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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan February 18th 2019

Found this statue of Leonardo DaVinci on a walk around Milan.... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 22nd 2018

Late breakfast today then go out for souvenirs.Rang and changed pickup time tomorrow. Lunch bite at McDonalds then coffee at Panarini's cafe. Back to hotel for rest. On my own walked to San Ambrogio basilica. Rebuilt in Romanesque style using artefacts from 300's. Plain inside except for beautiful gold mosaic tiled dome and several special original pieces. Also original chapel again with gold mosaic dome. On way back came across San Giorgio church with wonderful painting of Passion of Christ. Called into San Sepolcro church again, truly taken by it's simplicity and beautiful sculptured scenes. Lit some candles for our family then walked back to hotel. Straight to dinner.... read more
Basilica San Ambrogio
Artefacts from 300's
Serpent column

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Luino October 21st 2018

Early breakfast then taxi ordered for 8.30am to catch the 9.32am train to Porto Valtravaglia near Luino. We had pre purchased the tickets yesterday via the hotel front desk. Exciting catching our first Italian train, all went well and pleased with the service. Rang Sorino to come collect us from station, arrived his house about 11.40am. He had lunch prepared, pasta then crumbed veal. Plenty of talking happening, Dalyse doing very well with her Italian. Sorino hadn't changed a bit, Lucca was ther also. Sarina & Davide in Sicily so couldn't join us. After lunch went for walk up to Musadino village then Domo to see Aunty's old apartments & church next door. Great memories of our last visit 12 years ago. Caught train and taxi back to hotel, then dinner & bed.... read more
Inside train
Porto Valtravaglia station
Sorino's home

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 20th 2018

Easy breakfast then walk to Castello Sforzesco. Band and march out front, maybe a celebration day. Looked around inside the huge courtyard. Cats in the dry moat, lady feeding some in the courtyard. Shopping at Decathlon, OVS, Saphoro. Light lunch at cafe near our hotel then walked to Church of San Sepolcro but was closed. Then to C4 supermarket near via Torino. Bought some wine & chocolate to take to Sarina's tomorrow. Back to hotel and booked train tickets to Porto Valtravaglia. Easy dinner tonight.... read more
Gelato last night
Sculpture outside Commerce & Stock Exchange  building
Castello Storzesco

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 19th 2018

Up at 7am to get some photos before it gets busy with tourists. Back for breakfast. After breakfast bought some Fast Trak tickets to do the 3 Duomo activities. First the Terraces after catching the lift, spectacular views over the city and piazza. Then down to the inside of the Duomo, again spectacular interior & not too crowded. Then down to the underground archeological digs going back to 3rd century ruins. Spent morning on these activities then good lunch at Spidari cafe. We spent the afternoon at Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. Then Church of San Sepolcro and Crypt. We found these very interesting and spent 3.5 hours there. Back for dinner, passegata with gelatos.... read more
Duomo piazza

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 18th 2018

Up at 2am for a 4am pickup. Flight at 7.05am, so will be a long day. Flight went well, transport waiting for us arrived hotel at 9.30am so have to wait for rooms. Walked over to cafe for breakfast then to Duomo and Galleries, then ip the shopping street. Back to rooms at 1pm then rested till 4.30pm and went for a light pasta dinner, all the pizza places closed. Walked around town and back for bed.... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Lake Maggiore September 1st 2018

This morning the rainy had not quite departed when we boarded a boat for Isola Bella, the summer residence of the Borromeos. The palazzo on the island took 100 years, three generations of Borromeos, to build. It has about 100 rooms--25 of them devoted to a museum. The Borromeos were in residence today--all three of them. They had the other 75. The museum reflects the original Baroque style of the time with the newer parts done in the Neo-classical style. The lavish art and fixtures were done to impress their guests. The king and queen of Italy, Napoleon and Josephine, and other rich and famous people stayed there. Before World War II, Mussolini, Flandin (French PM), Mussolini, and MacDonald met there to try to resolve differences and prevent war. The meeting was a failure. There are ... read more
The Borromeos’ dining room
Door on Isla de Pescatori
Sunset from the Hotel de Palma Sky Bar

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Livigno July 22nd 2018

Blog1 Switzerland Flew Bris to Milan and arrived in Milan at 6am. It was good to finally start our holiday after Graham breaking his wrist and having surgery. Sorted out our hire car and with Leanne at the wheel we departed Milan for the tiny town of Eglberg on the north west side of Switzerland on the Rhone River. Driving went well and the highlight of the day was driving the Simplon Pass. This is the old route between Milan and Paris. Weather was hot and the Pass provided stunning mountain views. Arrived at out hotel and did a little local drive on the tiny one-way roads high above the town. It was good intro into driving on tight narrow roads with serious blind corners. Next day saw us driving to the railway station to get ... read more
Adrian we dont use foundations like this at home
Best view we saw of the Matterhorn
Classy table set up at our restaurant check out the wood carving

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Livigno July 22nd 2018

Italy Day 4 – Off to the airport to pick up Carla and Liam who arrived from Sicily at midday. It was great to see them walk through the arrival gate. Loaded all their gear into the car and off we went into direction of east – heading towards Chur, St Moritz, Davos and then Livigno in the Italian Alps. WOW what a journey this turned out to be. In fact we would like to drive it again as the scenery was so spectacular. Parts of the road are only open for the late spring/summer as avalanche risk is extremely high. There are beautiful lakes, glaciers, and very rugged mountains making it an incredible drive. After passing St Moritz we stopped at a barrier thinking it was a toll booth. Turned out to be a very ... read more
Beautiful Lake Marjoriej in the evening
Breakfast room in Hotel Du Parc
Carla and her dad on the Livignio Chairlift

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Sirmione July 18th 2018

Sirmione saw us catching up with my cousin Ross and his lovely family, Laurie, Poppy, and Coco. To be far to them, it was our conversations with Laurie in June that prompted us to change our plans and come to Sirmione and meet them, this then provided the timing for Trieste, Slovenia, and Chioggia, three of the highlights for us in Italy to date. (No offence Clarke, you were also a highlight). Sirmione was the Venice of the lake district and all about tourism. It was lovely, but crowded, the gelateriers opened until 1am as the tourists continued to consume everything like locusts. Restaurants were still nice, but twice the price of Chioggia. As we only had one day with Ross and Laurie, we decided to hire a boat and take the kids for a tour ... read more

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