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Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Beara Pen September 9th 2017

Day 8. Castletownbera. 112km Nice night at the Smugglers Inn at Waterville despite the noisy golf party who ate after us in the restaurant and bellowed on way into the night. The weather was wild overnight and we had a bad forecast for today. However, it set off dull and dry and apart from one quick shower we had a great day with quite a bit of sun and enough wind on our backs to make us smile. We took our photos by the Charlie Chaplain statue in Waterville ,as we do by the Eric Morecambe statue in Morecambe. After the first big climb out of Waterville we had the greatest views ever of he coastline with its many rugged islands and had to stop many times. We had two large climbs before hitting Sneem for ... read more
Murphy's Restaurant.

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Beara Pen September 17th 2016

Ireland Day 8 Gee what a day. 150km with over 1500m of climbing. Luckily it was a dry day and a wind that helped and hindered, as it does when you keep gping along the peninsulas east and west. I completed the Skellig Ring, which is an amazing area. I rejoined the Ring of Kerry at Waterville, where I made my first mistake of the day and went up a wrong road. I returned to Waterville and had a brew and long sausage roll, which seems to be my favourite snack from the supermarkets, along with a made up ham salad sandwich for later. I stuck to the Ring of Kerry route for most of the day and on the occasions I didn't I regretted it due to the big hills which are not just quite ... read more
Ardgroom 2
Ardgroom 3
Charlie Chaplin

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Beara Pen August 10th 2008

We spent two days on the Beara Pennisula. It rained a lot. However, we did have a couple of wonderful hikes where the sun would break through and everything would sparkle. In search of standing rocks/stone circles we went on a couple of walks, one that included three stone circles and a wonderful view of the ocean past the last circle and a great mossy forest at the beginning of the trail. On the second day, we finally gave up and hiked up the side of a mountain along the coastal road. The way down included slipping and landed on a bed of thrones, almost being stuck on a ledge and lots of sliding in the mud. After exploring ways of drying out in the car including our packed lunch, we were able to drive the ... read more
I feel short
Housing rehab in the grand style
The church didn't make the cut for rehab

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Beara Pen September 14th 2007

The eve before we leave. First entry onto our blogg...thanks to Shiv. Excitment and anxiety mixed feel a wee bit more excited today..we really are going to do this. I want to tavel light in every sense open and ready for the newness of the journey.... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Beara Pen July 9th 2007

Five day working weeks are tough. Very tough. We considered lobbying the government to reduce the working week but decided alot less effort was required in taking a day off and heading for the hills. So with a three day weekend we picked one of the furthest points from the capital. West Cork is my favourite place in Ireland, amazingly it still holds its magic for me despite being dragged around it for "Sunday Spins" as a child. This past couple of weeks it holds even more magical potential for some. Two weeks ago in a very Oirish turn of events, a little bay close to Bantry became the scene of the largest drugs bust ever in the Irish state. A couple of boyos took to sea in a rubber dinghy, like one you would ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Beara Pen April 18th 2006

Glengarriff Riding into this small gateway town to the Beara Peninsula I felt like I was in a Northwest logging town. Maybe it was the wide torn up street. Maybe it was the larger then life storefronts. Perhaps it was the American style roadhouse I stayed in, complete with a herd of Harleys in the parking lot. It was definitely the country music played to a drum machine in the pub. Turns out that one man bands playing poor renditions of American favorites with the assistance of a synthesiser or drum machine are quite popular here. Just goes to show that even the Irish can make bad music. There was another tourist in the pub that I could not look at, she was trying so hard not to laugh that it would set me off every ... read more
Stone Circle
Tall Grasses of the Beara Pen.
Cove of the Beara Pen.

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Beara Pen April 13th 2006

"If I have learned anything from cycling it is to always spit to the side." - Bryan Flint, April 2006 There is an allegory to the statement "Be careful for what you wish for because you just might get it." It is "Be careful what you disparage, for it might just be the thing you need." On Sunday night I stayed at a Hostel connected to the Dzogchen Beara Tibetan Buddhist retreat center on the Beara Peninsula on the Southwest coast of Ireland. On Tuesday I returned and am staying to participate in a Buddhist retreat over Easter Weekend. There are number of reasons for this. First, after eleven days of travel and nine of cycling my body told me to stop. Second, Hostels on the outer West coast of Ireland are a whole other animal ... read more
Cork River Lee At Night
Beara's Rugged Coastline
At The Top of Hill

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