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Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Bantry August 3rd 2013

We had left Waterford Castle in the morning and spend some time seeing the historical sites around Waterford as well as the Viking structures that had been left behind. Once we were satisfied we decided to head on out towards Bantry for our next B&B at the Dromcloc house. It had been raining on and off and the streets narrow we were a few miles a way when "bang" we hit a pot hole that was off to the side of the road and filled with water. It was enough though to dent both the left side tire rims and of course blow both tires. Estimated time for help was about two house. The nearest rental place was back in Cork and they had to bring a new car for us. Thankfully this all happened in ... read more
Overlooking the ledge
Sheeps Head Lighthouse
View from Sheeps Head

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Bantry October 10th 2012

Saturday turned out to be another clear, sunny day! Lili and I made the most of the fine weather and went walking further along the Sheep’s Head peninsula ( We did two loops and about 5 miles in total, plus a good deal of going up and down steep hills. The first walk was at the very end of the peninsula, where we clambered around to reach the Sheep’s Head lighthouse. The views from there were incredible and we spotted a shoal of dolphins (or seals, we couldn’t tell) about 100m off the coast, moving towards us, their heads bobbing up out of the water every so often. Gannets were tracking the shoal and kept diving into the sea catching fish. From the lighthouse there was about a mile of uphill walking back to the carpark; ... read more
Butternut squash
Lighthouse walk
Sheep's Head lighthouse

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Bantry October 5th 2012

I finished the polytunnel on Monday, with a little help from Annabel and Sarah. This involved digging the remaining weeds, scrubbing the the polytunnel plastic clean, inside and out with a broom and soapy water, to allow more light to reach the plants, and planting salads whilst Annabel and Sarah planted salad seeds, broad beans, carrots and cabbages. Seeing it all completed brought a huge sense of achievement – the polytunnel had changed almost beyond recognition from when I first saw it! However, work here is never done – not only is there another polytunnel, there is a huge garden that needs attention. Monday evening was fantastic fun, the Irish musicians were great “craic”! They brought out the mandolins, flute, Barón drum and tin whistles and started a “trad” session in the kitchen, playing traditional Irish ... read more
Finished polytunnel
Salads planted
Walk on the mountain

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Bantry September 30th 2012

Saturday came around a beautiful day, perhaps the last of the year. Klaus needed to work at the gallery shop in Schull, so he took me along with him. In Schull I went down to the pier, where I collected some seawashed glass for Annabel and looked for the renound pier seal – but didn’t spot him. Around 11.30 I picked up my rucksack from the gallery and walked up the Schull road, where I was told would be the best place to hitchhike from. I had no luck with the first few cars; only one person stopped, but they were only going 5 miles down the road, when I needed to go around 20 miles. After that, there was such a long gap I wondered whether any more cars would even come past! Thankfully, one ... read more
Beautiful day

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Bantry September 28th 2012

After almost 20 hours of travelling and less than an hour’s continuous sleep, I arrived in Bantry, County Cork, South West Ireland. To make matters worse, the moment I stepped off the bus, it started raining. I wasn’t put off - from the wall I sat on I had a good view of a small harbour, which contained a few sailing boats, and the peninsula behind it. To the left of me was the town square and behind that, the colourful buildings of the town itself, including pub that obviously sold a lot of Guinness. When I turned round, I could see the mountains behind me. I decided I had come to the right place. Annabel discovered me a few minutes later; whilst I was admiring my surroundings, she had been waiting at the other bus ... read more
Heron Gallery

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Bantry July 10th 2008

July 10, 2008 Another great (but long) day in the saddle. We biked the Sheep’s Head Peninsula, on a day full of sunshine, from Bantry along the north coast of the peninsula and back up the south side (for the first time the prevailing wind was at our back). The name was appropriate today as Nanci had a run in with a sheep in the middle of the road. This was the first time we had to load our bikes into the van to go up the mountain. It rose 325 meters in 1.5K, so was a bit steeper than we wanted to attempt. The 10K trip to the end of the peninsula from Kilcrohane was a bit challenging also with the need to walk about 1.5 to 2K to get to the lighthouse at the ... read more
View Just leaving Bantry
The road we missed
The road continues. It is longer as as much after curve

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Bantry July 9th 2008

July 9, 2008 We had another day of great biking. We did about 75 kilometers today, but the hills while a constant companion were not as steep as yesterday. We only had to walk the bikes one time. Another Irish biking tradition we observed today was biking in the rain. Most of the afternoon it was alternating between rain and sun. The tour we are on does a very good job of keeping us on less traveled rural roads, which is nice for not a lot of traffic but the roads are hardly wide enough for one car let alone two cars meeting or a car passing a couple of people on bikes. The redeeming factor is everyone is very aware of people on bikes and they always make way for them, to the point of ... read more
View from Stone Ring
Second View from Stone Ring
3rd View from Stone Ring

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Bantry April 7th 2006

At the end of the last week I had several experiences that demonstrate the reason I came to stay in one place for an extended period of time. The weather improved and I found myself out on the streets of Cappoquin with my camera more often. Counter to my fears, people did not go running for their doorways. Many folks were happy to have their picture taken and a few people who I had passed on the street came up to me. One guy reveled that he had a collection of over 200 pictures from old Cappoquin. He had grown up in the hard life that was the orphanage that now is my guest house residence. On Friday morning I rode out to the Lismore Castle to photograph the large magnolia tree that had reached its ... read more
Michael Cavanagh bust
Cappoquin Main Street
Cappoquin Church Street

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