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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 15th 2019

I explored more of Bergen today and this time I didn’t need an umbrella even once. The sun was shining first thing this morning, so I decided it was a good time to ride the funicular to the top of Fløyen, a hill near town with views. The sun was in my eyes as I tried to take a selfie from the summit and the view was nice, but not as nice as the viewpoint I visited later in the day, so I’ll include a picture from there at the end. Later in the morning I went to the Kings Hall for the daily tour. The guide did her best but the truth is that medieval Bergen has a pretty dull history and, while one can admire the reconstruction job on the huge 700-year old hall, ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 15th 2019

August 14, 2019 – Bergen, Norway – Weather: 57°F/14°C, overcast, intermittent rain showers throughout the day – some light while others were torrential, wind 11.4 mph, humidity 76° Located on Norway’s southwest coast Bergen is Norway’s second largest city and is the nation’s largest port. The city lies in a lush green mountain landscape which experiences 280+ days of rain each year. The city rose to prominence in the early 12thcentury due to its dried-cod trade. The old wharf area on the inner harbour is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and features wooden structures, or long houses, established by the Hanseatic League to carry on their commercial traffic. Today we set out to explore Bergen first by taking a funicular ride that ascended 1,200 feet above sea level to the observation platform on Mt. ... read more
2_One of many views
3_Woodland troll
4_Bryggen Wharf district

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 14th 2019

Today I had a good day in Bergen. I toured several sights that I wanted to see and learned some history along the way. First of all, I took the 90-minute tour from the Bryggen Museum which concentrates on the history of the city, especially the period when the town depended on trade with the Hanseatic League in the late Middle Ages. Codfish was the big commodity and one museum had a dried cod hanging from the ceiling. There is also a giant cod statue nearby that doesn’t mind a little rain. Walking around town, I came upon a large monument in the middle of a square that apparently memorializes the town’s Viking and pirate history. At the end of the day I visited the city’s art museum whose paintings feature peaceful landscapes and pastoral scenes. ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 13th 2019

Today was a travel day and I am now in a new country, Norway. It feels good to be here, sort of like the REAL start to my trip since I’ve been to London several times before. Actually I’ve been to Norway before, but that was 42 years ago and I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t remember much about it. I do have positive memories of Bergen, which is where I am now. It is on the west coast and is famous for its cod fisheries and as an access point for the Norwegian North Sea oil rigs. Tourism is also big here because it is located near fjord country. Surprisingly, some of the waterfront warehouses from medieval “Bryggen” still exist, although they now house tourist shops instead of salt cod and trade goods. Another ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 7th 2019

Sorry no blog yesterday. We had a relaxing wind down day and went for a swim at the AdO in the afternoon. There were once again lots of dives/jumps/flips off the boards and we tried some laps again. Last sad. Back home for some packing and tidying. Today we were picked up at 8am by Tor (the father who lies next door) and driven to Bergen airport. All has gone smoothly so far. Actually, in spite of having 2 stopovers, the travel is actually going really fast compared to our journey here where we only had one stopover but it was 6 hours.....Today we had a short flight to Amsterdam and a one hour stopover. Then a short flight to Paris and a one hour stopover. That is where we are now. Waiting to board ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 6th 2019

Monday was a comfortable travel day with a scenic 6.5 hr train journey linking Norway's two main cities. Starting in a cool grey Oslo morning the train steadily climbed to 1220 mtrs to a sunny alpine day before descending back down to sea level & a cool & dry Bergen. The outlook along the way was of lush valleys, idyllic villages, dramatic mountains and picturesque lakes. The scene then changed to treeless rocky hills with isolated snowy patches at the top and then dense pine forests on the decent. We arrived mid afternoon for a 2 night stop at the Hotel Zander K & headed out immediately for a brief orientation walk around the historic World Heritage listed city. Also in the likelihood of a wet next day (it rains 266 days a year) we took ... read more
Harbour view from Mt. Floy
Pine forest view of port.
Old wooden houses at Bryggen port area

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 5th 2019

A beautiful day today and a little cooler in the morning although it got warmer and warmer throughout the day. Headed out earlier than usual and drove to Halhjem where we drove the car onto the ferry which is the continuation of the E39 highway (the major north-south highway on the west coast). The ferry ride took us a route we had not seen before which was of course beautiful. It was about 45 minutes long and we docked at Sandvikvag. From here we drove along the coastal highway south to a town called Leirvik and parked and walked around. We found a fish shop which was selling a large variety of fresh fish and as well had a little lunch business going of fish soup, fish cakes, and fish burgers and it filled right up ... read more
Through the archipelago
Passenger seating on board

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 4th 2019

This morning started off cloudy again and was sunny and cloudy all day with a high of around 24. Perfect weather for some hiking. Seems like all of Norway gets out on a Sunday for a hike, bike or to walk the dog. We were headed for Fana but stopped en route as we saw an indicator for a tourist attraction and it was called Fanafjell. So, we thought we would check it out. It ended up being a lovely hike past lots of sheep wandering around and up a small mountain (actually one which Nigel had found online but thought the heights would be too much for me.....) with one of the best lookouts we have seen so far. The way up was a rocky/mossy rough trail but beyond the lookout, it became muddier and ... read more
Russell on a cairn
Rachel on the edge...
Me on a mountain!!

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 3rd 2019

Today started off a little cooler and overcast so Nigel took me on a new bike route he found which was very nice and the whole thing was on a separate bike/pedestrian path which I liked. Around lunch time we walked into downtown Os which was only about a 20 minute walk. We ate a really delicious lunch at Havnechefen restaurant on their patio. I had a salad with scampi which was really good, Nigel had a pancake with beef (sounds weird but was delicious) and the kids both had the Bergen fish soup (each time they have had it, it has been a little different - this time had mussels and shrimp in it as well as a large fillet of fish on top). Anyways, the meals were all really good. Then we strolled around ... read more
Mmmmm Fish soup
Os vs Fana
Big fans

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 2nd 2019

Castellano debajo : la traduccion se hace mejor hoy... Un petit retour en arrière pour ce réveil matinal, bercés par la chute d'eau toute la nuit... le réveil des vaches... dont on en aurait bien pris un bébé dans son lit tellement ils me paraissaient doux !!! et cette toute belle région qu'on ne se lasse pas de visiter... Avant d'y arriver également cette neige qui nous surprend à chaque tournant... une fois elle se montre, une fois elle disparait ! Quand à mes vaches : c'est dans le nord de l'Europe, que l'on trouve cette vache à poils longs pourvue de grandes cornes. Très appréciée pour sa viande au goût persillé, cet animal rustique est capable de supporter un climat très rude... Voilà pourquoi on la retrouve à cette latitude. Elle est originaire de Highland ... read more
nous sommes en juin !
monte la route !

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