3
Photo 5

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