Safi is it the new Casablanca?not on your nelly

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November 5th 2019
Published: November 5th 2019
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So we arrive in Safi - well first impression is it is a hell hole. We are moored up to what it appears at first sight is a cement works and the smell it horrendous. It appears the smell is from the sardines that have been caught. We are moored up in a real working port, so a smell of fish what do you expect. Anyway off went the coaches to Marrakesh and we decided to take a stroll into town. After going through customs to leave the ship we set off to find the town. We are told whatever you do please do not go down any alleyways. This in mind we set off. To be honest it must have rained quite hard in the night because the pavements if you can call them pavements had big dirty puddles on. We walked through the port and was stared at by everyone going past us. We then got accosted by a gentleman well accosted is a bit harsh he wanted to tell us where to go to see his brothers shop. We politely declined and went into the walled city. As you would expect we found a little souk and it was selling fake designer t-shirts, bags etc. However, and this is real credit we were not accosted by anyone asking us to look at their goods. If we were in Marrakesh this would have been constant. So typical where did we end up next - down alleyways and most of them with dead ends so not only did we go down them once we had to turn around and go down them again. We did see a sign for Casablanca so like typical tourists we took a photo under the sign - try not to stand out as tourists was another tip we were given!

We decided to go back to the ship as if I am honest was probably the best thing to do as Safi is not a destination highlight.

So not a very exciting day was had apart from watching the film Casablanca, a classic and one you cannot miss if you are in Morocco 🇲🇦. Tomorrow we are at sea so probably only a little blog for you to read.


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