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Ken Moore

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa June 11th 2018

What a trip! Spent Sunday putting things away and doing laundry. Then a mini-trip: off to OKC with Andrew for the John Fogerty/ZZ Top concert at the Zoo Amphitheater, tickets for which the kids got for my birthday. Great show - almost 4 hours of wonderful music. And ZZ Top may be the coolest band ever! So, according to Google Maps, we flew a total of 10,294 miles, rode intercity trains 484 miles, and walked 60 miles. We saw so many wonderful places and did a lot of really fun things. I am really awed and humbled by how small we are in the scheme of the world and history. At the same time, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend this time and do so much with Alex, who I love ... read more

North America » United States » Oklahoma » Tulsa June 10th 2018

Tonight, Alex and I are home. The 9.5 hour flight from Heathrow to Dallas was very long but surprisingly smooth. The plane was huge, and every seat was filled. Movies, music, and continuous service from the flight attendants occupied our time and attention enough to keep the trip from being a total grind. We did a great job of staying awake to try to get on US time, with each of us catnapping only a little. A young English woman from Oxford sat next to me. She was incredibly anxious the whole trip (first time flying alone), but she was very sweet. Having her on one side and Alex on the other helped make the trip pleasant. We got a kick out of her when she actually exclaimed "Blimey!" at one point. Such a stereotypical English ... read more
Our full flight
Glad to be at DFW
Ready to leave for Tulsa

Europe » United Kingdom June 9th 2018

I'm writing from Heathrow at almost 1100 London time, having started our journey home. Alex and I were up at 0300. We stumbled through final packing and getting to the lobbybefore 0330. The very kind hotel manager found us another taxi when the one we scheduled didn't show up. We drove through darkness and fog to Brussels Airport. On arrival, contrary to the manager's agreement with the cabbie, he charged us more than the hotel rate. To add, he only spoke French (supposedly) so there was no discussion -just the cabbie excitedly talking and pointing at the meter. Not really a surprise...we needed to go so we paid and moved on. After our ham and cheese croissants, we checked in with British Airways for our flight, went through security and border control, and waited at our ... read more
Foggy Brussels
The Curator

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels June 8th 2018

After a great night's sleep in our cool, comfortable room, Alex and I got up at 0900 and went to breakfast at hotel's Cafe OO! (The exclamation point is part of the name.) We had eggs, bacon, pastries and fruit, but the real star of the show were real Belgian waffles served from the old VW van parked in the dining room! They were really great, and Bloom! certainly knows how to make breakfast fun! After breakfast, we came back to the room to relax a bit before starting our day. We ended up falling asleep til almost noon. Part of it was the cloudy, rainy morning, but the fatigue of travel and constantly going is really starting to hit us. The rain stopped although it stayed cloudy, muggy, and a little too warm. A 20 ... read more
Thank heavens for coffee
Waffle van
War memorial

Europe » Belgium » Brussels-Capital Region » Brussels June 7th 2018

Today was relatively quiet compared to the past few days. Alex and I slept in til 1000, packed, and made our way from Amsterdam to Brussels. We continued to expertly navigate the train system, going from Sloterdijk to Schippol Airport to Brussels Midi without a hitch. The trip gave us a great view of the countryside - lush trees, farms, cattle, sheep, and the occasional windmill flying by as we sped south. The major train stations in Europe are like shopping centers, with tons of stores and restaurants along with hundreds or thousands of travelers. We stopped at Midi for a salad and just watched people coming and going. The Belgian military had a strong presence - soldiers in full gear armed with automatic weapons monitored the entrance, and there were several military vehicles parked in ... read more
Waiting for the train
Waiting at Schippol
Brussels Midi

Europe June 6th 2018

Alex and I spent the day in the Jordaan and Canal districts of Amsterdam. We started off at the Centraal train station and worked our way to the Westerkerk area. On a whim we took a short canal tour, and it was great to see all of the major neighborhoods adjacent to the canals. Our skipper spoke perfect English, and he did a great job explaining the history of the city. It humbling to learn about the rise and fall of Dutch power and how much bigger the world, past and present, is than day-to-day life. By the end of the tour, we were baked by the sun. Our beautiful cool weather is it's really hot, and we are sweating non-stop. After the tour, we ate lunch at Amsterdam Pancake. Alex was smart to get ... read more
Skipper of canal tour
Alex enjoying the tour
The Skinny Bridge

Europe » Netherlands » Province of Utrecht » Utrecht June 5th 2018

We had a great night's sleep and woke to a cool, cloudy day. Heading to the train station, it was downright brisk! This should have been London weather, and we are grateful to have it in Amsterdam. We jumped on a train (finally have the system down) and, after a 30 minute trip, arrived in Utrecht. Why Utrecht? Well, Alex wanted to go because a novel she had read took place in that town. On further research, though, we discovered that Utrecht was the religious and financial center of the Netherlands for much of the middle ages - almost 1000 years. A 20 minute walk took us to Utrecht Cathedral, which was as awe-inspiring as any cathedral in Europe. The pictures attached don't do justice to the majesty of the place. It dates back to 690 ... read more
Walking to old city
Utrecht's main canal
Old city street view

Europe June 4th 2018

Today we made it to our next stop. First, we took the Eurostar from London to Brussels, then high speed rail to Amsterdam. (Well, high speed after we started...train delayed 30 minutes because they were waiting for the driver to get there!) Alex and I then figured out which train to take for our next stop, which was no small task with everything spoken and written in Dutch. We took a 20 minute walk to our flat, and once again we felt great pride in finding it all by ourselves. The apartment is in a quiet residential area in far west Amsterdam. I'm a little disappointed that the Airbnb host does not live here, but otherwise it's good. The room is very small - Alex and I have bunk beds - but the whole place is ... read more
Train from London to Brussels
Alex chillin' on the train
Arriving in Amsterdam

Europe » France » Nord-Pas de Calais June 4th 2018

Right now we are on the Eurostar from London to Brussels, somewhere in northern France, so have some time to catch up. The highlight of Sunday was the Rock & Roll Tour of London! Before the tour, Alex and I slept in, then headed over to Abbey Road Studios for the famous crossing. Unfortunately for us, there was a GIANT tour group there, and we could hardly see the studio. Kind of a bummer. We picked up a few souvenirs at the gift shop and got a picture of Alex in the famous crossing, then traveled to Trafalgar Square to pick up our tour. It was a blast from the start! Our tour guide, Lee, was incredible - funny, knowledgeable, and engaging. He saw Alex as we boarded the van and said "Oh, we have a ... read more
Brian Epstein's Apartment
Freddie Mercury's house
Jimi Hendrix's last hotel room

Europe » United Kingdom June 3rd 2018

Another late night, and have to get up early tomorrow to catch the train to Brussels. Promise an accounting of our rock & roll tour Monday - riding the train will give me some time. One quick pic from today.... read more

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