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Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht February 6th 2022 read more

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht January 16th 2020

This is a very ambitious trip. 15 countries, 16 flights + a cruise and many, many opportunities for plans to go awry. The first came when South African Airlines cancelled our flight from Frankfurt to Johannesburg with no warning, resulting in a missed connection and hotel booking in Cape Town. But following a 3 hour rest stop in Cape Town we got back on schedule. This 1st installment takes us to Amsterdam then on into South Africa. From here we move on to Hermanus, on the coast, to spend some time with Gaye & Jonathan, daughter-in-law Claire’s parents. Panoramas: It takes 5-6 seconds to move to the next pic. 1. Lambert’s Bay 2. Sunset from our accommodation, Lambert’s Bay. 3. Vineyard view, Paarl 4. The beautiful Franschhoek Valley.... read more
Sloten, Amsterdam
Classic Dutch
Rijks Museum

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht September 22nd 2019

We arrived in Utrecht from Antwerp (via Rotterdam) on the quick and efficient NS intercity rail. Our hotel was nearby to the train station and also nearby was the Hoog Catherijne - one of the largest shopping malls in the Netherlands!! After a quick rest, we went to explore the town on foot. Utrecht is basically a smaller, compact Amsterdam (and dare I say prettier). On our last trip to Europe we met two girls from Utrecht, and they told us their hometown was much prettier than Amsterdam (home pride) convincing us to visit. I'm glad we did now! We had a relaxing walk around town stopping for tea and pie by the canal. I then had to walk around the shopping mall while Bill waited at the hotel. Later in the evening, craving some Japanese ... read more
Bike city
Whale sculpture
Utrecht streets

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht July 1st 2018

Today I went to Utrecht for a tour of the city. I spent a lovely afternoon in the main city center. One of the thing that marvelled me about the city was the city station. It is a modern vibrant train station, filled with Dutch people and tourists running around and stopping for a coffee or a meal in this wonderful place. Once I left the train station, to connect to the citiy center i had to cross a mall and I was in the beutiful streets of utrecht. It is a big city but at least is not overpopulated by bikes like Amsterdam. You can walk thorogh the cannals or visit old building like the town hall or the multiple historic sites within the city. One of those is the Dom tower, this was part ... read more
Basilica inside Dome Tower
View of utrecht mid-high in Domtower
Utrecht city canal

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht June 5th 2018

We had a great night's sleep and woke to a cool, cloudy day. Heading to the train station, it was downright brisk! This should have been London weather, and we are grateful to have it in Amsterdam. We jumped on a train (finally have the system down) and, after a 30 minute trip, arrived in Utrecht. Why Utrecht? Well, Alex wanted to go because a novel she had read took place in that town. On further research, though, we discovered that Utrecht was the religious and financial center of the Netherlands for much of the middle ages - almost 1000 years. A 20 minute walk took us to Utrecht Cathedral, which was as awe-inspiring as any cathedral in Europe. The pictures attached don't do justice to the majesty of the place. It dates back to 690 ... read more
Walking to old city
Utrecht's main canal
Old city street view

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht May 9th 2017

From much of the city of Utrecht the very tall Dom Tower is visible. This tower is part of the Domkerk (church) complex including a nice enclosed court-yard for this old church compound. There I found a small open air market with live intertainment with many nice Dutch people enjoying the afternoon. According to Wikipedia there were other churches built on that site that were destroyed. The construction of Domkerk (St. Martin's Cathedral) started in 1254 and was completed in the 1500s. The 109 metre Dom Tower was constructed in 1321 through 1382, and for years it was the largest church in the Netherlands. Later in 1674 church nave collapsed and now that is the Dom Square (Domplein) or court-yard. In time there were a number of denominations that worshiped there. A restoration in 1910 the ... read more
Domkerk, Dom Tower
Domkerk, Dom Tower
Domkerk with small market

This was my last day in Utrecht and I wanted to see the nearby City of Amersfoort. From my B&B hotel I had a short walk to the bus stop to Utrecht Central, and took a bus to Amersfoort station. (This country lad was impressed with the Dutch mass transportation system.) In front of the Amersfoort Station I asked a local about how to find Sint-Joriskerk. He pointed at the chrome marker on the ground, and told me to follow the chrome markers. Shore nuff, the markers took me to Sint-Joriskerk after a walk through this very nice small city. Inside the church I wanted to walk up the narrow steps to the tower for the view; but I did not have the energy to walk up. This is a very nice old church that pre-dates ... read more
Utrecht Centraal
Amersford Station
chrome ground markers

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht May 8th 2017

After a great visit to the Spoorweg Museum on a sunny day; I had to see more as my time was limited in Utrecht. It was a very short walk from Spoorweg to the very nice free Lepenburg Park. I interacted with some nice Hollanders and enjoyed my own nature experience here in this nice city. I sat for a break for hydro and a munch. I continued walking towards the City Center. Walking down a (unknown) Straat, I had a quick chat with some nice local passer-byers. I visited a nice canal. I was pooped out for the day; and started to have a nice walk back to my hotel.. I did pause a while to enjoy Lepenburg Park again. (Everywhere in Nederland the people were very friendly; and I enjoyed the positive "vibes" in ... read more
Lepenburg Park sign
Lepenburg Park
Lepenburg Park

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht May 7th 2017

I only had one month to explore the Southern Netherlands. Leaving Haarlem I took a morning train to Utrecht Centraal (with only four days and nights in beautiful Utrecht), then rode a taxi to my B&B hotel. My hotel window had a great view of the Spoorweg (train) Museum; and the unused RR tracks ran right behind my hotel. I opened my large upstairs window and got a good breeze; and wondered if I should take a nap or explore Utrecht. It was quickly time for me to see some beautiful neat old trains. I think the admission price was sixteen Euros, and well worth it. This was the most wonderful train museum this old country boy has ever seen! They had expensive neat trash cans everywhere with a train on the front of each can. ... read more
Utrecht Centraal
view from my B&B window sycamore trees
Maliebaan Station

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht May 7th 2017

The owner-manager of my Hotel B&B told me about the University Utrecht Botanical Garden and showed me how to find this very nice place. I paid the reasonably priced entry fee and was not disappointed. First thing I walked up the hillside steps and sat on a bench to enjoy the view. Then I walked the garden and saw many colourful flowers that were growing everywhere. I liked the carniverous plants that had different ways to capture flies and other insects. (These plants are in the USA, but are seldom seen.) The building by the exit was covered with beautiful flowering vines. I had a delightful visit to Botanische Tuinen. This botanical garden was established in 1639 AD; making it one of the oldest gardens in Europe. Walking back to my hotel I passed some very ... read more
Botanische Tuinen
Botanische Tuinen
Botanische Tuinen

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