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Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern September 24th 2018

I guess its obvious from the title of this blog entry that we didn't catch either of the intended flights. This morning we were going to pack up and head to the base, but when I checked the 72-hour flight schedule again, both of the originally scheduled flights were still listed, but Tuesday's schedule had a Charleston AFB! So, we said heck with it and decided to go for that one. Much less hassle upon arrival in the states, since we just walk to our car and drive home, and most likely much less expense without the car rental and overnight stay near either of the other bases. The car's rental agreement isn't up until Tuesday at like 1pm, but we needed to see if we could stay in this apartment another two nights. I sent ... read more
Our new apartment for the next 2 nights
Our bedroom in the new apartment
Our much larger bathroom

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern September 24th 2018

Today, hopefully our last full day in Germany, Manoli remembered the statues of soccer players (football or fusbol in Europe) that we'd seen a couple times on our way to the base, so we headed in what we hoped was the right direction. Along the way, we passed a General Dynamics European Land Systems compound. I'd worked for General Dynamics 22 years before retiring last year. I knew they had offices around the world, but was still surprised to find one here. Since it was a different division than mine, Information Systems, I just sort of gawked, took a photo, and continued on. We found the first set of statues called Fussball ohne Grenzen, which means Football without Borders. It is a sort of reenactment of a soccer game with players from all around the world ... read more
Fussball ohne Grenzen (Football without Borders)
Elf Freunde Kreisel
"Everythings a Euro" store

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern September 22nd 2018

This morning, after a better than usual night's sleep, we got up later than normal and headed to the base at Ramstein to check things out. We wanted up-to-date info on upcoming flights home, how to turn in our rental car, and see if we could browse the base exchange. We'd found out on their webpage that there were two flights to the states on Sunday. At the moment, there is a flight to Andrews AFB in Maryland and one to Dover AFB in Delaware. Neither is ideal, but with no better alternatives in the current future, we will probably go for either one of those tomorrow. We also found out that although Hertz isn't open on Sunday, we can park our rental car in a lot near the terminal and just drop our keys in ... read more
Our AirBnB Apartment door
AirBnB bedroom & bathroom
AirBnB bedroom with TV

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern September 21st 2018

Well, today started like most days, but didn't stay that way very long. We ate breakfast, packed up, and went down with our luggage to the nearest tram station, Bellevue. We caught the No. 4 tram to Wildbachgasse, close to where our car was parked. From there, we walked the 2 blocks or so to our car and .... couldn't find the car key! We both looked "everywhere" for the key, but neither of us remembered where we'd put it or seen it last. This was the start of a major fiasco, with a happy ending, Manoli stayed with our luggage near the car, partly to make sure that if the parking police came she could tell them we'd misplaced the key and would be gone soon. I walked back to the tram station and took ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern August 18th 2014

I created this blog so my friends and family can keep up with my exciting adventures in Europe! I made a promise to myself to write in this blog at least once a week during my 4 month journey, but am hoping to have time to do it more often. So Day 1 in Germany... We left Detroit Saturday evening at 4:30pm and arrived this morning @ 6:25 am. It was a nine hour flight!! I was really dreading it but it turned out not to be that bad. The airplane had AWESOME movies which kept me pretty occupied. We were served dinner on the airplane and had a choice or chicken with mashed potatoes or spaghetti (take a guess what I got) and wine! The flight attendance were not shy on filling up our glasses! ... read more
My Bed

Freinsheim is a small, quaint, walled, village located in the Palantine vineyards. Freinsheim has been continuously inhabitate by humans for about 5000 years. Throughout the years the village has sustained substantial damage most notably in 1689 in the Nine Year' War when only the foundations of the Wall were left standing. Every July they host the Stadmauer or City Wall Festival. The narrow streets along the Wall are lined with vendors offering regional specialties and local wines. We attended this festival through the USO tours available to military families. Typically, we would have a couple of beers but this particular festival celebrates wine so we tried a Weinschorle which is mixture of 2/3 wine and 1/3 sparkeling water(basically a spritzer). According to Maria, our USO guide, the good people start off consuming Schorles in ... read more
wall wine fest 11
Wall wine fest 6
wall wine fest 4

Bill and I attended the viewing of the World Cup game at the Fitz-Walter Stadium in Kaiserslaudern, Germany. We stood among the German people and held our breaths as the game went into overtime with no score. At 111 minutes Germany scored and won the 2014 World Cup. The crowd went wild. It was a great experience to be in the middle of the celebration.... read more
World cup 1
world cup 4
World cup 6

My first date in Europe is on 28th March 2012. I took Qantas airplane from Singapore and the plane landed on Flughafen Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt Airport) in the morning. Frankfurt Airport, known as the busiest airport by passengers traffice in Germany, has its way to claim the status with his enormous size and strategic location. After passing through the immigration checks, my friends and I took Bahn (German national railway) from Frankfurt am Main station to Kaiserslautern Hauphtbahnhof. In Germany, "Hauphtbahnhof" is refered to as the "central station". My University, University of Kaisersalutern is located in small town. The downtown in Kaiserslautern is quiet and the shops do not open on Sundays. But one of the advantages of the small place is that every place is only a stone throw distance away from each other, ... read more
Welcome to Frankfurt, Germany!
Welcome Dinner
Accommodation in Kaiserslautern

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern January 17th 2011

Let’s just say the Frankfurt airport is gi-normous. It puts DFW to shame. There is one train station attached to part of the airport that is, literally!, the size and shape of a cruise ship. Our son Barry had given us great detailed instructions about finding him in the “meeting area” (yes, that is what it’s called) if he didn’t meet us outside the baggage claim. Going through Passport Control was very quick and efficient. We went to the baggage area to collect our checked baggage, and then found our son right outside. Our final destination was to be a train station so we could ride the train to Kaiserslautern. We walked for what seemed like miles in and out and in and out of the airport, until we came to an airport mall with an ... read more
Me and our son Barry
Frankfurt train station

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Kaiserslautern August 21st 2009

So I've been back from Rome relaxing for a few days and I seem to have had not time to stop and write an entry. My trip to Rome was AMAZING, everything someone would wish and hope for and more. I could not have imagined it in my wildest dreams. Cabrina and I left for the airport at about 4am for our 6am flight and luckily made it in the nick of time thanks to her husbands speed racer driving. After shoulder checking some guys in purple shirts to make sure they didn't get to cut us in line (hah! like THATS going to happen) we boarded our plane and got on our way. We touched down in Rome and ran in to our first of many snags, there was nowhere for us to pick up ... read more

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