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Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Tavira July 31st 2023

Its always exciting when driving off to new location. Leaving Lisbon it was extra exciting as we would be driving over the Vasco de Gama bridge, 7.6miles long with 2 elevated sections for vessels to pass under. Later we would meet a Portuguese man, (who incidentally works and lives in Luton, who said when it opened in 1998 15,000 people had a street party on it, with tables joined end to end over the whole length of the bridge! It was time again for a bit R+R again. So we headed for a campsite inland that was situated on the edge of a reservoir and was as close to nature as you could get. The receptionist said you could pick your own spot as long as you are 10 metres apart. Well, we could have had ... read more
Falesia Beach
Benagil Caves
Tavira entertainment-for free!

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Faro July 31st 2023

Fun at Faro, Sensuality to Seville -Piprey on wheels Aug 2023 Faro and Olhao Missing the sun? Faro on the Algarve coast on Portugal was an ideal choice for a short summer holiday. Faro is located on a salt water lagoon on the Atlantic ocean, surrounded by many small islands. I booked easyjet from London Gatwick to Faro and a hostel (Pirate backpackers, Faro) for a couple of nights. Flight was delayed by an hour and reached Faro in the dead of night but the airport, about 2 kms from the sea had such a lovely sea breeze and so alive! The warm breeze greeted me with open arms as soon as I stepped out of the airport. I checked uber and within a few minutes, the price hiked from 7 to 15 Euro. Better to ... read more
Faro beach on lagoon side
Faro beach
Sardines on the floor in Faro

Europe » Portugal » Algarve June 27th 2023

Over two days, I’d say maybe 55 hours it’s been since my last tart. That’s just marginally shorter than our flight over here, and honestly, I’m not dealing. At least I’ve not been spewed on through this ordeal. Lucky I have lots of wholesome outdoor activity to numb the pain. Managed to stretch the doze til about 7 this morning so definitely on the improve. Lazy wait for fresh bread to complete our breakfast basket, but I would have happily eaten the cake three times, but the bread was good. Suited up for our horse adventure which included fetching the horses from the paddocks, grooming them and cleaning their feet, which was fun and something we’d never done before. Not too long til we were in the saddles and headed towards the cliffs. We were mostly ... read more
Horses on a cliff
Further along the cliff
Brasa gets a nice view

Europe » Portugal » Algarve June 26th 2023

Bring a staunchly catholic country, a lot of things in Portugal shut down on Sundays. In fact, it appeared that the tarts had a day off. Luckily I managed to snaffle three that were taken unawares, bringing my grand total to seven. A really early start thanks to jet lag but had to wait for the rest of the boring family to wake. A leftover tart filled some of the void but my yelling and stomping roused them all enough to make it round the corner for another, accompanied by coffee. Navigated our way up the hill, luckily stumbling across an elevator to take a lot of the pain out of the climb. Made it all the way to the castle but passed on the massive line to get in, and instead wandered around the Alfama ... read more
Poznan shows her love
Beautiful tiles in Lisbon
More tiles

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira November 1st 2022

Yesterday, I got up early and walked up the beach to catch the sunrise, but then later in the morning, it started raining. It rained off and on the majority of the day, so I had a lazy day on the couch with a book, and picked up some junk food for good measure. By sunset, the rain had stopped, so I took a short walk on the beach to see the sunset. Fortunately today, the sun was back. We headed east along the shoreline for awhile. There were a few nice trails up along the rocks, but then we got to a point that seemed difficult to pass, so we opted to find a spot on the beach and relax for awhile. At lunchtime, we made out way back to the apartment. The tide had ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira October 30th 2022

Today in the afternoon, we headed out on our boat trip to the Benagil Caves. The coastline of the Algarve is beautiful lined with steep cliffs and lots of rocky outcroppings and caves. The area known as the Benagil Caves have caves opening to the ocean that are large enough for boats to go in. Our boat was like a large Zodiac, with 2 lines of seating, with each seat kind of like a motorcycle seat that you had to straddle, and handles on the seatback in front of you. There were about 20 people on our boat. Before going to the caves, we went to an area where dolphins are commonly sighted, and the boat stayed around for 20 minutes or so, so that everyone could watch the dolphins. Then we headed further up the ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve » Albufeira October 29th 2022

Yesterday, we were planning to do another ride share, to get from Seville to Albufeira, Portugal but the only one offered at a time we wanted had a 1 star review. Only 1 review, and it was from 6 years ago, commenting that the car didn't have a/c and that the driver was 40 min late. We decided to give him a try anyway, reasoning that 1 bad review isn't necessarily accurate. He communicated right away, so we thought that was a good start. Then the night before, he asked if we could move the departure time from 11 to 12:30. We agreed to that, but then yesterday morning, he said he'd be a bit late, and then said he was taking his car to the mechanic. We had him cancel the ride share, and took ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Algarve September 13th 2022

Zambujaira do Mar to Odemira 113.24 km Sorry followers, the internet here is very poor. I don't know if I can publish this note today. Anyway, it was not eventful, but in general, a good day although a long one: 9.30 hours on the road biking some 115km. Not much rain so that was good. We had some difficulties finding a hotel and ended up somewhat distant from our main route. We had a good dinner with very friendly hosts. Life here is relatively inexpensive and people are very friendly toward tourists. A memorable moment to mention is the fact that due to a cart reading incident, we biked some 6 km on the apron of a highway. A situation that, if I had been driving a car would have qualified as “these bikers must be ... read more
On crossroads

Europe » Portugal » Algarve September 11th 2022

Loulé/Faro to Lagos 100.46 km A first day on the bike. In general a good day, but with some hiccups. We started slightly after 8.00 and arrived 9 hours and 100 km later in Lagos. We stopped twice, for coffee and lunch and battery charging for at least 1.5 hours. No real rush. The road was diverse: regular roads and rocky/sandy roads and paths. On more than one occasion, we had to get off our bikes and walk some distance which is not pleasant with heavy bikes. It seems that the route we planned was more for mountain bikers than for regular bikers such as us. I slipped and fell on 2 occasions, but nothing serious. We need to review our road planning; these rocky roads are slow and for me, dangerous. Overall we followed the ... read more
On a boardwalk through national park
Albufeira Costa Algarve
Road to Pera Costa Algarve

Europe » Portugal » Algarve September 9th 2022

First entry. I just arrived in Faro. Had a long flight from Miami. First to London with a stopover of 4 hours and then a shorter flight direct to Faro, all the way to the south of Portugal. I write this note from the house of Mark Schneiders, one of the three “braves” that will make the bike ride of some 1,000 km. The other participant is Jaap de Jonge. We know each other for a great number of years. We initially met in Venezuela, but have stayed in touch. Jaap en Mark will be arriving later in the day/evening. No fixed plans have been made for our start, but I anticipate that this will be tomorrow at some point. This is it for today's note. I will report again tomorrow. The attached photo is our ... read more

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