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November 1st 2019
Published: November 1st 2019
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Sail awaySail awaySail away

Did not get as good one of this but as have a few days yet, give me time, ha ha
Well woke up had a fabulous breakfast ready for the day we embark (see my vocabulary is growing since watching all this reality tv, ha ha) the ship. We meet Helen and Albert at their hotel and have a drink (soft) before we set off to would you believe it something to eat - can you see a pattern arising here! Anyway, guess what I had, sardines and to be honest they were lovely - so now I can say had a glass of Portuguese wine and now sardines so I think I can now say I have been to Portugal!!

We had a great catch up with Helen and Albert and like I said in my previous blog, isn’t it amazing that you just catch up for a drink and a chat with friends who live in Germany in Lisbon - this world is getting smaller and smaller.

So get the taxi to the port to join the ship and all the excitement starts to build, in a few days we will be crossing the Atlantic woo woo woo, another bucket list wish ticked off.

I have to tell you this, Eric and Sue who are sailing with us are old hands at this sailing malarkey and Eric is always giving me a lesson on starboard and port and all this sailing terminology. He is very accomplished at anything mechanical and knowledgeable about so much it is sickening ha ha. Anyway get to the point you must be saying to yourself, Paula this is getting boring! So we get on the ship and, guess what, Eric did not get his bearings and took us the wrong way which Sue loved so much, Eric got something wrong on board the Royal Clipper, we are going to dine on this for the whole trip!!!!

One of the most amazing things sailing on a tall ship like the Royal Clipper is the sail away - told you I am learning the lingo and Eric and Sue would be so proud of me. Sail away is when they raise the sails to leave port and they play “con quest paradise”. I am going to try and upload a video of this but if it does not work I will upload one to facebook at some time.

Helen and Albert left a bottle of Moët for Eric and Sue who shared it with us for the sail away so that was amazing - thanks Helen and Albert, very much appreciated love champers!!

The sea was a bit choppy tonight but looking forward to getting to Portimao another day nearer our crossing the Atlantic.


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