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Europe » Greece » Central Macedonia » Serres October 17th 2009

OK... FINALLY a good Internet connection! So first some thoughts on Greece... Love it! Reminds me of my extended family :) Greeks sure know how to have a great time! I'm not sure though, if anyone actually works in this country... during the day, all the cafes, restaurants are always full, and people in the streets shopping. The afternoon is for siesta - we forgot about this and mistakenly go for walks during this little break to get a bite to eat - slim pickings! The one thing that strikes me is the amount of smoking that goes on! Everyone here smokes, and you can't get away from it. In restaurants, hotels, and hospitals - you name it! You go out to a restaurant or cafe, and the first thing they bring you is an ashtray. ... read more
Pendalafos, Greece

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