Photos from Berlin, Germany, Europe - page 6

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Brandenburg Gate
The Reichstag
A Model View
Don't Look at the Caption--Try to Guess Why This Building is Famous!
Controversial Jewish Memorial
Hitler's Grave
The Brick "Wall"
East Berlin Wall
West Berlin Wall
Checkpoint Charlie
The numbered trees
That's One Good University!
Controversial German War Memorial
Our fabulous tour guide
The "Famous" Berlin Gate, who's name I can't remember...
east berlin
one of three beautiful buildings in a row. there are concerts here
the autopsy room where they cut up everyone who died to diagnose them with one of seven possible deaths. if i wanted to be distasteful but also be truthful i would call this diagnosis murder.
a blurry burnt view
an old oak tree inside the stadium grounds
Glass thing on the Reichstag
government building of some sorts...
Brandenburger Tor
We Have Landed!
The Berlin Wall
Mass Grave Sites
Christmas Market
Holocaust Memorial
jewish memorial
traffic lights
It's a very strange looking place...
Gorgeous night sky Nurnberg
Local disco
Beer in the sun
Behind the castle overlooking Nurnberg
Neuschwanstein Castle
The Reichstag in the background
Mum amongst the pillars representing Jews who lost their lives during the Nazi era
American Sector - Checkpoint Charlie
Book Burning Square
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