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Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan June 23rd 2014

When we first got to Italy it was confusing and hot. We arrived in the country with no place to stay, the place dad had cancelled on him and we found out while in Switzerland. Luckily Dad found another bed and breakfast, the only bad part was, it wasn't easy because of no wifi. Once we found wifi at this cafe, jet lag hit me and hit me hard, the people ended up kicking us out. We arrived around 4:30 we had 2 hours till they let us in so we went to another cafe. first time ordering 2 sodas the lady was very rude and seemed to be yelling. After we dropped off the bag and said hi to our hosts, we went walking around. Italy seemed brighter, when your not carrying heavy bags in ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 22nd 2014

Mon séjour à Milan aura été caractérisé d'une part par une semaine de conférence intéressante certes quoiqu'épuisante, et d'autre part, d'une simili intégration aux moeurs milanais. Par le biais de airbnb, j'aurai fait la connaissance d'une Italienne chez qui j'ai habité. C'est en franco-anglais-italien, ou par mime, que nous communiquions parfois difficilement, d'autres fois avec le fou rire. Elle m'aura fait goûter quelques plats typiques italiens, montré comment manger convenablement du spaghetti (car bien évidemment, il ne faut surtout pas couper les nouilles..), fait visiter sa ville à pied ou encore sur son gros scooter (le meilleur de mon séjour à Milan! Un 10/10!) et fait rencontrer quelques amis. Elle m'aura même fait vivre une expérience religieuse comme jamais auparavant..: Lors d'une petite promenade en direction d'une crèmerie (quelque chose comme ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan May 11th 2014

Buongiorno! Me revoici, me revoilà! Mes dernières vacances remontent à Mai 2013, où, pendant près de 3 semaines, mon père et moi-même avons exploré le Sri Lanka. Cette année, j'ai eu l'opportunité d'insérer mes vacances entre deux conférences se produisant en Europe, et où je présenterai mes derniers résultats scientifiques via une affiche. La première conférence, ISMRM, se déroule cette année à Milan, Italy du 10 au 16 Mai, tandis que la seconde, oHBM, aura lieu à Hamburg, Allemagne, du 8 au 12 Juin. Entre les deux conférences: un 3 semaines de repos bien mérité (après une année particulièrement bien chargée incluant mon passage au pré-doc qui m'aura pratiquement fait perdre la tête..), et de découverte de lieux qui, selon les dires, en val... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan April 28th 2014

When I returned to the fields everything was flooded. Luckily I picked out some primo real estate when I got there and my area was pretty good. I helped some pilgrims relocate then took a well needed nap. We attended a mass at a local church because of the weather. The priest was Italian and seeing his church filled brought tears to his eyes. Afterwards, I attended a Polish first degree to show solidarity with our brothers. They took the degree very seriously. Afterwards I ate with my friends one last time before retiring. When I awoke a quick breakfast and I was off. Unfortunately, my cab driver got lost and I missed my train...great! He was very apologetic about it as I now need to purchase a new ticket! I think he said construction made ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan April 24th 2014

Ahhhhhhhhhh Milano! A rather industrious city, but beautiful in its own way. The flight was amazing, the best experience in the air I have ever had! Not only was Air Emirates the cheapest direct flight from JFK to Milan Malpensa, but the service was outstanding. In flight movies, TV and music in multiple languages for free. All alcohol was free except for champagne. The food was restaurant quality and all pillows, blankets and headsets were complimentary. They even gave you a warm towel to clean your hands before the flight took off. When I arrived in Milan, my first task was to find Ray. the airport was not very large and we had agreed to meet at the McDonald’s at 12:15. I mayyyyyyy have sent Ray a misleading photograph of myself from when I was snowboarding ... read more
Il Duomo

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan March 24th 2014

Are you from the people always planning ahead any important event, which may follow in your life, places to visit and things to do and achieve? Me, definitely and when it comes to countries and places I would like to visit, the list is extremely long and the time taken to plan extremely nice. As for Italy, I did like the country from the first time I visited and ever since I didn't need or look for a grand reason to revisit. All I needed was time off to do it. Was it the Carnival in Venice in February or Rome in the late Spring, Florence, Verona and Pisa in April, Napoli and Capri in the late summer, Portofino and Sorrento in September, now with some time off in March, I couldn't stop but wonder how ... read more
At the top of the Duomo
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele
the tram in Milan

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan February 26th 2014

My story of how I planned my trip to Milan goes something like this: Kate's thoughts: Hmm...I have a long weekend coming up. I should go somewhere. Let's put these dates into SkyScanner (the best app EVER) and see where the cheapest place is in the world for me to fly to. Oh? Milan? $55? Round trip? OKAY. I guess I should find a couchsurfer now so that I can keep this cheap. 20 minutes later. Oh. Someone already replied and said I can stay with him. OKAY. Fin. Granted, it all didn't completely work out like that. A few days before I was supposed to leave my Couchsurfer told me he could no longer host me. Generally when this happens I go back to the site and send out a bunch of requests and post ... read more
Matt, Tom, Adam and I at the Duomo
High fashion right here
Porta Venezia

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 9th 2013

Milan 6 October 2013 After dropping off Kerrie and Gemma at the Milan airport, staying with them until their bags were checked in, with heavy hearts but with wonderful memories, we hop into the deathly quiet motor home and drive into Milan (Milano). As we were driving from the airport, Tom and I reflected on the fantastic time we had with Kerrie and Gemma over the last 2 ½ weeks. It was so good to be with them. Even though the motor home is very comfortable for 2, we coped well with the 4 of us. I slept with Gemma up in the alcove above the driver/passenger seat and Kerrie slept in the ¾ bed which is where the table is during the day, and Tom slept in the single bed which is the bench seat ... read more
Milano Italy 6 Oct 2013 (3)
Milano Italy 6 Oct 2013 (4)
Milano Italy 6 Oct 2013 (11)

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 6th 2013

We left Liechtenstein yesterday (Saturday 5th) and on our way to Milan, we made a pitstop at Lake Como. Wow, even in the overcast weather I can see why this is the playground of the rich and famous (Including Mr Clooney). It is beautiful. The streets are mad, we went for a drive up the side of the mountain and they are so very narrow, in some places only one car can go through at a time. So glad that Andrew was driving. We needed to grab some lunch and some groceries, so we went to a shopping centre in Como. Wow, Andrew and I have been born in the wrong country. The supermarket here was at least half of a bunnings store in size. It had groceries and clothes and stuff. But Andrew and I ... read more

Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Milan October 5th 2013

We just ate in a wonderful Sicilian restaurant and came back to upload some photos. We found yet another passeggiata on a street with high fashion shops. I'm blown away by the fact that there are folks who can afford to buy at those prices. I guess this is where actresses get their outrageous outfits for the academy awards and other events.... read more
Sicilian Desserts

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