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Europe » Isle of Man June 30th 2018

The people who live on the Isle of Man are English but not British, they are Manx. They have their own government and are a crown dependency. The Queen of England is not their Queen, she is the Lord of Man. Settled by the Vikings, it has its own government, Tynwald, which has run continuously since 979. A.D. It has an associate status in the EU, its own currency and its own language (manx Gaelic). The population of sheep outnumbers that of people by 2 to 1. The islands highest point is Snaefell which means snow mountain in Viking language.We rode to the top on a series of two electric trains. The train rides were interesting but very loud. Scenery was beautiful going up the mountain. We passed a huge waterwheel called the Isabela that pumps ... read more

Europe » Isle of Man June 30th 2018

DENNIS POINTED OUT THAT I WAS NOT OF THE NAUTILUS AND GOING BELOW THE SEA SURFACE BUT WAS INDEED ON THE NAUTICA. I HATE SPELL CHECK Anyway I finally got my picture to upoad from my phone so here they are a day late.... read more

Europe » Isle of Man » Port Erin August 2nd 2017

Spent the morning yesterday chilling and then my friend's partner and I headed out to the Sound on the southernmost tip of the island for a cuppa and a look at the Calf of Man, another small island. Saw a few seals basking in the sun. Man is surprisingly hilly in the southern part of the island. Then we had a walk along the seafront at Port Erin, where I tried in vain to find vegan sorbet. Beautiful sunny day. Today, my friend had the day off so we drove through the pouring rain to Ramsey, the largest town in the north of the island. Had lunch at a cafe and pottered around an art exhibition in the church where we got to vote on our favourite piece. Bit of a mixed bag in terms of ... read more

Europe » Isle of Man » Port Erin July 31st 2017

Got up early to have a little walk around the Albert Dock area, but in my half-asleep state I misjudged the amount of time I had before the ferry so I actually could have spent longer there. Better than the other way around, I guess. The fast catamaran left around 11:15 and we sped over the waves to the Isle of Man. Had a little breakfast at the beginning of the journey because I knew that the Irish Sea would get choppy later, and so it was - wasn't even easy to stand up and walk around. So I snoozed in my seat instead. My chums met me off the boat and we sped off again in their car, along the winding country lanes to St John's, where my friend works. It's the site of the ... read more

Europe » Isle of Man » Peel June 20th 2017

Can't believe this will already be our last full day on the Isle of Man. It's been so beautiful. Relaxing. Comfortable. Friendly. Pretty. Mike did not want to ride another train. Good thing, there are no more to ride!! We left the Farm thinking we'd go to Peel, maybe take the bus to Ramsey and another up farther north. Maybe take a bus south on the west coast. Definitely will follow a walking path in the Farm guidebook that goes up from the farm then along the wall on the hillside, down to Peel near the Castle. Shorter too. Well, it would have been if we'd been smarter. The first part was great and we were looking forward to "sit on the bench and have a rest and look around". Then we got to another one ... read more
These are on the farm where we stayed
Go Kart race track

Europe » Isle of Man » Ramsey June 19th 2017

Another great breakfast, another lovely walk into Peel (on the correct paths); this time took the bus to Ramsey, mostly along the coast, seeing another part of the Isle on the way north. Map ( Peel is on the West side of the Isle, on the coast. Douglas is pretty much a 9-mile drive East of Peel, on the other coast. Ramsey is North of Douglas, along the east coast. Yesterday, we took a steam train south from Douglas, along the coast, to the south. Today, we took the bus north east from Peel to Ramsey, not quite the northern tip, then an electric train south along the East coast, stopping at Laxey to take another electric train westish up to the highest point on the Isle, Snaefell, then back down to Laxey and the rest ... read more
Path to Peel in the morning
Stairs from road
Bus from Peel to Ramsey

Europe » Isle of Man » Castletown June 18th 2017

Slept great, despite the sheep (haha). No rooster but the sun rose about 5 to a gorgeous morning. Our first breakfast at the B&B--there was a menu of sorts we completed the night before, checking off how much of which items we wanted. In addition to bacon and a farm-fresh egg, I ordered the croissant and boy, was Mike jealous. Piping hot, soft, flaky, topped off with home-made marmalade--yummy!! His kipper was quite good; he ate it like a pro. Company at breakfast was pleasant. A couple others got a soft-boiled egg, just like in BBC shows, served in an egg holder. One of the eggs was blue and the hostess, Fiona, was quite proud of it; she bred the chickens specially for that. As they were going to church in Peel, the hosts gave us ... read more
KBF B&B lounge
Mike's morning stroll
morning stroll

Europe » Isle of Man » Peel June 17th 2017

As I said at the end of the last entry, the taxi was prompt and it wasn't 15 minutes to the airport. We had watched the planes taking off the evening before, from an outside seat near the Footgolf field; such a gorgeous evening! We were at the airport in plenty of time for Mike to get a full Irish breakfast. After doing battle with the self-serve baggage checking and boarding pass kiosk, only to learn that it was not working properly, a kindly Aer Lingus employee helped us. Had to move some yarn from one bag to another to get the weight correct and I'd forgotten that we could have 'checked' the luggage in earlier (online) and saved some of the fee. Of course, we were on a small flight so had to walk forever ... read more
White House Hotel
White House Hotel
White House Hotel

Europe » Isle of Man » Douglas June 3rd 2017

Tried to drive out to Ballaugh Bridge and drive around from inside the TT circuit, unfortunately the GPS tried to take the wrong way around the mountain course. Since 2007, during IOM TT, the mountain course is turned "one-way" to mitigate head on incidents when over confident riders cross the centre line. No matter, I have a grandstand ticket for Creg-ny -Baa and ended up watching the morning session with my new found Aussie friends who offered me a beer at 10:45am in the morning :-) I lent my USB battery pack to Ryan so he could call his Mom and I was golden for endless beers :-D After the morning practice session I moved on to Ramsey's hairpin. My first position was 200 meters from the hairpin which gave me the best view ever, right ... read more

Europe » Isle of Man » Douglas June 2nd 2017

I can't believe the sensation of racing motorcycles going full throttle past the grandstand down to Bray hill. Now imagine this: Stand beside your busy interstate or freeway. Not on the shoulder, but on the white line right beside traffic. But instead of vehicles traveling at 120km/h, they go by at over 300km/h! I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start with getting here. Watching them load the ferry from Liverpool is fascinating! It's a rear loading ferry with a ramp system to turn cars around so they can drive around a circuit and not have to reverse off like typical drive on ferries. They installed posts where motorcycles are lashed to, avoiding the tedious task of pull down straps to anchor the bikes to the deck. Alright, back to racing! The Ilse of Man TT ... read more

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