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Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen April 5th 2015

Ah yes, the last day somewhere else. Bergen, it's been real, I really enjoyed all that you had to offer and I really wanted to take advantage of that for one last day. After breakfast at the hostel and a sad goodbye to the Scottish students, Shawn and I went to the tourist information centre to try and book our Norway in a Nutshell tour, the most popular in the country. Just my luck, and I had a funny feeling the night before, all of the trains in the afternoon to Oslo were booked up so we had to bail on that idea and change it up on the fly! Luckily we hadn't yet booked the hostel in Oslo so we still had some room to finagle. We decided it was best to go right to ... read more
Daily Selfie
New Group Photo

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen April 4th 2015

My first full day in Norway DID NOT disappoint! After making some new friends at the hostel the night before, we all planned to do a fjord cruise together to get a real taste of what this gorgeous country has to offer. We were led a little astray as we tried to book the tour at maaaany different places, only to eventually end up starting a line at the docked boat an hour before it was supposed to leave to ensure we got our tickets! But we got on, and man oh man was it worth it. We drove through spectacular fjords (for those of you who don't know what a fjord is, it was also explained to me yesterday as a narrow passage of water with steep banks or mountains on either side) and snow ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen April 2nd 2015

Picking up where I left off, my shuttle ride to the airport consisted of sleep, and more sleep. This time I got to see the building in the morning light, and it's some pretty cool architecture. I checked in on my phone on the bus (loving the free wifi on like all modes of transportation, it's dope!) so I was able to skip the self checkin madness inside the main entrance. After I dropped my bag I headed to duty free and bought some Icelandic chocolate with my remaining Kronas (except for enough for another chocolate bar on my way home, don't worry, I didn't forget about you mum ;)). An easy wait and I was on the plane to Bergen, my first stop in Norway. I grabbed the flybussen airport express and the driver said ... read more
Christies Gate

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 18th 2014

Hi all My last excitement this summer was to visit the Fjords around Norway's second city, Bergen. Celebrating mum's 50th and my brother's 21st, we went on our family holiday in several years, and for once I wasn't travelling alone! Norway was incredibly expensive, and I guess it was very much how foreigners, particularly from Eastern Europe must feel when they come to Britain. However saying that, there were lots of good things like WiFi absolutely everywhere - from getting on the plane at Gatwick until we returned several days later at the other end I was essentially connected the whole time! Despite being Norway's second biggest city, Bergen was still remarkably small, taking very little time to walk round and explore. Hence our visit of just two and a half days was more than enough. ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen August 1st 2014

So. Is this all just part of Global warming or is it just the way this summer is. Bergen and surrounds has been experiencing the most amazing and record breaking summer. So what to do? Go to the beach, sit in the kids paddling pool, soak up the sun and sleep with no covers on. I am sure that there is some negativity out there to go with this hot stuff but we are making the most of it, as are all in Norway. We got back from Scavenger which was great and Chris and I went for a days fishing to a place called Hoyanger, were a very good river flows down and enters a fiord. A 3 hour drive with ferries involved, but boy, was it beautiful and so calm and sunny. We saw ... read more
Picnic time.
Evening meal.
Cooling Down.

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 28th 2014

Well. We are most impressed with Stavanger and the trip down was great. Seeing new country and having to catch the ferries. Travel is so easy now with all of us being able to go in one car as Chris and Hege have a new Nissen Qashqai 7 seater. So good to be able to travel together. While there we looked at a lot of sights and and the old town was very nice with the water front. Some shopping was done{isn't it always}. A visit to an Animal farm with a huge play area attached were the girls especially loved the horse riding, flying fox and the hay jumping. A good way to spend 3 to 4 hours walking around the grounds and playing. A very well kept place with heaps to do. A lot ... read more
Lilly's 7th Birthday.
Food time.

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 22nd 2014

We have 2 nights in Bergen which is a treat because up to now we have stayed at each city for 1 night and then bags out early a.m. Today, we woke and had a leisurely breakfast before meeting our local guide for a city tour of Bergen. We visited Troldhaugen, the home of famous Norwegian composer, Edvard Grieg. Grieg’s home stands majestically overlooking the fjords and was a great inspiration for his music. Sharyn remembers being in the choir in her school play, Song of Norway, which is an operetta written in 1944 by Grieg so had an interest in visiting Grieg’s residence and separate building that was his office overlooking the fjords where he wrote his compositions. We visited the 750 year old Hakon’s Hall scene of the medieval Royal courts solemn ceremonies and ... read more
Hakon's Hall.
Architecture along the wharf in Bergen
Dinner with Patsy and Annelle .

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 16th 2014

Hot!!!! Very very Hot!!!!! We have been in Bergen now for over a week and the weather during that time has been absolutly fantastic with very little breeze to cool things down. Since being home here we have had a couple of trips into town for shopping and a few walks and also have been able to lend a hand helping Chris and Hege to do some landscaping down on the bottom lawn. Also keeping Lilly occupied as she is still on school holidays. Last Friday night we all spent out at the cabin with Rune and Lillen and as the weather was so hot we spent a lot of time in the water. It is always so nice out there, the piece and quite and the scenery just lends itself to relaxing. Went out fishing ... read more
A Royal Tea Party.
Trying to look helpful.
Looking Good.

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen July 9th 2014

Hello all. We have now left Spain and flew to Bergen with Chris, Hege and the kids late Monday night. So Spain is finished and our 4 weeks in Bergen begins. Spain was fantastic in all ways, apart from the fact that I caught a tummy bug which shot me down for 3 days, but all is well and thats what happens. We spent most of the time at the beach, pool or wondering the towns, but also visiting a Safari Park and a fantastic water park called Aqualandia Benidorm. The safari park was interesting with all sorts of animals and we were driven around this on trailers towed by 4 wheel drives. We managed to hand feed giraffes and Lilly rode a camel. The water park I missed due to being stuck at home unwell, ... read more
Snake time.
Feed Time.
More Peanuts Please.

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Bergen June 30th 2014

Bergen looks so incredibly charming in the tourist brochures, with the wooden Bryggen area and all the artisan workshops there, and the old fortress. I was so excited to come here, but now that I"m here, I kinda wish we had left earlier and gone to Iceland. I'm glad that we came to the fjords, but I'm not loving Norway the way I loved Copenhagen, and the whole family is definitely "museum'ed" out. That said, we have now learned sadly that our son is afraid of any "dark" place (which includes most museums), and he's also easily bored at this point in the trip, so we decided not to go into any museums. We walked through the fortress area, through the Bryggen area, to a few souvenir shops (he likes those), but no museums. That leaves ... read more

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