Photos from Pelopennese, Greece, Europe

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Viewing Sparta from Mystras
Entering Mystras
Beautiful fruit stand
The men - playing backgammon
NIght view of the Acropolis from the hotel's  rooftop
Sunset across the bay
Ocean from fort
Nafplio from above
Fort in Island
Poppies at Curtain Wall
View from Our Room
Our Room at Aetoma Hotel
Larissa Castle's Keep
View from Argos Castle
Larissa Castle
Ancient Mycenaen Ice Cream
The Famous Lions' Gate
Inside the Tholos Tomb
Tholos Tomb
Ancient Mycenae
The Rock
First Curtain Wall
Through the Crenelation
Poppies at Second Gate
Stony Path
At Acrocorinth
The Hornet's Nest
Ruins at Akrocorinth
Nafplion Streetscape
Nafplion Square
Palamidi Fortress
Nafplion Bay and Bourtzi Castle
Our Room at the Aetoma
Aetoma Hotel
Wild Flowers in Akrocorinth
View from Akrocorinth Main Gate
Extent of the Grounds
Sunset in Kardamyli
Canal of Corinth
last rays of the setting sun
zig-zaggy climb to the fortress Palamidi
harbor at Nafplio
under the dome
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