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Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Prato September 11th 2015

It is a morning just dawning. much like the one almost four weeks ago in Palermo when I could not sleep. I have heard a bell chiming telling me it is seven o'clock. I can hear birds outside and Bruce, the new puppy, (a chocolate Labrador) has been making snuffling noises on the verandah outside the open window. The shutters make the room still dark, but outside the strong autumn sun is up. The air feels chilly. In the space of a week the weather has gone from summer heat and humidity to chilly mornings and evenings. The Italian summer is almost at an end and I have witnessed its demise. I have had the most intense four weeks of experiencing life differently. I have had to move out of my comfort zone every time something ... read more
The walls of Prato
A view from a bridge in Prato
Ah Firenze!

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Prato September 9th 2015

We have spent our last week in Italy living with the cousins in Prato. Some may not have heard of Prato. As cities in Italy go, this is not a place which is on the tourist map. And that is precisely what has made the last part of our journey here so interesting. Apart from the fact that this place is special to me because four of the people I love live here, I am quite glad that this time around (I first came here in 2008), I am getting to know the city a little better. Yesterday, when Mark and I were strolling in the early Monday morning calm of an Italian town that has yet to fully awaken, we were approached by a couple asking us for some information about where to find a ... read more
Beach Italian style
Conference drinks

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Prato May 1st 2015

After our eventful trip into Modena we sadly had to leave our lovely campsite. We have not seen many travellers yet. There are some Italians on the road but the season does not seem to have started . There are no Germans about, no French, definitely no Brits and very few Dutch. The weather is holding up with the temperature a very respectable 19 – 25 degrees which is quite acceptable. Perhaps not sun tan weather but it feels much better than back home. Our trip today took us to the pretty city of Prato. Expecting little of Prato it actually delivered where Modena failed. It is odd at times how when you expect much you can be disappointed. When you expect nothing you come away excited and pleased with yourself . Today was going to ... read more
Prato castle
Custardy cakes

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