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Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn August 28th 2019

We're moving around the island in a counterclockwise direction, so we are at the south part of the island. The storms hit from the south and the wind picks up alot of moisture. As the air rises over the mountains it drop the precipitation as snow which is why the largest glaciers are on the south side of the island. Then volcanoes erupt and push through the glaciers which causes massive floods. We drove by massive lava fields; some had moss all over them and some looked like they happened yesterday. We also went by areas that massive glacier floods had brought tons of debris, boulders, and ice. The shoreline was actually pushed out by debris from glacier outflow. From GuidetoIceland website: "The vast Eldhraun lava field (“Fire Lava“), in the south of the Icelandic highlands, ... read more
Tundra plants
Waterfall near entrance to park.

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn May 24th 2019

Welcome back! Here is another short story of my trip to Iceland. These past few days have been a bit hectic, yet, full of magic as I got to see so many interesting spots already. You are probably wondering if I felt sore after hiking at Landmannalaugar. Well, the truth is that I had quite an intense day back there, in fact, my legs were a bit shaky when I woke up the next morning. However, the incredible views and the natural pool, truly made that pain worthwhile. Join me on this new adventure, which I promise will make you want to pick Iceland as your next holiday destination. Here is a summary of today’s itinerary: 1- Skaftafell (Glacier walk) 2- Jökulsárlón (Zodiac tour) 3- Dinner in Höfn, staying at Nýpugarðar guesthouse. I left the small ... read more
Hello seal
Seals resting

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn September 9th 2018

Noget af det jeg har set frem til, er at fotografere isklumper på den sorte strand mens solen står op og sender sine røde stråler igennem isen. Det kræver at man kommer tidligt op og at vejret giver mulighed for at se en solopgang. Dagen før var vi ved Jökulsárlón i regnvejr og sammen med en masse andre turister. Nu var vi stået tidligt op og vejrudsigten gav håb om en mulig solopgang, der kunne bruges til de ønskede billeder. Da vi kom frem lyste solen gennem en smal sprække så man lige kunne ane de gule skær. Jeg skyndte mig ned til stranden for at finde nogle passende isklumper og få taget nogle billeder med solen i baggrunden. Lyset var det et kvarter og så var det hele gråt. Nu kunne vi tage over på ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn September 8th 2018

Turen går nu mere øst over. Vi skal se masser af is da vi er på vej til området hvor den store iskalot Vatnajökul sender sine tunger af gletsjere ud i landskabet. Den store iskalot ses tydeligt på lang afstand. Ned fra den store istop løber der brede floder af is. De er vores næste mål for turen. Vejret var dog ikke helt med os. Skyerne hang lavt og truede med regn. Dog var vi så heldige at solen skinnede på dele af den gletsjer vi skulle hen at se på. Gletsjer eventyret startede allerede på vejen ind til gletsjeren. Vejen virkede som om gletsjeren lige havde ligget der, den er flydt med store huller og kæmpe sten, så der skal køres meget langsomt ind til parkeringspladsen ved foden af gletsjeren. Gletsjerisen har de mest fantastiske ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn July 9th 2018

We started our day with some take out coffee from the hotel restaurant and a hike up behind Klausterhof Guest House to view the beautiful waterful coming down the mountainside behind it. Then a short 11 km drive brought us to Fjaoargljufur Canyon. It’s a moderately easy hike up the canyon to see some dramatic views and unusual land formations. Leaving the canyon we had to drive back past our guest house and another 48km to Vatnajukull National Park to view glaciers and iceberg lakes. The landscape was as usual, various types of lava fields surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, and now glaciers too. We stopped several times along the road to take photos of waterfalls and the various glaciers all around us. We passed by the remains of an old bridge from when a volaca... read more
Fjaorargljufur canyon
Icelandic horses
Icelandic sheep

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn July 8th 2018

We left Reykjavik in our Toyota Rav IV after filling up with Diesel at the nearby N1 gas station. Navigating the numerous roundabouts to leave the city wasn’t too difficult and we were soon on the open highway on a cool, windy and drizzly day. We chose to circle the country heading east first, along the south side of the island with the coast more or less on our right. In this direction, we found ourselves spotting waterfalls regularly, crashing down off of the hills and cliffs that were constantly along our left side. Our first stop after 90 minutes or so was Seljandfoss waterfall. Clearly visible from the highway, this group of 3 waterfalls was quite impressive. All of the tourist sites or points of interest are signed, but only small signs located at the ... read more
Chris and Adrienne soaking in Seljavallalaug
Puffin on the cliffs at Dyrholaey

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn June 26th 2018

Waterfalls and glaciers and icebergs and more hot springs! And more rain...but the morning I did a boat our of the glacier lagoon, the sun appeared! The glaciers and icebergs were one of my favorite things in Iceland - there's a huge icecap here (largest in Europe, and outside of the polar regions) called Vatnajokull. It has tons of glacier "arms" that reach down towards the ocean - they're huge, stunning, and often end in "lagoons" with icebergs. In new things learned about icebergs, they are constantly moving/shifting/flipping. If the ice has recently been underwater, it appears blue; if it's been above water for awhile, it gets whiter. Anything black/brown is sediment it picked up as part of the glacier. This site won't let me post videos, but a few big ones flipped while I was ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn June 11th 2017

Day 4. Time is flying and yet we also agree that if we wrapped up the trip now we'd be fulfilled. Today was special even by Iceland standards. They call this place the land of fire and ice. Don't know about the fire part - no active volcanoes at the moment thank god - but we got to experience the ice part first hand today. Started out with an amphibian boat (aka frog boat) on the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. Icebergs calve off the main Vatnajökull glacier (the largest glacier in Europe) at an increasingly alarming rate and float into this Lagoon that didn't exist 80 years ago. The good folks of Iceland live the impacts of global warming every day. It makes for amazing pictures as white and blue icebergs laced with dark stripes of volcanic ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn June 10th 2017

So its my turn (Ginger) to jot down our adventures for the day. I may not be near as witty but definitely funnier than my wonderful husband. Where are we? I woke up at 7:30 thinking it was at least 10am and no way of telling. No alarm clock, no dinging of a text, no wall clock and the sun had rose but then again it never sat. I decided to venture out on my own in search of a grocery store or something that I could grab eggs, pb&j, milk etc. So after 1.5 hrs later passing by roundabouts I've already seen I decided to hit the gas station/convience store. $50 later (things aren't cheap) I headed back to our airbnb with no Google, maps or cell phone, to find family still sleeping. Made some ... read more

Europe » Iceland » South » Höfn June 6th 2017

Heute konnte ich bis kurz nach 09:00 ausschlafen und war dann beim Frühstück einer der wenigen letzten. Trotzdem war ich der erste beim Bus nachdem wir an Land gegangen sind. Das verstehe ich unter perfektem Timing. Es gab am Hafen auch viele Abenteuerurlauber, die Autos gemietet haben oder mit dem Fahrrad, Motorrad oder als Anhalter unterwegs waren. Hier habe ich mich wieder geärgert, dass ich mit diesem Gruftieclub auf Tour war. Aber ich habe es bisher überlebt. Das freche ältere Ehepaar, welches mir gestern für eine Stunde meinen Platz weg genommen hat, hat durch Herunterfallen seinen Fotoapparat eingebüßt. Ich müsste lügen, wenn ich sagen würde, dass ich mit ihnen Mitleid habe. Jeder türkische Kleinkriminelle zeigt mehr Respekt vor seinen Mitmenschen. Vom Hafen sind wir über einen teilweise schneebedeckten Pass zur sogenannten Ringstraße, die um Island herum ... read more
Die Gletscherzungen des riesigen Vatnajökull.
Ankunft mit dem Schiff in Seydisfjördur.
Von der Küste über den Fjardarheidi-Pass zur Ringstraße.

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