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Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw August 28th 2019

The alarm was set for early today. By 5am we had showered, coffeed, zipped up and weighed cases, and we slipped out of Luxembourg by the cover of darkness aboard the airport bus to Aeroport de Charleroi Bruxelles Sud, in other words, the airport on the outskirts of Brussels that the budget airlines use. We are on Ryan Air. We took off 20 minutes late, but the big plus for me was that I had a row of seats to myself; in Ryan Air speak, this is an upgrade to business class. My ears are experiencing that pressure pain that , for me at least, is usually reserved for landing at Tullamarine in Melbourne, and no where else. And never during a flight. That crackling of my eardrums will settle down soon or it will be ... read more
Inflight Entertainment On Ryanair
Hey, I Was Upgraded !
Lunch At Komorski’s.

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw August 24th 2019

When a traveller has visited the top 2 or 3 urban areas of one prominent nation, is it worth them delving beneath the surface and focusing on urban areas of smaller sizes? Well, if you lend some thought to this reflection, then in the case of Japan's Kyoto, Ukraine's Lviv, Uzbekistan's Bukhara and countless others besides, the advice is never to just assume that bigger is proportionally better. With that in mind, step forward Poland's Wroclaw, the nation's 4th largest city, but in many ways, certainly no 4th-placed contender, for what this pretty package has to offer. The best indication of the level of prettiness we are talking here in Wroclaw's city centre, a colourfully eclectic collection of buildings, each with its own colour and architectural style, each one destined to outclass its rivals. Nearby Wroclaw ... read more
Kolojkowo model railway
Main city square
Rear of cathedral

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw May 18th 2019

It’s Saturday, AKA parkrun day, and today’s parkrun is Pieschener Allee. It’s only a 10 minute walk from the hotel so we don’t even have to get up too early. In the UK, going to a different parkrun involves knowing roughly where to go then following the crowds. Parkrun hasn’t really taken off in Germany; last week there were only 23 runners at Pieschener Allee, so I have carefully studied the map to ensure we know where to go. We manage to find the start without problem. There are a total of 26 runners, mostly ex pats. Everyone is really friendly. The course is a pleasant out and back run on a footpath along the River Elbe. It’s also very flat, so I run my 3rd fastest ever 5k time. And coming 24th sounds quite good ... read more
Pieschener Allee parkrun
Pieschener Allee parkrun

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw July 23rd 2018

Bonjour à tous, Journée épouvantable, journée de M..... avec un grand M majuscule. A 90% par ma faute. Katowice - Wroclaw, c’est 194 km 1h35, par l’autoroute. Je voulais faire le détour par Ostrava en République Tchèque, c’était rajouter 90 km 45 minutes de plus. Petite info qui peut servir si vous venez dans la région. Le gps propose les pays, exemple Finlande, Pologne etc direct. Mais pour la Slovaquie il faut mettre République. J’ai rentré plusieurs pays aux alentours, avant d’aller me faire confirmer qu’Ostrava, était bien en Slovaquie. Quel changement en passant en Slovaquie déjà sur l’autoroute, 110 c’est 110, les routes pareilles le 90 est respecté. Dans la ville d’Ostreva, une quiétude plane. C’est reposant d’un seul coup. Il n’y a rien de particulier à voir ou à y faire mais la ville ... read more

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Karpacz April 2nd 2018

What was to be a quiet last day, turned out to be a day of discovery and Awards. I could never have imagined by the end of the day we would be back in Wroclaw, having looted the village of Karpacz of one of its finest trophys. With the guidance and encouragement from our coach/ mentor, Marek, Tim and I entered 2 events, acquitted ourselves well, and walked away with an equal fourth in the’Egg Breaking Endurance Event ‘ ( me) while Tim failed narrowly with an overpowered throw in the ‘Hit The Mayor In The Head With An Egg’ event. Sue and I did manage to walk away with the ‘Competitor Who Travelled The Furthest Award’, a prize of a crystal egg from the Egg Appreciation Society and a certificate marking the occasion. Sue‘s was ... read more
Our Room.
Bright Sun And Snowcapped Mountains
A Walk In The Woods

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian March 31st 2018

Happy Easter. Easter Saturday in Poland is the day when people attend church for the Blessing of The Easter Baskets, a revered tradition that dates back to the 7th century. In modern times, baskets are carefully prepared and are set with a white linen liner and contain symbols of meat, eggs, cakes and breads. The foods in the baskets all have a symbolic meaning relating to the death and resurrection of Christ, renewal, and the joy of having an abundance in life. We attended the church with Tim and Andrzej, and after placing the basket on the table with many others, the priest gave a blessing and used a straw brush to sprinkle holy water over the baskets and the congregation. We then visited the local cemetery where Andrzej placed fresh candles at the graves of ... read more
The Main Street Of Karpacz
A Local Restaurant

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw March 30th 2018

Before we go too far, none of the above are directly related. Well, Poland does have public toilets and we arrived on a Ryan Airline flight, but stay with me here. Bright blue skies took the edge off our, at times,140kmh trip to the Brussels Sud Airport, and with booked parking and a free shuttle bus we arrived with time to spare. Tim had an exam in the morning which limited our travel time but Natalia had us there, safely ( she’d want me to add that) , in time to pass the military check and the airport security check. ( As a side note, wherever Sue sees the word SUD, she thinks we’re approaching a laundromat.) Alicia, Natalia’s mum, met us with big smiles and hugs and we were soon parked in the peak hour ... read more
Wind Power Is A Big Deal In Europe
Ryan Air
Old World Wroclaw Architecture

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw January 6th 2018

After having a leisurely breakfast, I headed out into Wroclaw once again. Since I had seen pretty much everything I wanted to I had thought that my day might be a bit aimless. So I decided to do a Dwarf Hunt. A famous tourist attraction that has sprung up over the years is the Wroclaw Dwarves. I had seen a few of them on my wanders around the city, but decided that I would pay them a bit more attention today. I had bought a map at the tourist information office which has the location of 100 of the dwarves on it and their names in Polish and English. Although there are now many more dwarves than those listed on the guide and new ones are popping up all the time. I decided to head back ... read more
Wroclaw Dwarves
Wroclaw Dwarf
Wroclaw Dwarf

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw January 5th 2018

The hostel provided a free breakfast, which I helped myself to. When reading reviews of the place online, I loved how some people were moaning about how basic the breakfast was. It's a hostel, it is cheap, be thankful you are getting free food at all people. Tea, toast and cereal filled me up nicely and set off to explore some more of Wroclaw. I had decided to head over to Cathedral Island and explore some of the surrounding midtown section of the city. I headed up through the Old Town, near the Town Hall, but up a different street that I hadn't explored the previous day. Once again, the style of the buildings reminded me a lot of those I had seen in South East Germany. I saw the former St. Joseph boarding school, which ... read more
Former Imperial Castle
A Wroclaw Dwarf

Europe » Poland » Lower Silesian » Wroclaw January 4th 2018

An early morning flight had me in Poland before lunchtime. It had been a long time since I had flown Ryanair. It was fine, cramped but fine. I noticed that some of the rows were lacking windows, I don't think I would like to be in one of those seats. I took the city bus 106 into the city. The journey took about 30-40 minutes. On the bus, I watched the scenery go by. It wasn't anything spectacular, but I liked looking at it. It's been a long time since I have travelled in mainland Europe and I was excited to be visiting a new country and taking in all the details. From the bus stop, it was about a 5-10 minute walk to my hostel. I was in luck as the room was ready and ... read more
Old Town
Old Town
Old Town

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