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Europe » Italy » Lazio » Gaeta June 16th 2018

We didn’t know how long we would be back in Gaeta, but we would work to try to get out as soon as we could as this sailing season was definitely starting late. It was about 3PM when we got settled back into our slip on Wednesday (the 13th). Shortly after that Alex from the marina came over to take photos of the engine and get a few more details on what the problem was so he could send this information to the mechanic. He told us he wasn’t sure when the mechanic would be over, but they would let us know. We actually knew of two people that we met that had their boats in the yard needing work on their engines, so we didn’t know where we would fit in. Bob thought of starting ... read more
Didn't Notice Before But Now That We Have Been to Pompeii
Just a Few of the Fish Market Offerings
Finally The Last Day We Made it to this Church

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Gaeta June 13th 2018

Our contract for the winter in Gaeta was to finish the end of May, but we found out that there was a festival in town the first weekend of June, SO… those that know us probably already guessed that we decided to stay. We figured what difference would a few more days in Gaeta make to our overall sailing season. We also had a few places we wanted to explore in Gaeta that we didn’t have a chance to do in the Fall so this would work out well. The festival was a celebration to Saint Erasmus and Saint Marciano, their patron saints. The evening before the solemn religious procession, we walked down into the medieval section of Gaeta to see what was happening. The Duomo (Cathedral) door was open and we found that the chapel ... read more
The First Night of the Festival the Church Was Open
The Chapel Dedicated to St. Erasmus
Walking Through the Streeets Plenty of Vendors Were Out

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Gaeta May 19th 2018

We made it back to Gaeta, Italy. It was a long trip but it went well. We left our place in the US at 8:15AM on Wednesday and we arrived in Gaeta at 6PM on Thursday (Italian time) so in reality it was only a day and a half, but with little sleep and a 6 hour time difference we were pretty tired when we arrived. We actually got back earlier than we thought as we arrived in Rome almost an hour before the scheduled time even though we left Newark late. At first we started to unpack the many things we brought back with us, but we soon ran out of steam and laid down “for a little while”. That turned into all night except for the few hours in the middle when we were ... read more
Tsamaya Was Still Safely In Her Berth in Gaeta
We Never Tire of The Views Of the Bay in Gaeta
Trying a Panaroma on An Evening Walk

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Gaeta November 14th 2017

We are finding out very quickly that our decision to over-winter Tsamaya in Gaeta was an excellent one. Not only is the marina a wonderfully run one with excellent staff that make you feel very welcome, but the town itself is just steps away from the marina so every day you can just step off the boat and start exploring this area. The added bonus is that there is a bus stop just outside the gate of the marina so you can travel to other areas from here easily. Gaeta is not that large a town so it is easy to get around on foot which we find is the best way to explore a place. There are always welcoming alleyways that beacon us to wander down as you never know what you may find. We ... read more
Visiting Sperlonga with friends we met in the Champagne Region
Enjoyed Our Introduction to Sperlonga
A Few of the Chocolate Offerings at the Chocolate Fest

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Gaeta October 8th 2017

We are off to a great start in our winter home port of Gaeta! We arrived on Monday, October 2nd with the friendly help of the staff here. When you come into port you call them on the radio, a person in a dinghy comes out to meet you to direct you to your slip and when we reached it there were 3 people (yes, I said 3!) to help us with our lines. A real bonus was that we got a side tie – for those of you that don’t understand that, it means that we can now easily hop on and off the boat without climbing over our bowsprit. This makes it easier to get our bikes off as well as when we need to carry any other packages on and off the boat. ... read more
A Couple More Views from the Marina in Gaeta
A Jellyfish We Saw From Tsamaya in the marina
Wednesday is Market Day in Gaeta

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Gaeta October 2nd 2017

Latest Update of Where We are in Real Time As many of you know that have been keeping up with this blog, it is unfortunately behind the times. As we continued to travel and explore I have found it harder and harder to sort through all of my photographs, write up the information on what we have seen and get it posted to the blog. I will continue to update as it is for us our own travel journal. If you don’t mind “old” news then you are welcome to continue to read the entries as they become available. For now though, I wanted to let you know where we are in reality. As of October 2nd we arrived in Gaeta, Italy which is the winter port for Tsamaya. This ends the cruising season for 2017 ... read more
Numerous Fortifications Seen Along the Coast of Italy
Cloud Formations Are Always an Attraction at Sea
Reminded Me of the "Prudential Rock"

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Gaeta July 13th 2013

Pictures of Genoa and Gaeta, Italy. I caught the ship in Genoa. Very nice town but only stayed for two days. Gaeta is the home port. It is a small resort town. Sort of like a European style Virginia Beach. There are beaches within walking distance from the ship. The busy months are July and August. Lots of traffic and people. Gaeta has a very Italian feel to it. Exactly like what I was thinking Italian towns would be like. It is between Naples and Rome.... read more
USS Mt Whitney

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Gaeta July 4th 2012

Geo: 41.2141, 13.571 GÜN 28 GÜNLERDEN ÇARŞAMBA: Saat 08:00 de personel ve kamp sahibi ile sıcak ve samimi bir veda yaşandı… Zorlu bir gün bekliyor beni. İtalya' yı enlemesine boydan boya katedip ,bir sahilden ötekine geçeceğiz.. MIO mükemmel çalışıyor.. Benim ufak tefek dalga geçmelerimin dışında kusursuz alıp götürdü.. Adresin yazılı olduğu kamp sırra kadem basmış.. Bunlar oluyor ...şaşırmayınız .. Çıkmadan önce belirgin bir hazırlık yapıyorsunuz Vardığınızda bu son dakika sürprizleri yaşanıyor Allahtan, B ve C planları da var... Biraz kenti gezeyim dedim.. Gaeta Lazio bölgesinde Latina iline bağlı bir şehirdir.( bu Lazio nun bizim Lazlarla ilgisi yoktur ) Roma ya 120 Napoli'ye 80 km mesaf... read more
okul gemisi

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