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January 24th 2022
Published: April 8th 2022
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I always wanted to share an evening at La Scala with Tanya. was going to happen few years ago...and due to last minute "administrative issues", I had to do it alone.

Next, we bought tickets in October 2019 for a performance in mid-March 2020. This one never Milan was one of the first places to be hit by Covid. We never made it, the performance neither. They would not refund the tickets, so we just had to be patient...and wait for Covid rules to pass. So here we are, it's January 2022 and we booked using our "La Scala credit". This time we made it...and if you know me, you know I love to lend any kind of "upgrade"...and this one was pretty massive!

Now a little on the inside of booking a ticket to La Scala. The place is truly mythic and most proper tickets are simply outrageously priced. Any ballet or opera, and you are on the 250 euros marks for a proper seat. They have few on the top around 65 euros, but these ones are snatched in minutes after being released months before the performance. Next, you can have a back stool in a loge...with or without partial view of the stage...those are 80 euros and above. So yes, it's an expensive experience.

Our booking was made last minute. January is low season in Italy...and tourists are clearly not back yet. So the window does exist for a good deal...but it's getting thinner by the month! So I took a bet...kind of a big one. "Loges" have 4 seats...the two nice ones at 250 euros a piece...a back stool with full view for 135 euros...and another one with partial view for 85 euros. The trick was to book two of the "cheaper 85 euros ones" in two still empty "loges" next to each other...and hope it would stay like this. Well, the bet paid...we were left alone in each of our loge few minutes before the performance. I asked the attendant if we could move together, he said yes but just wait that we are 5 minutes in the performance. This is it....great I'm not ready to pay 500 euros for such a performance. Sadly, I'm not sure this will be feasible in the near future!

We spent also some quality time walking around Milan. And for once, we took the time to visit the inside of the Duomo. No special hotel stay to comment here, neither any special restaurant. What we did is buy few kilos of Italian food to bring with us. This is the last entry of our little Italy holidays. Fun to call a holiday in a middle of a big trip! We spent our last night at the airport, ready to fly back to Brussels in the early hours the next day.

More blogs to come, I'm so late on so many of them, but they will be coming, one at a time!

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