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Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Gap of Dunloe October 15th 2016

Here comes the rain and wind ,but myself and my husband decided to visit Gap Of Dunloe. Started our trip in a tour bus which took us to Ross Castle where there will be boat which will take us to Gap of Dunloe. It was a small speed boat. Had 10 to 12 tourists in that boat including us. We started our journey in the boat around 11 a.m. with a tour guide who was the boat driver as well. We had to pass through 3 lakes of Killarney which was really a scenic route between the mountains ,rocks and small narrow passages. As the rain was lashing out the tides in the lakes were heavy and was hitting on our boat. It was cold as well. I was bit afraid,but still enjoyed the beauty of ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Gap of Dunloe July 19th 2015

There. Was. SUN! Today I headed out to the National Park to hike the Gap of Dunloe. Oh boy, was it the perfect day for it - the colours were pristine with the sunlight. For some reason I got stuck doing the tour backwards - not the end of the world, but a pain time wise because we were late leaving, and I was on the last boat out, and it's supposed to take 2.5hrs to hike the Gap and so I basically had 2.75hrs to make it back for the bus. Considering how many pictures I take... I was concerned about the time lol. Anyway, the bus/boat driver was a hoot. He looked a lot like Hugh Bonneville so that's pretty much all I could think of during the time with him. The tour started ... read more
Such a great sunny day
On the lakes

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Gap of Dunloe July 8th 2008

Hello! Tonight is turning out to be a lazy night- why you ask? Well, this morning we walked into town (about a 1 and a half mile walk) to rent a bike to take through the gap of dunloe. we rented the bike, rode to ross castle about anothe rmile away and then waited for a boat to take us up the lakes (about an hour and a half trip) where we would start our bike ride. we went backwards on the route based on advice from mrs. oconnell of the b and b, as she said this would help us to avoid the tons of travelers on tour buses and would be more downhill than uphill on a bike. the boat ride (on a curragh- pictures to come later) was amazing! wouldn't you know while ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Gap of Dunloe April 2nd 2008

I had a few friends from America visit me for their spring breaks. Jill, my friend from home, was in Dublin with me for St.Patrick's Day. The celebration was more than I could have ever expected. Until a decade ago the holiday was a low key celebration and national holiday in Dublin. It was only after Americans started coming to Ireland for St.Patrick's Day that Dublin really capitalized on the holiday. The city was filled with American tourists everywhere. The St.Patrick's Day festival was stretched out over four days. They closed down the center of town to traffic and put up a carnival. On the 17th there was an interesting parade. It was nothing like the St.Patrick's Day parades in American cities. There was absolutely no traditional irish dancing, music or bagpipes. Instead, the parade had ... read more
Grand Marshall
St.Patrick on a motorcycle
The beginning of weird things in the parade

Europe » Ireland » County Kerry » Gap of Dunloe November 5th 2006

We stayed up pretty late last night watching television. Since Ireland falls within the European Union, most of the shows come from England and Scotland. We watched their version of “American Idol” except it’s called “The X Factor” and the rules are a little different. We watched a couple movies while the laundry was finishing up and then we went to sleep around 2am or so. This morning we slept in late and just sat around the house and relaxed. Last night at the grocery store, we picked up some pastry wrapped sausage bites and Robert made them for breakfast. Their food doesn’t come precooked, it is made from scratch and then you bake it up nice and hot. I ate one of my yogurts, the Valentia Orange Cream, and it was delicious. They make their ... read more
The Gap of Dunloe-Way Up
Fixer Upper
The Long Road Back

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