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Europe » Romania » Crisana » Bihor July 26th 2009

Statiune recunoscută pentru lacul geo-termal cu flora datand din tertiar. Se mai gasesc numeroase izvoare cu apa minerala care sunt indicate in tratarea afectiunilor reumatice degenerative. Acum nu este mai mult decat o statiune comerciala. Si cum noi eram in trecere pentru cateva ore ne-am cazat la Pensiunea Cristian, tarif 100ron, parcare.... read more

Europe » Romania » Crisana » Bihor » Oradea May 28th 2009

Thursday, May 28th to Saturday, May 30th. Our stay was short but nice in Oradea. There were three reasons we picked Oradea to be our exit point out of Romania. One, it was close to Budapest. Two, Tages really wanted to visit the popular Bear Cave. Three, Oradea has the only strictly vegetarian restaurant in Romania. We had read a vague discription about a camping ground in Oradea and we figured we would get to Oradea and figure it out. We didn't have internet access in Sighisoara so we were not able to plan as well as we usually do. We arrived early in the morning after our terrible train ride so we felt a lack of sleep and a bit of confusion. The taxi drivers at the train station were more aggressive than in Sighisoara ... read more

Europe » Romania » Crisana » Bihor » Oradea May 13th 2008

Hello Everyone, We made it to Rome! Not overnight, of course, considering that it took us 22 hours just to get to Venice. We left Romania on Friday, May 9, Bethany’s birthday. We had birthday cake with Peter, Hailey and the team, and then had a cake at Vasili and Ana’s place, a wonderfully hospital couple. They live in a typical Romanian apartment building; very interesting! Not exactly what we are accustomed to. We left Peter and the team at the Sibiu Airport. It was then that we had to drastically alter our travel plans; we had planned to drop south into Croatia and Slovenia and then into Italy, but we did not have insurance on the motorhome in Croatia so couldn’t go that way. Peter said that the border people will turn you away if ... read more
Ana's Party for Bethany
Clock Tower in Graz, Austria
Horses in Graz

Europe » Romania » Crisana » Bihor » Oradea May 9th 2008

Hello Everyone, This is our last day here; we've not had internet connection since Monday to blog, thus you haven't heard from us. We've had a great couple last days. On Tuesday I went with the nurse to various homes to visit elderly people in the little outlying town of Lunca. It was amazing to get inside their homes and listen to their stories. (through a translator). The houses were very, very poor. One room in the house serves as kitchen, livingroom, bedroom. The room was probably about twelve by twelve. The house was made up out of two rooms, but two families live in it. The lady had a terrible toothache, but no access to a dentist, doctor, painkillers, or antibiotics. We were able to provide her with some medication. There are animals in every ... read more
Nursing Visit
Eighty One Year Old Lady
Country Life

Europe » Romania » Crisana » Bihor » Oradea May 5th 2008

Well, it was quite the Sunday! In the morning we lost the keys for one of the vehicles and some of us got to Centre of Hope were we met in the morning rather late; transporting twenty-five people has taxed the mission's organization to the max as it is! Then when we all arrived safe and sound (in mind :)) and all of us had left for church in Lunca, Peter and Hailey's vehicle broke down. Regrettably, the driver of our van had not heeded my advice to drive behind them as the vehicle had been giving them trouble for a few days already. So they had to stay behind and didn't make it to church at all. Peter was supposed to speak in Lunca, and they had asked Ed to speak at the little church ... read more
The Water Line
The Well

Europe » Romania » Crisana » Bihor » Oradea May 2nd 2008

We spoke to the women's group this morning. I spoke on Galatians 6:9 "Do not grow weary....." and on the first chapter of James which again speaks of perseverance and how God loves the widows and orphans. These women all have taken orphans into their homes. Jane spoke about being refined as silver from Malachi. God allows us to go through trials so we can reflect His character. We couldn't talk with the women as it was through an interpretor, so don't know the response. I am sure we'll hear sometime. We then did groceries with our driver, a middle age man who has lived in the States for many years. Jane offered to buy him a coffee, which totally offended him. He instructed us to the cost of coffee; how he could buy a quarter ... read more
The Outhouse
Mission Station at Lunca

Europe » Romania » Crisana » Bihor » Oradea May 1st 2008

Good Evening! Another work day done! The whole crew left around 7:30 am - including Shauna and Mikayla. They are all such eager beavers and are working like crazy with the rest of them - moving bricks, getting tiles off of the roof, cleaning up wood, painting gas-line pipes, and helping with children's ministry. I got to go to the village Lodroman with two Romanian women and two kids (with very limited english!) to minister to them. Maria and Anna go to different homes, take women's blood pressure, and spend some time talking to them. What a neat experience! I had my trusty English/Romanian dictionary with me - and that made all the difference! There is just so much to tell! I got to hug little old, old ladies and cry with them. One had lost ... read more
Romanian cook-out.
Playground in use... 6 children!
Very typical scene here!

Europe » Romania » Crisana » Bihor » Oradea May 1st 2008

Hello Everyone, I just noticed that I haven't blogged since Monday! Wow! Time is going so fast! So much has happened since then. On Tuesday afternoon we planned a ladies' tea with the ladies from the tiny village of Lunca where we are working. They had never done anything like that in the village, so the ladies from the team here wanted to make it very special for them. Jane and I went shopping with some of the Romanian women for cake, juice, napkins, table cloths, etc. We put on a really nice tea party for them. In total we had probably about thirty women, which included the women from our group as well. Most of them were very poor Gypsy women and farm wives who live in places without running water or sewer. The lady ... read more
Gypsy Women
Jane Sharing Her Story
Horse and Wagon

Europe » Romania » Crisana » Bihor » Oradea April 30th 2008

Hi everyone! My message today is two-fold... to tell you about what's been going on, and to ask you to pray some more! :) What a great day today! Els and I did groceries and cooking for the whole crew again. We had such an experience in the grocery store! Several gypsy men and women came barreling down the very narrow isle and started pressing their carts against us for us to move! We weren't sure what to think, and were probably looking a little shocked at them... they just kept on barreling! I tried to move out of the way quickly, and the guy just pushed his cart against me! I said, "excuse me", and he just repeated what I said and a few more words and kept doing what he was doing! Then a ... read more
Peter and Hayley Mrazik's new neighbors...
Julian and Justin... cousins working together.
Gerrit... demolition and building crew1

Europe » Romania » Crisana » Bihor » Oradea April 29th 2008

Buna seara! (Good evening!) We had such an interesting, full day! Els, Melissa and I, with Maria and Olympia (two Romanian ladies) went shopping for the ladies event. What an experience! A lot of actionary, some Dutch, some Romanian, and then throw some English in the mix... and we got it all figured! The long and the short of it is, we were able to spread a very attractive table of goodies for the ladies that came from three villages. Many of the women here have very difficult lives... not only very poor, but are also often in abusive situations. They have never had a ladies event planned for them like this - with invitations and all. The ladies here that work with CAIRD had this all done before we came. Beautiful, beautiful women! It is ... read more
Yes, I think we're taking her home...
Benjamin ... one of Peter Mraziks adopted children.
Where Peter's story began... at an orphanage.

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