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Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley » Courmayeur July 10th 2017

I've been sick! Terrible head (some may say it's always terrible) and poor tummy that has really only tolerated liquids and gelato. I've had more nutrients from tablets than from Italian cuisine despite the fact that here the food is surprisingly good. Breakfast at the hotel have seen Julie setting a pace that I'm no where near! I did have some French onion soup that was particularly good last night. Julie had some ravioli flavoured with lemon and mint, again really good. The ham and cheese here is ubiquitous but again good, just a shame I don't feel like eating it. We've had a couple of days as tourists here so I'll drop some of the photos from the cable car to give some impression of the surrounds. In some places (the US and Scotland in ... read more
Look super carefully.
Expensive shopping in Courmayeur.
Out of the Skytrain and up, up, up to Hellbronner.

Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley » Courmayeur July 8th 2017

Back a couple of days, in order to make up for no wifi. A couple of musings first. I'm big on musing (they really only have to make sense to me!). When you are walking up hill you want to walk down hill. When you walk down hill you want to walk up hill. When it's flat you know it's going to change soon. Calling this entry TMB 3/4 is a bit of a joke (on us though) as there is nothing done by halves or fraction here. This is a full on walk. From now on anyone named Col has some automatic credibility. The 'cols' are the top of passes, not the highest points but the crossing between 2 ranges. The col de Seigne is the French/Italian border. Any 'col' is good as it means ... read more
Early day TMB 3.
Up we go, gently at first.
Well fairly gently.

Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley » Courmayeur July 9th 2016

"Please put down ice axes and backpacks". Well, that sign does make you wonder what sort of mishaps have occurred in the Skyway Visitor's Centre lift before people even made it out to the snow! After a great breakfast at Cresta et Duc with immaculate service from a guy who looked just like Hector Elizondo, we walked down the hill in Courmayeur to the brand new Skyway cable car, not really knowing what to expect up on the glacier. It was brilliant blue sky down below, but as we are frequently warned, things can change pretty quickly high in the mountains. I snapped a picture of the ticket booth because it suddenly occurred to me that we hadn't pulled out a wallet in days! That has got to be one of the nicest parts about being ... read more
Excellent sign in the lift.
Crowded into the cable car
The snowball fight

Europe » Italy » Aosta Valley » Courmayeur August 11th 2013

Today is the beginning of my trip hiking and some biking in the Italian Alps. I leave from Logan Airport in Boston and will transfer in Paris before landing in Torino.... read more

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