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Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu July 21st 2015

On July 21st continued on our adventure across Hungary to Romania, still very hot, still very humid but we are all comfortable easy roads throughout Hungary. It should have been roughly a 4 1/2 hr drive to our first nights stop. We could probably made it further but we don't know what the roads are like in Romania I had read that there was a lot of construction and don't really want to chance it in the dark. As it turns out we were delayed at the boarder for over 45 minutes, not sure why, no reason given, which we have to accept and carry on. But did notice at the boarder there was a Canadian flag, which I thought odd to see. Oradea's building is a mix of Communist era boring block apartment style building, ... read more
Our hotel in Oradea

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu July 18th 2014

We are of to Subiu for the last days in Romania. It was founded in the 1100. The large square as it is now was shaped in the 14th century. And some 15th century buildings are still looking beautiful. Here is also the Brukenthal palace museum. It shows paintings from Rubens, van Dijck and other masters. But.. No photos allowed. We stole s few of beautiful wall paper 300 years. It also shows some school reports of the 1730. They are huge and beautiful written. Our pension was another story. It quoted parking on side, well we drove into the street. Very tiny. Had to park on the footpath opposite. Liz was trying to get out of the car with the paperwork. We sat there for 15 minutes trying to open the car door. Hands waving ... read more
big plaza Sibiu
Brukenthal Founder of museum
building in Sibiu

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu June 3rd 2014

Oh Wunder, in der Nacht kein Regen zu hören. Am Morgen sogar blass-blauer Himmel. Nach einem Frühstück mit zwei österreichischen MR Kollegen (der eine arbeitet in Meggenhofen, das ist ein Ort, an dem meine Mutter unzählige Male war), schlich ich auf einer gemütlichen Landstraße Richtung Sibiu. Die Landwirtschaft in Rumänien ist ja nicht sehr gut im Schuß - alles bio!! Die Felder voller Unkraut, große Flächen, die nur extensiv genutzt werden und durch Schafherden abgeweidet werden (aber die Flächen fangen schon an, zu verbuschen), sumpfige Flächen, alles da. Die Wiesen haben noch viele Blumen, mobile Imker sind mit ihren Bienenstöcken unterwegs, in den sumpfigen Stellen sind die Störche auf Suche nach Nahrung für ihren Nachwuchs. Die Storchennester sind riesig, seitlich haben sich kleinere Vögel Nester angelegt: wenn da schon jemand so viel Reisig herschleppt, dann mus ... read more
Sowohl der Storch als auch die Leitungen sind faszinierend

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu June 1st 2014

Nachdem also die Transfargara Straße wegen eines verschlossenen Tunnels nicht befahrbar war, mussten wir umkehren, und sind heute in der Früh erst einmal die gleiche Strecke zurückgefahren - vorbei am Stausee und in den Ort runter, 70 km. Michael hatte ein Loch im Reifen, fand auch einen Reifenhändler (am Sonntag!!!), mit Hilfe eines Haferls voll Wasser wurde das Loch entdeckt - der Reifen blieb dabei dran - und dann mit einem Stopfen verschlossen. Seither ist wieder alles wunderbar. Großes Dr.Oetker Werk in ............. Dann neue Strecke ins nächste Tal, eins weiter im Westen. Da war leider eine große Straße, voller Laster, die alle möglichst schnell vorankommen wollten. Das Fahren war mühsam und gefährlich, wir waren zu langsam und wurden ständig überholt. Sibiu hat mich dann völlig enttäuscht. Der Reiseführer ist voll des Lobes und die Anfahrt ... read more
mobile Imker

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu June 30th 2013

There are plenty of summer holiday destinations to choose from and tourists are spoiled for choice. However, for history and culture-lovers and those of you who love to go sightseeing, Transylvania is without a shadow of a doubt, one of the top summer destinations! My boyfriend and I decided on the spur of the moment to go on a city break and picked some of the most renowned places in Transylvania and went ahead and booked a night at Ibis Hotel in Sibiu and a second one at a small, lovely pension - Citadela Pension in Sighisoara. To our delight, the pictures of the pension posted on the website heralded not only an impressive interior design of the pension, but also the atmosphere and the feel of the 1820s. Indeed the owner went to great lengths ... read more
Transylvania- Breathtaking Summer Destination

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu June 23rd 2013

I am on the train to Sibiu, Romania. I left the apartment in Brasov, Romania giving myself 40 minutes to make a 6:00 am train. A taxi came by within 60 seconds--travel karma. Me: Train Station please. Taxi: Gara, gara? Blah, blah, blah, gara? Me: Hmmmm. Chug-a, chug, chug, ... chug-a, chug, chug .... woow a woow. Taxi: Ah. Gara! Gara! He drove straight to the train station. Some sounds are international. He knew exactly what I meant and drove with confidence. I suspect there are many more languages than countries. If my memory serves me, India has 16 spoken languages? The USA has English and many languages spoken by the original people of America, like the Navajo, Cherokee, etc. So my guess is probably right. I have noticed some common sounds and motions across regions. ... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu June 18th 2013

Yesterday the heat of the day lasted well into the night and we woke this morning to the temperature already in the high twenties with the prospect under the clear,sunny skies for the temperature to top 35C.With that in mind we decided on an early walk around the old town area of Sibiu and be home before the heat overcomes us. The big kitchen that we have all to ourselves is very well equipped and we were able to go the whole hog with breakfast with just the bacon missing. The old city is about 3km away and we would normally walk that distance if there was no bus.There is a bus available but the owner of the pension doesn't speak any English and getting the information on bus number,how to buy tickets etc might just ... read more
Buildings with a more western Europe look to them
From the Council clock tower
Internal workings of tower clock

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu June 17th 2013

It was by accident when surfing the internet that we discovered the road we are planning to take today and we are filled with apprehension of driving it after the fog of Montenegro and the highway from hell at Kotor.However,this the BBA V2 with the accent on 'adventure' and if the guys from 'Top Gear'can drive it then so can we!! We had a filling breakfast before starting out on the road as we are heading into an area where we don't think there will be much of an opportunity to buy lunch on the road so we had better be prepared that it may be dinner time before we get a good feed again. The day dawned with an absolute clear blue sky and we couldn't have got a better day for what should be ... read more
The far end of the town of Bran
Typical Transylvanian houses in a rural setting
Good example of a Transylvanian house

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu August 25th 2012

Un oras interesant, cu o zona pietonala ok. am stat la hotel Silva (250 lei, aprox 60 Euro) Hotelul are 3 stele si le merita din plin. Singurul dezavantaj (minor) a fost lipsa aerului conditionat.... read more

Europe » Romania » Transilvania » Sibiu » Sibiu March 13th 2012

We went up a hill after getting keys from somebody. It was very pretty. We did a lot of videos and pictures. We went up a clock tower. We tried to hurry down before the bells did not ring, but they did. We went to a park and I saw a lot of snow and jumped in it. I got wet and daddy brought everything but socks so I had to use my gloves on my feet. - Sofia ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A couple hours and we arrived in Sibiu. This was a really cool city and we stayed right in the middle of the old town at the Old Town Hostel right in the middle of one of the big squares. We stayed there for 2 nights. We checked out the old town area when we arrived ... read more
Me and Daddy
Dracula Pose
12th Century Church in Cisnaudioara

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