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Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw August 15th 2016

Pierogi, vodka, architecture, history, gnomes, and people who actually wait for the cross walk signal even with no cars to be seen anywhere! I spent exactly one month in Poland. I stayed in 6 different hostels, visited 4 cities, and did 2 different 6-day volunteer weeks with Angloville. I will share a bit about each below! In general though, I loved this trip. I learned so much about Poland, it's history, the history of Europe and I feel like I got in touch with my heritage on my mom's side. Every city I went to had gorgeous architecture, easy to use trains, and just about everyone under 40 years old spoke English. Poland was also fairly inexpensive. For a point of reference: a single scoop of icecream on a cone cost less than $1! Angloville: A ... read more
Gnomes of Wroclaw
Sunflower patch
Selfie on top of the city

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw October 25th 2015

A Night at the Opera. At one point in history, this would have been a Bohemian Rhapsody. Wroclaw is disputed territory. It has changed hands through history, passing only most recently back under Polish protection in 1945. The city, the dominant place in Lower Silesia, was once known as Vratislava, under Bohemian rule. By 1526, the Austro-Hungarian empire was back in charge and the city became known as Breslau. The King of Prussia then intervened and took over in 1741. Napoleon arrived for a while as a liberator - perhaps an alternative theory why the concept of the dwarf is popular - before Breslau grew into the 2nd city of Prussia after Berlin. At the point of German unification, the city was the 3rd largest in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg. It is now the 4thlargest ... read more
University of Wroclaw

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw October 21st 2015

The PolskiBus pulled into Lodz Kalisko from Warsaw ahead of schedule. The other half was relieved. The waiting area was inadequate for the numbers waiting for the various services. The slick red machine looked first class. It certainly looked so in comparison to the PKS services using the base. An efficient baggage check, comfortable red seats, free wi-fi and that all important aspect of a long distance bus - a functioning toilet! The Polish version of Megabus looked like it would be good value and a good option rather than the train. The fare - a mere 23 Zloty - booked online with instant confirmation. The slogan is fares from 1 Zloty, but who exactly gets hold of a 20 pence bus ride is not totally transparent. The destination board said Wroclaw - Praga. We did ... read more
ATM Dwarf
Love Dwarf
Computer Dwarf

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian April 10th 2015

Wroclaw Zoo is a zoo located in the City of Wroclaw in Southern Poland. The Zoo is a very large zoo and has recently undergone lots of development projects such as the Afrykarium. I really liked this zoo and if you count Afrykarium as one single exhibit than it is the best one I have ever seen. - As I just wrote, the Afrykarium is fantastic and is the best single exhibit I have ever seen. The building is huge and grand on the outside and inside including two fantastic pools for a fair sized group of cape fur seals and a huge group of African penguins (sharing with cape shelducks) but make their enclosures seem empty. There are lots of big tanks with freshwater and saltwater fish including a huge tank for sharks, rays, a ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Kłodzko December 28th 2014

For English please scroll down Niedzielę w Karłowie zaczęliśmy wcześnie - na szlaku na Szczeliniec byliśmy już przed ósmą rano. Tego dnia chcieliśmy jeszcze obejrzeć Błędne Skały. Plan wyglądał nieźle - zeszliśmy ze Szczelińca około 13-stej, zjedliśmy w samochodzie kanapki i byliśmy gotowi podjechać pod Błędne Skały. Jakie było nasze zdziwienie, kiedy po zjeździe w boczną drogę prowadzącą do naszego celu zastaliśmy spuszczony szlaban - zimą trasa turystyczna zamknięta, podejście tylko na piechotę.... Spojrzenie na zegarek, na mapę i szybka decyzja - damy radę, idziemy piechotą. No i poszliśmy...Latem pewnie jeżdżą tamtędy wozy z konikami albo meleksy, ale zimą cicho i pusto. Tylko nieliczni turyści od czasu do czasu się trafią. Michał miał radochę bo prz... read more

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Kłodzko December 27th 2014

For English please scroll down Po spokojnych Świętach u Dziadków mieliśmy ochotę na mały wypad. Najpierw pojawił się pomysł Wrocławia - bo to blisko, bo na jeden dzień, bo nowe Afrykarium...Ale skoro już mamy jechać to może o jakieś górki zahaczymy? Karpacz? Wtedy Robert przypomniał sobie, że coś słyszał o Błędnych Skałach i zawsze chciał je zobaczyć...a więc...Góry Stołowe! Tylko w takim wypadku już nie na jeden dzień, ale przynajmniej dwa. Wyruszyliśmy w sobotę rano. Po drodze zwiedziliśmy sanktuarium w Trzebnicy i wstąpiliśmy do sklepu sportowego, żeby się w ciepłe skarpety na szlak zaopatrzyć. Zatrzymaliśmy się też w Wambierzycaxh, żeby zobaczyć bazylikę i ruchomą szopkę. Szopka okazałą si... read more

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw November 1st 2014

On our last day in Santiago we mainly shopped, did a little more exploring and made sure we were ready to rise at 4.45am the next day to catch the bus to meet our flight to Warsaw. We went to many shops in the higher up part of the Cathedral precinct where we had not been before, procrastinated over what to buy, prompted by Tim's , "that's just rubbish!", (or words to that effect), approach to our shopping, and just relaxed. For dinner we went to a small restaurant away from the more tourist area and had mixed paella and bread with vino tinto, red wine. It took some time to come out which is a good sign as it indicates that it is being prepared fresh rather than reheated. It was delicious and we adjourned ... read more
Santiago Airport
The Palace of Culture
It is a pretty central landmark .

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw September 19th 2014

Monday 15 Sep – Malbork, Poland We left Vilnius and made our last stop at Trakai Castle. This castle was built in the 14th century by the the Dukes of Lithuania and sits on a beautiful little island in the middle of a lake. It was in use until it was damaged in a war with the Russians in the 17th century, then abandoned. It was in a very bad state by the time they started to restore it in the 1920’s. They only finished the restoration in 1994 and now it’s fully intact and a great little castle to walk around. The photos looking over the lake to the castle are stunning. On the way out we bought a large punnet of raspberries from a little local babushka lady for $2. We got into the ... read more
140915 - Trakai Castle 2
140915 - Trakai Castle 3
140916 - Malbork Castle, Poland

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw July 3rd 2014

Så endelig kom vi til Wroclaw! Alt vi orket når vi kom var å få oss noe mat, heldigvis lå det en burgersjappe rett over gaten fra hostelet (og de hadde sykt gode hamburgere) , og så gikk vi å la oss. Vi sov lenge dagen etterpå (dvs. Til 10), før vi gikk på sightseeing. Vi hadde egentlig ganske negativ innstilling til alt, at det ikke var noe å se og at alt var så slit og lite fint. Det har nok mye å gjøre med togturen dagen før, som ødelagte humøret. I tillegg til at vi våknet til at det ikke var vann noen sted på hostelet. Verken i toallettet, vasken eller dusjene. Men etter å ha sett den store marketsplassen ble humøret betraktelig bedre. Det er den nest største plassen i Polen og består ... read more
En gnom
Noen gnomer til

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw July 2nd 2014

Som tidligere sagt var planen at vi skulle reise til Wroclaw i Polen etter vi hadde vært i Berlin. Så vi valgte oss ut tog og togtider som var enklest, kortest med minst togbytter, og satte avgårde til togstasjonen. Etter hvert skjønte vi det at toget var 10 minutter for seint og da fikk vi plutselig et problem med det neste toget. 10 minutter gikk og ingen tog var i sikte, vi fikk en ny beskjed (på tysk) om at toget var forsinket med ytterlige 5 minutter. Da toget endelig kom var det hele 20 min forsinket og vi hadde ikke en sjanse til å rekke det andre toget. Så når vi kom fram på stasjonen i Cottbus fant vi oss en ny togrute, som involverte over 4 timers venting og 3 togskifter til. Så vi ... read more
Det regner!
I Forst

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