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July 28th 2006
Published: July 28th 2006
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group photogroup photogroup photo

This is all of us at the top of a cliff after passing the "terrifying" rope bridge!
Hey everyone,
So, I haven't written in a while and probably should upadate you all on Ireland!

Firstly, it is so amazingly beautiful and I am in love with it; the island has so many varied types of lanscape- from mountains to beaches and so on. The land is so very green and the sites are amazing; I have taken way too many pictures, but oh well.

So, I am now on a 8 day tour of Ireland with a group of 25 other people; it has proven very exciting and I wouldn't do it another way. We started out in Dublin and then went to the Blarney Castle the first day along with the rock of Cashel; now that I have kissed the Blarney stone, which consists of leaning backwards over a drop and arching down, I can talk nothing but nonsense for 7 years (or so the legend goes). The rest of these sites have been in the last 5 days: The aran islands- Inis Mor, Blasket Islands, Cork, Dingle,Galway, tiny villages anywhere inbetween, lots of sandy beaches, fitting 8 people into 1 phone booth(after partying, an interesting experience!) and of course pubs! The Irish culture is
The tour guides and AdrianThe tour guides and AdrianThe tour guides and Adrian

What else would you do in Ireland but drink beer? This is some of the guys- our driver, tour guide and Adrain.
lived in a pub and the best way to get a feel for the place is to go; I have actually been Irish dancing in a pub last night, in front of a crowd and everything! Ireland is defiantely a place to party and it has been really cool staying with the group for a few days, I feel like I really know some of the people and now have tons of places to stay in Australia if I ever go!

Other than that, I am super well. I love Ireland and am actually having trouble believing that I come back in 2 weeks or so. It's so hard to convey how awesome this stuff is, you'll all have to come and look at the excessive amount of pictures I have, then you may realize how beautiful of a country it is! If anyone has ever wanted to come, do it; the people are amazing, the country is beautiful and the partying is grand (the irish say grand a lot- they don't know how to complain it seems!).

Today was also really cool because we are in Northern Ireland and went for a walk through Derry, learning about
Neil and MidoriNeil and MidoriNeil and Midori

Our bus driver and his other ride!
the troubles and the Catholic and Protestant wars. It is so very sad to hear it adn see the destruction of it all; the North is just starting to recover and so they are encouraging as many people to come as possible. It is definately one of the most important historical places we have been and the scenery around here is amazing- the giant's causeway and the rope suspension bridge is tomorrow!

So yeah, no pictures as of yet, although we may find some and post them. Hello to everyone back home, thansk for the emails and enjoy the wonderful weather. See you all in August!
Katie 😊
P.S. I got an email back from the learning centre in Sherwood Park for a tutor position, so I may have a job there for part time when I get back; not exactly what I wanted, but it is a start!


29th July 2006

Elk Island public school
Your Dad was home on Friday and recieved a call from Elk Island Public...apparently you did make the sub list and have a 1/2 day orientation on Friday August 18th. CONGRATULATIONS. So maybe this is GOOD news,...... Talk to you this weekend. Love Ya Mom
1st August 2006

hey katie, so glad you are having a great time i hope you have tried more guiness like you promised !!! andy p.s asia was amazing !!

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