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May 5th 2008
Published: May 5th 2008
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The Yellow FenceThe Yellow FenceThe Yellow Fence

The girls primed the fence in Lunca yellow because that's the only primer available. Then the neighbors came and complained about the color. Gerrit guessed it didn't meet architectural controls.....
Well, it was quite the Sunday! In the morning we lost the keys for one of the vehicles and some of us got to Centre of Hope were we met in the morning rather late; transporting twenty-five people has taxed the mission's organization to the max as it is! Then when we all arrived safe and sound (in mind 😊) and all of us had left for church in Lunca, Peter and Hailey's vehicle broke down. Regrettably, the driver of our van had not heeded my advice to drive behind them as the vehicle had been giving them trouble for a few days already. So they had to stay behind and didn't make it to church at all. Peter was supposed to speak in Lunca, and they had asked Ed to speak at the little church in Lodroman. Instead, Ed came back from Lodroman to speak in Lunca. He spoke on "Renewing the Mind". We had a good service. Then, when we got home, the sewer had drastically filled here so Peter had to pump it out. After thatf it started raining and the ceiling in our cabin started pouring water so Peter climbed up on the roof to fix the
The Water LineThe Water LineThe Water Line

Ed in the root cellar where they started pounding the waterline through the ground.
tile there. While Peter opened the attic door to get there, bird poop fell everywhere in our hallway as the sparrows had made a nest in the attic. No wonder they sounded so loud in the upstairs!

Anyway, we survived Sunday. Today Stefan is really sick; he's been vomiting all day and now is running a fever. This morning we went to Copsa Mica, the polluted city, and heard the testimony of Nelu, a man who lived there for ten years. The apartment is still empty as he probably can't sell it. It's a very sad place. His apartment was small, small, small. They shared one tiny bedroom between six people; four kids and mom and dad. He said the kids actually slept in the livingroom, which was smaller than Mark's bedroom at home. He has a marvelous story of God's deliverance from a life of serious alcohol abuse and wife battery. His wife prayed for him for seven years and hung in there with him through it all. On the night that he tried to commit suicide God set him free. We were very touched seeing the filthy, decrepid city and yet people living in those buildings.

The sidewalk and concrete walkway they had to pound the hose through into the trench. The line lined up exactly with the trench, fifteen feet away!

After that we sent Gerrit and Jane and family off home. We had such a great two and a half weeks! It will be a trip we'll always remember! Not always easy for us, in light of Mark's situation, but God is good and has helped us through. Gigi, one of the guys here, gave them a real crown of thorns with longer thorns than I've ever seen. It was very touching.

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The WellThe Well
The Well

The well that Rita has been using for her water needs.
The Neighbour LadyThe Neighbour Lady
The Neighbour Lady

I met this neighbour lady at the tea where she sat motion and emotionless. On Sunday when I met her again at church, I asked if we could take a picture together. She kissed me on both cheeks, hugged me and wrapped her arm around me.
Copsa MicaCopsa Mica
Copsa Mica

Typical apartment in Copsa Mica.

Pollution seemed even worse today than last time on the Easter weekend. Notice the swings in the foreground....
Copsa MicaCopsa Mica
Copsa Mica

What a life....
Entrance to the apartment building.Entrance to the apartment building.
Entrance to the apartment building.

We went to Nelu's apartment to hear his story.
Nelu's StoryNelu's Story
Nelu's Story

Nelu shared the story of his life; alcoholism, abuse and then God's deliverance.
Gigi's gift.Gigi's gift.
Gigi's gift.

A crown of thorns.... What an applicable gift for our time here.....
Bro and SisBro and Sis
Bro and Sis

We had an emotional good-bye when the Bezooyen's left. We already miss them.... Jane and Gerrit and kids: We love you!

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