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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan April 20th 2015

Venice: We had half a day in Venice before catching the train to Milan, so we got in line for San Marco basilica and Peggy’s favorite horses, the ones that Napoleon stole from Venice for the Louvre Museum (and which were finally restored to Venice many years later). San Marco is a miracle of gold mosaics: every inch of the dome and upper walls covered with exquisite religious decoration. The famous horses have been replaced in the public upper loggia but the originals are just inside and are quite spectacular. Peggy was very happy … and we took many pictures from the loggia of Piazza San Marco and the lagoon. Afterwards we walked back to the Danieli and had a cup of tea and sat in their ornate lobby. What an era it must have been ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan January 26th 2015

July is the best month to travel around Europe, so when my friends from Finland came to visit me in France, we took a road trip to Milan the second largest city in Italy. My first time in Milan was way back in 1983 when my Swiss friend took me there when I was visiting her in Lugano, Switzerland. I don't remember much of that trip, except that we went to see the Duomo which is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. Needless to say, this is the city's main attraction. I do recall that when I was buying postcards near the cathedral I noticed that they were all made in China. Little did I know at that time that some 25 years later, almost all products sold in Europe were to be made in ... read more
Milan, Italy
Milan, Italy
Milan, Italy

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan November 16th 2014

We woke this morning to the sound of heavy rain. The news on TV last night reported flooding in Genova and storms were predicted in the wider region. The buffet breakfast was great and we wondered how we were going to get around today without being soaked. Our guardian angel came in the form of a man waiting outside our hotel selling umbrellas. Normally these salesmen are just serial pests but this was one occasion when he was a welcome sight. We entered the underground near our hotel to avoid the rain and caught a train to the Duomo. Trains run very frequently in Italy and if you miss one, the next is only minutes away. The Duomo Met station opens straight onto the Piazza Duomo so the first thing you see is the magnificent gothic ... read more
The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II.

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan November 16th 2014

This morning I received an email from my flight booking office informing me of a strike today involving air traffic controllers, baggage handlers and other ancillary staff at Italian airports. I didn't care what it was about, I just needed to know how it affected us, as our car was picking us up in half an hour to take us to our flight. Well, it seems we just avoided another 'Paris' dilemma. The strike in Milan was for 5 hours, commencing at 1pm and we landed at about 12.20; lucky. The flight was very smooth and we arrived at Malpensa Airport at the estimated time. The airport was very quiet and it looked like our flight was the only one landing for some time. Customs in Milan is pretty efficient and we were sitting on the ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 20th 2014

The plan today was to leave Venice and head to Milan. Milan is one of the places I didn't get to do on my last trip. I wanted to go to Milan last time, but I had some complications with my Eurail pass back then. Unfortunately, I had to change plans on the fly and skip it. However, this time was different. Train ticket, check. Room, check. Beautiful girl by my side, check. We checked out of the hotel at about 10 or so and grabbed a quick bite on the way to the vaporetto. We headed to the train station soaking in the last few glimpses of Venice. It really is a beautiful city. After a couple hour train ride, we arrived in Milan. Luckily, our hotel room was right next to the train station. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 4th 2014

Geo: 45.4643, 9.18951 After breakfast in the hotel, we left to wander around the Galleria Emanuelle shopping arcade, followed by a visit to La Scala Opera. Unfortunately we couldn't do the usual tour as there was a rehearsal for the ballet in progress.We still did the reduced tour and were able to spend some time watching the rehearsal through plastic windows which was totally fascinating. G and I aren't in to opera, but still loved the museum and the gorgeous costumes.We stopped for a panini and a glass of wine for lunch at a street side bar that was on the way to the Santa Maria delle Grazie where we had tickets to see the Last Supper. We had a lot of trouble booking these tickets, in fact I made 96 (that's right 96!) calls to ... read more
Teatro alla Scala
Castella Sforzesco
Shopping on Via Dante

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 3rd 2014

Geo: 45.4643, 9.18951After our final breakfast looking at the lovely view of Lake Como, we left for Milan.We had organised a driver through the Metropole, Fabio Fantoni, for the transfer which worked very well. After we arrived in Milan, we were able to check into our hotel, the Gran Duca di York nice and early. After dropping our luggage the front desk explained how to get to the railway station and we headed straight there to catch the train to Malpensa airport. We were very happy with our room - not only was the cost incredibly reasonable, it was a lovely sunny room with a balcony and a complimentary mini bar, non alcohol only as well as excellent free wifi. Our review can be read here: read more
Bathroom at hotel
Hotel Exterior
Balcony at Hotel

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan September 27th 2014

First task of the day sorted . We had bought our tickets for the tram the day before in Bergamo and we had watched the trams go by so worked out roughly their times. As we were parked a few hundred yards away we could see them rumbling in and out of the station . We walked the few hundred yards to the tram stop and within minutes it turned up. It took us right to the heart of the railway station. We bought two single tickets for 10 euros and a few cents and went for a coffee before boarding our green TreNord train leaving at 9.02 for Milan. Sitting upstairs it felt like a cattle wagon full of human beings on their mobile phones or playing with their IPads. The journey took 48 minutes ... read more
Windows at the back of the cathedral
On the terraces
Up On the roof

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan September 7th 2014

As in the name, the institute I study at is IFOM, which stands for (in english) the FIRC Institute of Molecular Oncology. FIRC stands for the Italian Foundation for Cancer Research (again, in English). So, really, IFOM is an acronym that contains an acronym. Anyways, the institute is very small in comparison to campuses of other institutes I have visited. IFOM shares a campus with IEO (the European Institute of Oncology), which is a more medical oriented (as opposed to basic science) research campus. There are 17ish labs on the IFOM campus, and some labs that are technically IFOM labs but operate elsewhere. For example, my PI also has a lab in Pavia, a city south of Milan. It's really an exciting place to be! So far I have met people from Brazil, India, Spain, Germany, ... read more
IFOM campus - stairs on building 2/3
IFOM campus - View of campus out of my guest house window
IFOM campus - ground floor

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan August 30th 2014

From Ljubljana, I take a night train to Milan. Milan would be the last leg of this years European adventure, and I was eager to arrive. I was here only a few short years ago, however the location was ideal for me again this year based on my travel plans, and I was once again excited to see the Duomo Cathedral as well as the Last Supper Painting. I arrive, and it was actually nice to know my way a round a bit. I stayed in the same hostel during my last visit to Milan,and it was surreal seeing it again. As I am an old guy (older than 30), I had to pay a surcharge to stay there, but only a few Euro. I actually think I may have been in the same room. If ... read more
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