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Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 29th 2013

The local buses in Santorini are a great way to travel around the island at relatively low cost compared to taxis which often charge very high prices and coach tours. We were lucky that our apartment in Fira was just a short walk from Fira bus station. In October the local buses were not full but in high season it may be difficult to get on a bus. Fira bus station is an interesting place. Destinations, bus times and fares were all well listed but several buses all left at the same time on the hour. It was not clear which bus was going where and many people were left wandering around and asking everyone in an attempt to locate the correct bus. By luck or good fortune most people managed to get on the right ... read more
Perissa black sand beach
Pyrgos church

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 29th 2013

The excavations at Akrotiri began in 1967. Large deposits of volcanic material covered the area and the exact boundaries of the site still have to be located. 30 buildings have been located and these are protected under a special shelter. The area has been settled since Neolithic times. A volcanic eruption in the 17th century BC buried the city under volcanic ash. The excavations have revealed the advanced culture of the late bronze age with impressive buildings, sewerage systems and mural paintings. The Museum of Prehistoric Thera in Fira has many artefacts from Akrotiri, such as pottery and wall murals and is well worth a visit. After a fascinating couple of hours at the Akrotiri site we had a short walk to the red beach which was very picturesque. The day was completed with a squid ... read more
Akrotiri 2
Akrotiri 3
Akrotiri 4

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 28th 2013

It is a lovely walk from Fira to Imerovigli and many people continue the walk all the way to Oia. The problem is the scenery is so good that there can be many stops to take photos. There are also many cafes and restaurants to stop at with superb views over the caldera. The poor donkeys were struggling up the steep cliff path from the small harbour way below up the hundreds of steps to the town of Fira. They were carrying some of the hundreds of daily visitors from the cruise ships visiting Santorini. Fortunately most of the visitors used the cable car. The white houses, hotels and apartments are perched on the volcanic rim with fantastic views of the volcano centre and the blue sea down below.... read more
Donkey transport Fira
Fira town
Fira church

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 22nd 2013

Splendour is tracking eastward as we awake. Have skirted around the Peloponnese she is making steady progress toward Santorini where we are due to arrive at around midday. We have a leisurely breakfast and spend a hour or so on our balcony watching the calm waters of the Mediterranean slip by. We head down to the theatre just before 12 to join our tour group. We have to tender ashore as there is no dock big enough in Santorini for Splendour. MV Europa 2 and Pulmantur Zenith (the old Celebrity Zenith) are already moored up. Roman Abramovitch's, the Russian Billionaires, private yacht Eclipse is also there. Until recently it was the biggest private yacht in the world and is bigger than some ferries I have been on. How the other half live. Our tender heads to ... read more
Church of Panagia
View from Oia

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 20th 2013

October 20, 2013 After much procrastination and holiday cheer I figured I'd better get this blog done before I forget some of the finer details of our stay on Santorini... K and I always like to plunk ourselves down in one spot for a couple of days when traveling, especially if we have been moving around a lot so planned a good five day stop in the mighty Santorini...decided to take the ferry from Athens, which stopped at four other islands along the way, figured it would be a cool way to travel and it was...long though, 5 1/2 hours but it was a beautiful day and the seas were calm so not too bad... Arrived just after lunch, found our shuttle from the hotel so it was into the van and away we went...after much ... read more
Volcano selfie...
Sunset in Oia...

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Fira September 11th 2013

Santorini. How could it possibly match the glowing reviews and beautiful pictures. I wasn't convinced until I saw the island and the villages clinging to the edge of the caldera. A word about the sea. It is sapphire blue, truly. I have never seen water this color anywhere. In pre-historic times the island blew itself up, literally, with a volcanic explosion 100 times the force of Krakatoa. What was once a round island made up of five volcanos became a crescent shaped island with smaller islands around, remnants of the volcano. Villages were later built on the rim of the caldera, a position safe from pirates that were a constant threat. Today, these villages continue although they are really modern replacements for the ones destroyed by earthquakes and more recent eruptions. The vast majority of the ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini »  Ia August 18th 2013

So in love with OIA!! We stayed in a traditional Greek villa in a little town near Oia and had a great time...we wanna come back soon!... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini » Imerovigli August 18th 2013

One of the most fascinating places on earth.... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini August 5th 2013

We left the best till last...after our last pool dip...We set off to visit OIA...pronounced IA.I had forgotten how winding the roads are going to IA.. We were going there for the last sunset....Yes...the last sunset spot and what a beautiful spot it is.....IA has to be one of the most photographed spots in Santorini ....with its little narrow streets and colourful restaurants, flowers and houses .....and the rays of the sun....why wouldn't you photograph it.. So with the attached photos we say good bye....Miss ya Santorini ....but we will be back.... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini August 4th 2013

Day 1 Off to Santorini we go its a 2 hour boat stops in Paros, Naxos then Santorini...once we get to the port we get our transfer...we start climbing, climbing and more climbing right to the top...Santorini is built on a caldera....yes, it's part of a volcanic explosion. After a 10 minute ride we get to our hotel...the driver is surprised we travelled with one bag only....he was giving us someone else's bag ..We get ready and off to dinner we go....after a swim in the pool of course...the hotel - astro palace is new....and it's nicely situated 5 minutes from town walking....but we didn't count on the steep hill....oh well you can't have everything...Dinner was nice...typical Greek food....we then set off to go for a walk....stopped at the jewellers owned by twins and we ... read more
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Greek church
Catholic church

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