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Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest April 9th 2018

It was a busy day on public transport today; trams and buses zigzagging across Budapest for Natalia’s last day here. The Ruin Bar, where we were meant to go last night but it was too busy, was abuzz with activity. It turns out it operates a very eclectic market of food, artisan produce, and home grown arts and clothes, before morphing into a very popular target at night. All the inviting colours and smells of the cheeses, salamis of all sizes, shapes and origins, combine with the ‘Free Bread’ stall to compile a visual sandwich that has your mouth drooling; and it’s calorie free. It turned out the bread was gluten free, not really free. It’s a little intimidating at first as there’s so much random looking paraphernalia suspended from the ceiling, and various oddities wired, ... read more
 Szimpla Market
The Market House
The Central Cafe

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest April 7th 2018

Breakfast was on the house today and it was the full blown sausages, bacon, eggs, various cheeses, cereals, 3 types of bread, salads etc. etc, and juice, tea and coffee; just as they like it in Europe. After eating Chimney Cake late last night I was still coming down from a sugar overdose, so breakfast wasn’t high on my priorities . It’s a Hungarian specialty consisting of sweet dough, rolled into a coil, wrapped around a wooden spindle and rotisseried until golden brown. It’s then coated in butter and sugary flavours and served hot. My favourite is cinnamon sugar but it’s a treat to eat sparingly. It’s basically sugar. Stepping from the sanctuary of our appartment into the slowly waking lane dividing Gozsdu Court, I am suddenly in the world of early morning market stalls setting ... read more
The Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda
Has Darryl Kerrigan Moved To Budapest?
Changing Of The Guard At Buda Castle.

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest April 6th 2018

Approaching the station by tram I couldn’t help but notice very few people about; strange for 8.40 on a weekday. Surely the Slovaks hadn’t gone on strike in solidarity with their European neighbors, the French. No, it soon became evident that the wind howling down from the blue icy sky had driven all the police, vagrants, touts and smokers into the main station to avoid becoming ice sculptures. It had become a demographic microcosm of everything Bratislava had to offer. Normally the authorities have little tolerance for any activity initiated by the disadvantagged on the streets (ie begging) but I don’t think they had the heart to send anyone back out into the cold. The folk of Bratislava had been deceived by the weather gods; yesterday’s golden warm sun had abandoned Bratislava, with rain predicted for ... read more
Coffee Cart At The Station
Szob Station, “All Clear”
A Village From The Train

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest January 29th 2018

Tak ako pri predchadzajucom tripe, z ktoreho som sa vratil vcera vecer, i dnes navstevujem rano zubara. Situacia je uplne podobna ako minule. Do kresla sadam az 8/30. Zubar nakoniec rozhoduje, ze sa zub trhat nebude. 3x opustam kreslo a konecne je to hotove. Doma posledne dobalenie a smer bus zastavka v dolnej strede. Bus je prazdny, cestou nic zaujimave, teda jedna vec bola hned po nastupe. Jeden chalan si tam zabudol penazenku. Na jeho stastie si to vsimol jeden spolucestujuci a ohlasil ho. Ga vlakova stanica prebehnuta rychlo a nastup do rychliku smer nz. Rychlikom som siel tusim prvykrat, inak vzdy osobakom. V nz kupeny spiatocny listok do budapesti. Rozdiel v jednosmernom cca 0.2€. Povodne som si chcel kupit jednosmerny listok ba-budapest za 9€ ale ten sa da kupit min.den pred odchodom, co som samozrejme ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest December 27th 2017

Uplne rozbity nasadam do letiskoveho busu co nas vedie k terminalu, tu pasovka velmi rychlo, len kuknu pas a uz som na madarskej pode. Samozrejme vsetky sedacky obsadene, presun na druhy terminal, tam tak isto, padam teda na zem a snazim sa zaspat. Na par desiatok minut sa mi to dari. O 5/00 rano nasadam do busu 200 a smer metro kobanya - kispet. Vcera som si este kontroloval spoje domov, dost ma prekvapilo,ze vlak nejde z keleti ale z Nyugati. Tam som este nikdy nebol som zvedavy ake to tam bude. No je to tam dobre na kokot, nikde sa neda sadnut, ziadna vyhriata miestnost, vlak mi ide az 7/40, je nieco pred 6/00. Postavam pred vstupom do metra, odkial obcas zafuka teply vzduch. Inac metro M3 uz ma nasadene nove supravy, som bol uplne ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest December 16th 2017

Many of you are connected through social media so it will come as no shock to most of you as to where we spent the lead up to Christmas 2017. You will have seen many photos that tell a story; a few ABCs (Another Bloomin’ Church!) and one or two snow scenes (including a deck hand that performs snow angels on request!!) This blog is the narrative part of the tale, ‘based’on a true story!! There are some photos to support the blog including the odd few, courtesy of Roisin and Carla’s Facebook pages!! These photos that I have ’nicked’ were taken by them using their mobile phones when I couldn’t be arsed to get my camera out of my back pack!! Luckily Roisin and Carla were on hand to capture the spirit of ... read more
Illuminated Budapest
Elizabet bridge, Budapest
The shoes on the Danube

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest November 29th 2017

Rano rozlucka s nasimi a premierovo presun z Dolnej Stredy busom do Galanty. Tu navstevujem policajnu budovu kde si vybavujem svoj druhy pas, bohuzial mi ho vydavaju len na 5 rokov, povodny mi tiez konci o 5 rokov. Druhy pas potrebujem kvoli navsteve Brunei, kde udajne nepustaju ludi s izraelskym razitkom. Bol som tu uz minuly tyzden, kde som na stanici vyzdvihoval malajzijcanku,ktoru som hostil, bohuzial som u policajtov nepochodil, bo chceli vydiet aj povodny pas a ten som vtedy nemal pri sebe. Cakacka cca 15.min, fotenie, odtlacky a o najneskor o mesiac bude pas hotovy. To mi vyhovuje, bo na spiatocnej ceste 27/12 sa tu pre nho zastavim. Na vlakovej stanici kupujem spiatocny listok nz-budapest, ktory plati jeden mesiac a jednosmerny listok do nz. Platim visou od mbanky, az cul zistujem, ze to nieje bezkontaktna ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest October 24th 2017

Ah, the shimmering waters of the blue Danube, like a song we played in grade school music class. The famous Chain Bridge connects a rather flat Pest, with its more hilly, sister, Buda. And like many hilly cities in the world, a funicular (tram for Americans) traverses up Castle Hill to Old Town on the Buda side. Budapest is the capital and largest city of Hungary, with about 1.8 million people. It became a single city back in 1873. Many friends say it is the most beautiful city in Europe. We can blame the Celts for settling here, but you can read the rest on your favorite history website. Just about everyone settled here and conquered at one time or another. And it was once hidden by the infamous Iron Curtain! So, what comes to mind ... read more
Famous Hungarian Tokaji
Equally famous gelato art
Beautiful St. Stephen's Cathedral

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest October 24th 2017

Do you remember that "Dreadful Hungarian" (per Mrs. Pearce) named Zoltan Karparthy from My Fair Lady? As sung by Professor Henry Higgins: "There he was, that hairy hound From Budapest. Never leaving us alone, Never have I ever known A ruder pest." We do not intend to crash any Hungarian parties, nor try to fool Zoltan again. But we intend to find out more about Hungary on this trip. I did not realize that Hungary became a kingdom in 1000 AD, and was instrumental in holding off the Ottoman's expansion into Europe. They were once part of the Celtic world, then the Holy Roman Empire. The CIA says: In 1956, a revolt and an announced withdrawal from the Warsaw Pact were met with a massive military intervention by Moscow. Under the leadership of Janos KADAR in ... read more
My train to Vienna tomorrow
A Polish dog and a beer=lunch
Polish beers were quite good

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest October 24th 2017

Budapest is known as the spa capital of Europe, if not the world. They have at least 30 public spas in this city alone. Spa here means thermal baths, not a resort with pampering and massage. Taxes are high here for residents. Up to 20% on consumer goods. Restaurants everywhere, mostly Hungarian, followed by Italian, sushi, and bakeries. So far on this trip, pastries have been rather sad. It is hard to walk around all day on cobblestone streets. Maybe time for a bus tour tomorrow. Europeans are consumed with Catalonia and Brexit. We get little news about the Napa and Sonoma fires. Lesson: do not build or live in the hills , fault line, or flood zone. I finally saw some film of Napa on sky news. Ugly, sad, awful. The American Embassy is just ... read more
I forget!
Busy cafe' life!
Love the big marketplace

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