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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan June 6th 2015

Today was our last day in Milan and on vacation. I felt so ill that I cancelled the tour I had booked because I couldn’t imagine walking around in the heat for 3 hours. I rallied a little in the late morning so we headed downtown to the highly reputed La Rinascate department store so I could look for something cute and unusual for TDB. What we found was Bloomindale’s with more high-end goods. There were more designer names than I’ve ever seen in one place, although since I buy almost everything online I'm not usually in settings with lots of high end clothing stores. Like high end department stores I've been in, La Rinascate was organized into little “boutiques”, one for each designer with a salesperson attending to each of the “boutiques”. In the US, ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan June 5th 2015

We had high expectations for the Milan World’s Fair since they expect 20 million visitors over the course of the event. Plus, the opening provoked violent protests by 30,000 people so we figured there would be some content, maybe even politically incorrect content. The theme of the event is food sustainability and accessibility. A lot of countries exhibiting don’t have much to say since they can’t feed their population today and certainly won’t be able to do so tomorrow, in other words food is neither accessible or sustainable in their countries. Scant attention was paid to the issues of hunger and if you don't even talk about problems, how can you contemplate fixing them? E ven in the US where hunger is problem for 1/3 of the children in this country, you would have thought everyone ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan June 4th 2015

We had a whole day that we hadn’t planned for in Milan and decided to focus on photography, which is harder than it sounds. Our first stop was a major show, “Inside Italy”, in association with the Expo. It was terrific. Neither one of us had ever heard of any of the photographers and so we saw a lot of works that were both excellent and new to us. We were especially taken by the work of Luca Campigotto. This was the first of a two-part show in conjunction with the Expo that displayed the work of Italian photographers; the second part will include photographers from other countries who worked in Italy. What made it extra enjoyable was that there was an excellent audio guide that explained the background of each photographer. We should have quit ... read more
Oppressed woman opting for lung cancer

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan June 3rd 2015

Geo: 45.4637, 9.18813Early start today up at 5.30 - Wendy drove us to Heathrow (Thx Wendy) bit of a struggle with the traffic on the M25 but we got there with plenty of time to spare. Flight delayed, but we got to Milan without any stress and the weather is beautiful. Bus into the city and a taxi to the Hotel Lancaster.Feeling much cleaner after a shower and a bit of a rest.Had a walk around/ near our hotel, fiund a nice pizza/pasta restaurant for dinner.Now I just need to workiut how to upload photos, and we can show some food pictures!... read more
Arch near our hotel

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 16th 2015

Eno has arrived! Today was a fun day - not much in the way of excitement, but still a good day. My train left Lecco at 7:59 AM, and I arrived in Milan 45 minutes later. I had 2 hours to kill, and my bag really wanted to take a stroll, since he usually only gets to see stuff between the train station and the hotel. So I obliged. He has a name, now - Bjørn Ironside, after the character from Vikings. He's been through a lot and hasn't shown much wear and tear at all. We walked to the end of the road in front of the train station, next to the big garden there. Bjørn really wanted to see the Porta Nuova, one of the old gates to the city, so we took a ... read more
Yellow tram in Milan
Fancy new building in Milan
Typical Italy - Ciao!

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 6th 2015

This morning at breakfast we were talking with Fabio about the best way to get to the Expo. It's a good thing that we did has we learnt from him that, in addition to the Metro trains and the Regional trains, there are Suburban trains. Bernie thought that we would have to take two Metro trains to the Expo, but Fabio told us that if we went to Garibaldi station we could take an 'S' train that would take us directly to the Expo site in just four stops. Local knowledge is a wonderful thing! We didn't come to Milan for the Expo but, since it is on (and we are paying a premium price for our accommodation because of it!), we thought that we might as well check it out. The Expo opened at the ... read more
Brasil's Pavilion
Republic of Korea
Korean light show on kimchi jars

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 5th 2015

We enjoyed the 'and breakfast' part of our B&B accommodation this morning! Fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, cereal and yoghurt AND scrambled eggs and bacon. While we were eating, Fabio brought our receipt out to us as we pre-paid this accommodation using PayPal. Fabio also gave us a refund of €20.00 for the breakfast that we missed yesterday morning which was very decent of him. After breakfast we caught the train to Cardorna and then walked to the Santa Maria delle Grazie church - the home of 'The Last Supper' painted by Leonardo da Vinci. We approached from the cloisters end of the church where there was a fabulous springtime image of the church taken through the blossom filled cloisters on a board outside. OK, it's not still spring, but that is a great shot through ... read more
Sana Maria Delle Grazie
Finger in Piazza degli Affari

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 3rd 2015

With a 12.00 noon checkout and a train to catch to Milano at 14.02 we were able to fit in a little bit more sightseeing this morning. We completed most of our packing and then walked into the old city again to visit Castelvecchio. The Old Castle was built by the Scalinger Dynasty that ruled Verona during the Middle Ages. Construction was carried out between 1354 and 1376 and included a fortified bridge across the Adige. The building now houses the Castelvecchio Museum which consists of a number of Romanesque statues, an impressive collection of ancient weapons and an EXTENSIVE collection of mediaeval religious art. Never before have we seen so many renditions of the Madonna and child. After our visit to the interior of the castle we crossed the Ponte Scaligero to photograph the bridge ... read more
Saint Libera
Castelvecchio Museum
Gandolf the Bronze

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan April 22nd 2015

First thing, we got ourselves together – baggage and all – so that we could move out to an airport hotel for the night. After breakfast and checking out we took a nice walk around the central area -- looking at all the shops (we got a map that showed EVERY high end shop), ending up at the Rinascente department store’s rooftop restaurant. It overlooks the Duomo and you could see the people climbing up onto the Duomo’s roof. The food was good and we casually enjoyed ourselves while watching the ever changing scenery of people and the Duomo. Then we picked up a ride out to the airport hotel late in the afternoon where we settled in for a relaxing evening. Last night in Italy. We have enjoyed our trip tremendously and here are our ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan April 21st 2015

Getting to know the area where the hotel is located, John took an early walk around the streets, ending at the Duomo. Although much of the area was impacted by the allied bombing during World War II, there are many areas where the older buildings are still there, on small and narrow streets, with great personality and a sense of community. And as John came back to the Galleria and the Duomo the grand buildings took over the space. Most enjoyable. Walked some of the great shopping areas between the Duomo and the Castello Sforzesco (Milan’s old fortress) … in preparation for walking the area with crowds later in the day!!!! Breakfast was very busy – met and talked with a couple from New Zealand – and then went out to see the Duomo inside and ... read more

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