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Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Arranmore June 18th 2007

The Killarney National Park was absolutely beautiful. Minutes after we posted our last entry, we headed over for a hike around the park. We saw amazing views of the Lakes & mountains & walked down to the Lower Lake to sit by the water. We were enjoying a snack while sitting on a log by the edge of the lake when a dark cloud started moving towards us & bringing some light rain with it. We bundled up into our rain jackets & hunkered down waiting for the rain to pass, but soon realized it wasn't going to stop as we got pellted by larger & larger rain drops. We had about a mile & a half walk into town with not much cover in between. By the time we made our way into a ... read more
Killarney National Park
Gap of Dunloe
Gap of Dunloe

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Arranmore May 13th 2007

I spent the last week and half between Galway and the Aran Islands, mostly on Inis Mor, the largest island. I had only planned on staying maybe three days, but liked it so much I stayed longer. There wasn't tons to do, but it was a nice quiet village (especially when the day-tripping tourists left) with a nice hostel. The hostel had a good kitchen and there was a market near by. I cooked a lot when it was too windy and rainy to go out...we watched DVDs in the nice common room and ate hot choloclate chip cookies. I had to cream the butter with my hands as there was no hand mixer to be found. I like beaches and islands, even if they are kind of cold and windblown. It's a pretty rough ... read more
Fields with stone fences

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Arranmore May 3rd 2007

When you think of Ireland, you picture rolling green hills, stone walls, etc. Basically what you picture is Inis Mor. I arrived on the island (the largest of the three islands that make up the Aran Islands, and also the most popular) on Thursday with three of my friends at about 11:30am. The sun was shining, it was warm (hot even) and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. It was basically perfect. After unloading our stuff at our hostel we decided it would be best to rent bikes (seeing as the island is only 9 miles by 2 miles) as opposed to taking one of the very cute (yet rather pricy) horse drawn carriages, or one of the numerous ‘tour buses’ (which cost the same as a bike). After paying our ten euros, choosing our ... read more
Inis Mor
Inis Mor
Inis Mor

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Arranmore August 12th 2006

Today we took a day trip by ferry to Inishmaan, the middle island of the Aran Islands. The place is desolate and sparsely populated but has its fair share of cows and stone fences. We spent the day walking around, had a picnic, Karen bought a sweater from the local mill and we dipped our toes in the Atlantic Ocean.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Arranmore July 28th 2006

Hey everyone, So, I haven't written in a while and probably should upadate you all on Ireland! Firstly, it is so amazingly beautiful and I am in love with it; the island has so many varied types of lanscape- from mountains to beaches and so on. The land is so very green and the sites are amazing; I have taken way too many pictures, but oh well. So, I am now on a 8 day tour of Ireland with a group of 25 other people; it has proven very exciting and I wouldn't do it another way. We started out in Dublin and then went to the Blarney Castle the first day along with the rock of Cashel; now that I have kissed the Blarney stone, which consists of leaning backwards over a drop and arching ... read more
The tour guides and Adrian
Neil and Midori

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Arranmore June 17th 2006

OK, so we didn't find the shamrock at the bottom of the cup, we found it at the top. It was a very big moment in a remote pub in Malin Head at the farthest northern point of all of Ireland! After Dingle, we cruised farther north, but kept to the west coast. WOW! The rugged coastline was so nice, and the sun held out for us. By this point we had both had enough of the beaches, Carlee was actually peeling and I was a little pink, so... We went over to the Aran Islands for a few days. This is off the west coast, there are 3 islands, but we only went to one, the big one, Inis Mor. So this island was only about 15 km from one end to the other with ... read more
cliffs of aran isl
cliffs of aran isl
Irish/ english store

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Arranmore June 5th 2006

It was a long but uneventful drive from Kilarney to Rossenvael (sp) for the ferry to Inis Mor (big island in Gealic). We made it in plenty of time for the 12:00 ferry. One word of advice, don´t park at the 1st car park if you can avoid it. There is another one alot closer to the ferry. It was fun sitting on the ferry watching all the folks who´d parked at the further car park and were close to the departure time run to get the ferry! It only took about 1/2 an hour to get to the island. The island was just as quaint and old-fashioned as you read. After dragging our luggage up the hill to Mainistir Hostel (which was alot further than we´d expected, so take a mini'bus if its in your ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Donegal » Arranmore May 8th 2006

Aran Islands, Inis Mor: May 5 to 7, 2006 The international society left at 9 am on Friday morning (May 5th) for Galway to board a ferry for the Aran Islands, specifically Inis Mor. We stayed at a hostel inland. The island is approximately 10 miles across by 3 miles wide and is the largest of the three Aran Islands off the west coast of Ireland. We had no plans, so upon arriving on Friday afternoon, Caitlin and I wasted no time journing to Dun Aonghasa, a fort overlooking the cliffs of the island. We traveled to Seven Churches, a ringfort and an inlet beach where seals basked in the sun. We finished the trip back in Kilcornan and picked up food at the only food shop for dinner. Saturday, I wanted to see the black ... read more

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