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Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw October 8th 2020

Poland's most visited cities have a lot to offer. However, it's worth trying to go off the beaten path and discover its less popular destinations. How to do it and where to go? When going on a city break, we usually spend most of the time within its borders. However, when the pandemic has started, the rules of the game have started to change. First, the world has stopped turning - and all the travels, even the most essential ones, have been cancelled. After a while, we have started coming back to normality, but the travels had to change its form. Closed museums and tourist attractions, safety rules - travelling in the times of Covid-19 isn't the most spontaneous activity. Moreover, most people try to reduce the usage of public transport - the fundamental element of ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw September 2nd 2019

Well, what a difference a day makes. Steady rain is falling in the Square, the temperature has dropped 18°c to a chilly 14°c, and I left all of my warm clothes in Luxembourg. I just need to survive until 4pm tomorrow, and I’ll be in the air on a flight to Lisbon; 33°c tomorrow, thanks very much. With most people moving on today, all of Sue’s and my family have gathered for the last breakfast together in Poland. We ate at Mleczarnia, The Dairy, and a comprehensive menu satisfied all tastes, from the healthy porridge and fresh fruit to my choice which was the bacon and eggs with a salad. As we left, the dark skies opened and the first rain since Paris caught me without my rain gear...again. We managed to make it back to ... read more
Still looks great in the rain.
The Dumpling Shop

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw September 1st 2019

With lights turned out at 2.30 this morning, waking at 6am with the bright sunlight streaming in was too early. I had a dull headache from lack of sleep; 3.5 hours of sleep just didn’t cut it. We showered and read a paper or two and wandered out to the breakfast room at 9am. The early birds had already eaten one course and returned for more, while the hard core , vodka infused stopouts missed breakfast entirely; it finished at 11am. The food was similar to the night before. A large range of meats , salads, eggs, sausages complimented the standard mueslI, yoghurt, bread and honey or jam that most Australians recognise as a full breakfast. It was all tempting but I held back, conscious of the garden party in a few hours that is lunch, ... read more
The Breakfast Setting
Relaxing out of the sun.

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw September 1st 2019

I awoke to natural light as the decorative curtain was just that. I initially went to sleep with the window open hoping for a cool breeze but the buzzing around my head educated me in learning that Poland has mozzies! Window closed! Surprisingly though, for someone who usually gets eaten alive, not a nibble. Maybe vodka shots are a repellant!!! So the day begins with a 7am rise, shower and gorgeous stroll around the Palace grounds in the cooler breeze before the heat kicks in. Only 2 others at breakfast (Aussies) so a gentle start to the day. Slowly, slowly others drift in, some clearly morning people, others not! Some may never rise. Breakfast finished at 11 to prepare for the 1pm garden party. More food, great hospitality more alcohol and vodka shots if you wish ... read more
Morning walk through the Palace gardens. Refreshingly cool.
morning stroll
Front door of the Palace

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw August 31st 2019

Hi, well it’s 11.02, the night is young, so I’m taking a break from the wedding to tap out a few thoughts. 1: How much stress is involved in preparing for a wedding. 2 Does it get worse as the day nears. 3: Why does it take people so long to leave, to go somewhere, after you ask, Are we ready to go? , and the reply is, Yes. 4: Is it possible to have a bad time at a Polish Wedding. These have no question marks because, basically, they are comments. This morning I had an early coffee at the bar downstairs, before chewing and crunching my way through croissants and crispy bread lathered with berry jam and spreadable white chocolate; but not on the same bit of bread. Pretty decadent but an apt start ... read more
Palac Krobielowice
The Wedding Dinner Room
The Music

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw August 31st 2019

An early start as I needed to exit my hotel. Packed and wandered over to my sisters hotel to leave my luggage as we were heading out to the Palace, an hour from Wroclaw, for the Tim and Natalia’s wedding. The yellow wedding bus arrives to transport us all out to the Palace to check in to our accommodation for the night before taking us to the Church for the ceremony. The marriage ceremony was simple and within a Mass in a Church centuries old. This Church had its own crypt that was a piece of art in its own right. It’s always interesting to observe and participate in the differing cultures of other countries. Simple but meaningful. The four gun salute of cellophane confetti awaiting the married couple outside the Church was a sight to ... read more
Early morning in the market Square.
Wedding reception venue. Flowers were glorious!
Table flowers

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw August 30th 2019

Today I’ll drive you mad with dwarves. It’s another hot day, the clothes are in the wash, and breakfast is at Charlottes, a popular, hidden eatery across the main road, in the Jewish area. I think you could forget gluten free here. There’s a mountain of breads, croissants, and sweet sticky buns piled up in cane baskets on the counter, and most breakfasts centre around these as a base. Sue and Anne were being met by Tim for a nail appointment- apparently most important- so Michael and I went for a wander through the squares and streets on the edge of town. I challenged Michael to a game of Spot The Dwarves which, while very inappropriate in most parts of the world, entails spotting the many small brass dwarves in the squares. They are usually performing ... read more
St Mary Magdalene Church , 1330 AD
View from the walkway, St Mary Magdalene Church
It was a long climb.

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian August 30th 2019

Not much to say. A doctors visit following to treat an infection. So lay low locally. A rest day. ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian August 29th 2019

It was a quiet day today and my biggest task for the day was to sort out a few BandB problems. In no particular order they were toilet paper, soft soap and more power on the web. The internet was the most pressing issue, as we needed to communicate with people arriving from Australia today. Anne and Michael, John and Andrea, Lynne and Ross, Craig and Jan, Suzanne, with Ingrid turning up later in the evening. An email to the host of the Airbnb drew a quick response and everything was stocked up and improved within the hour. People slowly arrived from different parts of Europe; some by bus, others by trains, and a couple by air. Whatsapp ended up very confusing ; contact could only be made if both parties had wifi at the same ... read more
No OH&S Issues Here
Early morning  from our room
Our apartment is on the right.

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw August 29th 2019

Very early day with a 4:30 am rise to get to airport. We had pick up 4hours before departure time at CDG airport Paris. CDG airport is huge and the shuttle went to drop me off at the wrong terminal- lucky I was on the ball because they are separate buildings! An easy checkin, coffee and waiting. KLM were lovely to fly with but no gluten free so nibbles and fruit until late afternoon. Wandered around Reynek Square which is your classic European square that hosts the essence of community and town life. Beautiful architecture. This city was flattened during the war and basically had to be rebuilt. And then recovery from being under the regime took decades and decades to recover from. At night it comes alive with an almost festival atmosphere. This is the ... read more
Reynek Square
Old rattling trams
Reynek Square

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